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Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Kevin Mench - Apparently the Rangers want him back BUT, only if he agrees to go down to triple-A. Ouch. I wonder if they’re still embarrassed about the “shoe incident“. In other large cranium news, the Rangers have decided to not bring back Sammy Sosa. There must be a limit as to total head mass a team can have. UPDATE: Rangers did sign Mench to a minor league contract

Tony Graffanino - Tony is still unsigned and allegedly not ready for spring training. He also said he would take a minor league deal. In an interview with the News Journal, he says he thinks about his decision not signing the two-year deal the Brewers offered him (Which was retracted when they signed Counsell) He says: “It’s unfortunate what happened. But there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Wes Obermueller - The pitcher, who was known more for hitting .385 in 2004 than pitching, has left the states and signed with the Samsung Lions in Korea.

Keith Ginter, Dan Kolb - The BoSox have invited these former Brewers to camp this year. Here’s hoping ol’ Keith gets a job, then at the trade deadline the BoSox trade for Adam Dunn and Jared can see the culmination of his most infamous joke. We can already see the “Ginter Dunn” mock-up on photoshop now…

Valenches, Mench(es?)

Monday, February 4th, 2008 strikes again in the way of awesomeness by interviewing Nashville Sounds radio broadcaster Chuck Valenches. Valenches has been with the club since 1998, which even preceeds the Brewers affiliation. Needless to say, he’s seen a lot of things regarding minor leaguers that cannot be condensed into stats. One especially interesting bit of insight he provides is his opinion of Vinny Rottino as a viable catcher.

The fan site plans to feature interviews with each minor league affiliate’s radio broadcaster in the coming weeks.

Also, it’s been reported former Brewer Kevin Mench (the “El Cabeso” to Carlos Lee’s “El Caballo”) is being courted by both the Yankees and Rangers for a potential minor league deal. Both teams would reportedly also give him a non-roster invite to Spring Training. Network Member

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