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Drink Up, Near, Far, Wherever You Are

Friday, September 18th, 2009

I'm the King of the, you know, WORLD!!!

A freshly wed Jared made his triumphant return to Out of Right Field. And what a return it was! In this edition, he touches on things like:
• A grilling argument that would make Hank Hill roll in his grave. 
• Cory Chisel, who among RFB Jared, Houdini and Willem Dafoe, comprise the most famous Appleton-area residents. The YouTube clip alone is worth checking out the column.
• Alcides Escobar being named Half Pint for the 12th week this year.
• Some hilarious Prince Photoshop docs (including image above).

Read that thing HERE. And be sure to check out The Daily Drink for other Wisconsin sports goodies, such as weekly results of the suicide pool I’m competing in (representing RFB) there. I’ve heard you actually have to commit suicide if you pick incorrectly.

And if the Out of Right Field isn’t enough to satisfy your Brewers-needs, I wrote some columns for Bugs & Cranks this week about what to do with your extra 5 minutes before Brewers home games, and some stupid coma thing.

I promise I’ll get something up here on Monday.

Drink Up in the Name of Love

Friday, September 11th, 2009

In honor of RFB founder Jared tying the knot tomorrow, I volunteered to take his half of Out of Right Field this week (beats buying him a real gift, right?). Bryan and I joined forces, and what emerged includes:

• Keats
• Paulson, the band, not the guy who wrote “Hatchet”
• An ode to the Sac Man
• “Judy Gerut” - the most confusing boner you’ll have all day 
• Grammar lesson.
• A picture of Jared in a hideous sweater - the second most confusing boner you’ll have all day.

… and there’s (kind of) some baseball stuff mixed in too. Read that thing HERE.

Drink Up and… Turtle Power!

Friday, September 4th, 2009

The newest Out of Right Field up at The Daily Drink. Take a looksie if you like things like:
• Soy-based foodstuffs 
• Osker
• Eric Plunk
• 24-year-olds ranting about disrespectful teens and their technology.

Read that thing HERE. Also, something is jacked up with our comments and I have no idea what it is. To read (and possibly leave) a comment on a post, click on the comments, then manually delete all the gibberish between the normal URL and /#comments on the URL bar. It’s crude, but it’s the only thing that works. Hopefully we can figure it out by Monday.

Drink Up and Follow the Advice of Billboards

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Could it be? An RFB post? Yes, loyal readers, this post and the newest Out of Right Field are not mirages. I fly solo on this edition, where I touch on things like:
• Talking Heads
• One of six teams in the NL with a worse record than Milwaukee
• A total stretch of a Woody Allen pun
• What Duany Duany can get away with

Read that thing HERE.

Drink Up and Don’t be a Choad About it

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Jared and Bryan are back with a spanking new edition of Out of Right Field. In it, they make mention of:
• Gas grills?!? Well, I never!
• Anal fissures and the men who suffer from them
• Corey Patterson
• HILARIOUS Photoshops of the Wrigley Beer Thrower
• Booing

Read that thing HERE.

Drink Up and… and… What was I Saying?

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

A new Out of Right Field is up at The Daily Drink. In it, I get up in the guts of such matters as…
• Jumbo margaritas (and the reasons to drink them)
• Guilty pleasures of the audio persuasion
• Rottino/O’Leary
• RFB shirts as birth control
• Quitters

Read that thing HERE.

Drink Up, Youngblood

Friday, July 31st, 2009

In the latest Out of Right Field, Jared and Bryan tried to reprise the gold they struck but a fortnight earlier. However, they struck some type of futuristic alloy, which - if you really think about it - is pretty badass too. 

Within it, the pair addresses such pressing issues as:
• All-inclusive taco dip
• The Foo Fighters
• Ruben Quevedo
• A “Craigy McCounsell”-type  work of art
• Throwing back home runs  

Read that thing HERE.

Other reading/viewing assignments:

- Miller Park Drunk’s guide to hangovers. My movies of choice are Revenge of the Nerds, Baseketball and Wet Hot American Summer.

- An interview with Chelcie Ross, who played Eddie Harris (the junkballing Christian) in Major League. He has a funny story about meeting Bob Uecker.

- Chan Ho Park eating various soups.

- Brew Crew Ball talks J.J. Hardy’s skills. Not included was his skill to inspire a bobblehead I could sell for $15 yesterday.  

- I’ve littered Bugs & Cranks with trade deadlne-influenced content. Other July 31 deadlines and a fluff feature about MLB’s official Guy-in-New-Hat-Photoshopper.

- And if you have time, round out your assigned reading with Franz Kafka’s “The Sirens”, the most eerily beautiful prose ever constructed by man.

These are the seductive voices of the night; The Sirens, too, sang that way. It would be doing them an injustice to think that they wanted to seduce; they know they had claws and sterile wombs, and they lamented this aloud.
They could not help it if their laments sounded so beautiful.

[crying like newborn] Have a good weekend [sniffles] and check back for more stuff this weekend.

Drink Up Until Craigy McCounsell Looks Cute

Friday, July 24th, 2009

This week’s Out of Right Field is up at Sports Bubbler. Head over there to read about Joe returning to his high school roots musically, a Braves outfielder that shared the field with Rod Carew, cinematic genius starring Mitch Stetter and more.

Drink Up and Spill Your Guts

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Read the newest Out of Right Field HERE. And be sure read the Daily Drink Monday when I’ll be guest editing the site.

Drink Up and be Married

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

It’s the Friday before a holiday weekend. If your respective employer thinks you’re going to be anything more than useless today, she has another thing coming. Yes, I made the assumption your boss was a woman. It’s a new world out there, baby - an increasingly equal one where a woman can be your boss and you can trick that possibly female task manager into thinking you’re working… even though you’re reading the newest Out of Right Field. Your boss sounds hot! Isn’t America great? (Don’t answer that!)

In the newest Out of Right Field, Bryan and Jared write of:
• The ‘Brat Hot Tub’
• A Summerfest-influenced playlist
• A fake, yet Cub-heavy steroid list
• Wily Peralta
• The Wave’s lameness. Goddamn wave…

Read that thing HERE, and check out Miller Park Drunk over the weekend. Jared and I answered some questions for the site and our responses might be up soon. Actually, be sure to just check out Miller Park Drunk period. It’s hilarious.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend. Drink a lot, but don’t drive… and when your ride drops you off, be sure to drunk-order some RFB shirts. Until sales pick up, I can only pack turnips and expired yogurt in my kids’ lunches. OK, I don’t have kids - but imagine if I did. Would you want that on your conscience?

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