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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

In the news as of late, you may have noticed a couple low-key signings by the Brewers. On September 5th the Crew inked Mike Lamb and today (September 10th) they claimed Todd Coffey off waivers, finally designating Laynce Nix for assignment. Apparently, rather than preparing for the post-season, or even winning games for that matter, Doug Melvin and Co. are more worried about hosting a delectable Thanksgiving feast. Who’s next? Goose Gossage? Catfish Hunter? Joe Morgan? Perhaps they will convince Rob Deer to return to moonlight on the bench, and make a deal to top it off with some Felix Pie? Honestly, if this was the plan all along, why didn’t they call up Callix (Felix) Crabbe, Rico Salmon, and Barry St. Jello? That would have been a party.

 I find it curious that they have made two roster moves within 10 days after the deadline passed for new additions to be allowed to play in the playoffs. What changed in 10 days? Were 131 games not enough for The Myth to see that Bill Hall eats chode nuggets?

 If I had one honest complaint about the way The Brewers are run, it would be their bullhead mentality. What is with Milwaukee management’s refusal to admit mistakes? Ned Yost was still sending out Gagne to pitch the 8th until a couple days ago. Prince Fielder is still hitting cleanup. And Wes Obermueller still doesn’t have his name on the walk of fame. I mean, come on. Perhaps Ari Fleischer will be spending a month in Milwaukee now that his stint in Green Bay is thru.

 I kid, but it is frustrating to watch the Brewers flounder in the twilight of the season. How many years can the “young team” malarkey be fed to us? I want results. I’ve wasted at least 2 hours of my life watching this game. And if I don’t see at least a Wild Card birth, I will hereby reduce my monies spent on jerseys and other memorabilia by up to 20% next year. Look inside your hearts fans, and ask yourself but one question: If the Brewers even made the playoffs, why should we believe they have the mental fortitude to make any noise? The lack of clutch hitting and fielding plague the team, the bullpen woes keep growing, and the management seems set on riding this year’s players to get us to the Promised Land. What does it hurt letting Gamel start a couple games at the hot corner? Start warming J.J. Hardy up at 2nd base, and let Escobar play short. It would at least be more entertaining than watching the weekly “junk” lineup that Yost inks.


Let’s hope for a better week. I know you are all probably as pissy as I am, so I offer you in lieu of a good post – a poem of sorts.

Brewer Time

 Go Da Brew Crew

You know dat I see you

When I at da bar

We will go far

Like in a car

The Brewers will pass

The Cubs in the race

For the 1st place

Cos’ they eat ace

And have a booger face.


-Johnny J. Rivers.







Poem is now available for purchase in the RFB store.

Former Brewers Updates

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Kevin Mench - Apparently the Rangers want him back BUT, only if he agrees to go down to triple-A. Ouch. I wonder if they’re still embarrassed about the “shoe incident“. In other large cranium news, the Rangers have decided to not bring back Sammy Sosa. There must be a limit as to total head mass a team can have. UPDATE: Rangers did sign Mench to a minor league contract

Tony Graffanino - Tony is still unsigned and allegedly not ready for spring training. He also said he would take a minor league deal. In an interview with the News Journal, he says he thinks about his decision not signing the two-year deal the Brewers offered him (Which was retracted when they signed Counsell) He says: “It’s unfortunate what happened. But there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Wes Obermueller - The pitcher, who was known more for hitting .385 in 2004 than pitching, has left the states and signed with the Samsung Lions in Korea.

Keith Ginter, Dan Kolb - The BoSox have invited these former Brewers to camp this year. Here’s hoping ol’ Keith gets a job, then at the trade deadline the BoSox trade for Adam Dunn and Jared can see the culmination of his most infamous joke. We can already see the “Ginter Dunn” mock-up on photoshop now… Network Member

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