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Haudricourt Indicates Free Agent Signing Is Near

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Tom Haudricourt was on the radio this morning and reportedly said the Brewers are closing in on signing a lefthanded outfielder.

If it’s Adam Dunn, my offseason will be made. He’s the big lefthanded bat I covet for the Brewers. But it’s pretty unlikely… Dunn’s value will go up considerably after Texeira signs so I doubt he’ll sign with anyone before he hears what the Texiera sweepstake losers have to say. And we’ve heard no rumors that the Brewers are even remotely interested in Dunn anyway.

The Brewers are probably looking to add a fourth outfielder with this signing, not bring in a starter, since they have Braun, Cameron and Hart in the outfield already (and the Cameron trade seemingly fell through). So, let’s look at the lefty outfielders that are without teams at the moment in three conveniently labeled groups.

Nice Players, But Likely Not Heading to Milwaukee
Garret Anderson
Milton Bradley
Adam Dunn
Bobby Abreu
Ken Griffey Jr.

Please, God, NO!
Cliff Floyd
Luis Gonzalez
Jeff Salazar
Jim Edmonds
Corey Patterson
Scott Podsednik
Trot Nixon
Brad Wilkerson

Probably One of These Guys
Greg Norton
Mark Kotsay
Eric Hinske

Any of the three guys in that last list would be serviceable reserves (and Tyler would giggle uncontrollably if it was fellow Menasha native Eric Hinske), but Kotsay is the only one that could play center as well as the corners. Kotsay can also play first base. The Brewers are likely looking to replace Gabe Kapler with a lefthanded bat and Kotsay fits the bill.

It’s worth noting that Kotsay apparently had beef with Ken Macha when Macha managed him in Oakland so that could be an issue, but Jason Kendall also spoke out about Macha in Oakland and apparently is fine with playing for him again, so who knows? It also came out after the fact that Macha argued with Billy Beane to give Kotsay more playing time in Oakland, so perhaps Kotsay has buried the hatchet.

Kotsay seems like the best fit for the Brewers current holes. So, if Haudricourt’s rumor is true, I’d say it’s likely we’ll see Kotsay in a Brewers uniform next year.

EDIT: In retrospect, I’m beginning to doubt it’ll be Kotsay. Kotsay fits the Brewers needs, but he has posted good enough numbers for someone to give him a shot at a starting job probably. So, I doubt he’d sign this early for a back-up role. The Brewers could bring him in if they trade Cameron, but that deal is reportedly dead.

Maybe Tyler’s wet dream will really come true… Network Member

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