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Melvin, Moyer and Me: A Dream Realized

Friday, December 12th, 2008

I can see it now, and it's beautiful!

With CC Sabathia having signed elsewhere, Ben Sheets basically told to sign elsewhere and seemingly no immediate front of the rotation pitching help on the way to Milwaukee from the nearly completed Mike Cameron trade, it’s time for Doug Melvin to further submerge his toesies into the free agent pitching pool.

Luckily, the starting pitching options seem numerous and qualified, even with some of the class signing or approaching agreements in past week. And of the names that so elegantly made their way past Melvin’s brillowy lip piece and into the public ear, it seems The Man, The Myth has sized up Milwaukee’s pitching needs to be something in a 40.

Melvin told JS’s Tom Haudricourt yesterday that John Smoltz, Jamie Moyer, Randy Johnson and Randy Wolf are on his radar. And, though it might make our resident mathemagician die a little inside, I’m straight up pitching a tent over Douglas’ professed interest in one of my favorite pitchers, Jamie Moyer.

Yeah, I know the Phillies are heavily interested in re-signing him. And yes, I am aware that his interest to remain in Philadelphia is mutual on his belhalf. But if there is a way, if there is a chance of this happening, then I am all aboard the good ship seasoned vet – one Jamie Moyer my preferred team’s rotational Captain.

Oh Captain, my Captain! I pray he hoists the sturdy sails of his staunch 4.19 lifetime ERA, his World Series ring, 246 wins and 22 annuals of quality moundsmanship and allows those things carry him Westward to the shores to Lake Michigan for a period no shorter than two years ($15M plus performance bonuses?). And I hate old players, but I don’t know why… Jamie Moyer is my kind of pitcher. I want to grow old(er) with him.

I don’t care that he’s older than my dad. I could give half a shit if he was drafted before I was born or that he preceded the invention of saltwater taffy. I can almost guarantee that in his youth, Jamie Moyer would walk to school shoeless, uphill for 20 miles to get to the schoolhouse. But can’t you see, none of that matters anymore!

I can take the disappointment of losing Carsten; I can even force myself to recognize that Milwaukee is probably worse off sans broken ass Ben Sheets and manage to persevere. But I can’t imagine a scenario with Milwaukee neglecting to make a formal offer to Jamie Moyer that makes a lick of sense after the week that was. If Melvin can find 15 minutes to free his balls from the workbench vise of this Cameron trade to get Moyer on the (undoubtedly rotary) phone to talk Brewerhood, I suggest he does. And if Moyer knows what’s good for me him, he’ll come to Milwaukee. Network Member

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