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A Milwaukee Bucks Post

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Since basketball is the only thing on, let’s talk Bucks basketball…once…

  • There should be some people eating crow on Jerry Stackhouse. Since his first game after being signed, a move which was much maligned, the Bucks have gone 7-3.
  • Carlos Delfino and Luke Ridnour were underrated acquisitions.
  • If the Bucks can get Redd off their salary (I believe he has an option for next year), the Bucks should put together their entire financial fury into getting Dwayne Wade this offseason (Kohl’s has done well during the recession…let’s go Herbie). Think about it. The Bucks are instantly relevant with D-Wade. Imagine D-Wade at SG, Brandon Jennings at Point, Bogut at C and fill the rest with Delfino, Bell, Ilyslova, and Mbah a Moute.
  • Andrew Bogut has improved a ton from even a year ago. He isn’t a bust
  • Speaking of bust, Joe Alexander never got a fair shake in Milwaukee yet and I hope he does.
  • Squad 6 is the best thing to happen to the Bradley Center in a long time.
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