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In the News (6/11)

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

"Excuse you know where our offense went?"

Wednesday’s Game: Brewers 2, Rockies 4
Record: 33-25, 1st Place

Wednesday’s Game

- Red Hot Rockies take another one from the Brewers at Miller Park…it shouldn’t happen…where’s the offense? Did the Rockies bring the humidor to Milwaukee?

- The Brewers left 8 players on base and went 2-12 with RISP…the Brewers are dying by the long ball now

- Newbie Chris Smith pitched 2 innings of no hit ball in relief.

- Jorge de la Rosa got his second win of the year. That chaps my caboose.

Brewers News

- Day 2 of the draft was today and here’s the list of players the Brewers chose:
Steven Hall - Pick 136 - RHP - 18 Years Old - Can already throw a 91 MPH fastball
D’Vonteray Richardson - Pick 166 - RF - 20 Years Old
Hiram Burgos - Pick 196 - RHP - 21 Years Old
Khristopher Davis - Pick 226 - RF - 21 Years Old
Chadwin Stang - Pick 256 - LF - 20 Years Old
Jonathan Pokorny - Pick 286 - LHP - 21 Years Old
That’s it through the top 300…the rest you can find here.

- There’s a new website all about Ryan Braun. It’s titled “King of Swagger”. The design on the site is cool, but is anyone calling Braunie this? I looked it up and and is already taken. Some movie or something…

- Ryan Braun reportedly turned down a chance to go on the Bachelor. Smart Choice.

- Chuckie Hacks found Josh Prince…but not really.

- Is it time to think about platooning Corey Hart with McGehee or Gerut?

NL Central

- The Pirates beat the Braves, Houston beat the Cubs, the Cards killed the Marlins, and the Reds beat Washington

- The Pirates acquired Chris Snelling…ok…moving on

- Heath Bell to the Cubs? Another question turned “rumor” by Eli.

Other News

- You may have noticed all the wussies players on the DL with personal problems. FOX Sports says it’s about time…

- Good reading for Pedro Cerrano (and apparently Cameron Garfield)

In the News (6/10)

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Mike Cameron was hit with a two-game suspension that he is currently appealing

Tuesday’s Game: Brewers 2, Rockies 3
Record: 33-24, 1st Place

Tuesday’s Game

- I don’t know if this is the Rockies staying hot or the Brewers not doing enough, but the Brewers lost 2-3.

- Looper had a great outing

- Gamel hit his first Miller Park home run

Brewers News

- As you can see below, the Brewers took pitcher Eric Arnett with the first pick of this year’s draft. From everything I’ve heard, I really like the pick. He could be a solid starter for years.

- With the first of the “Sabathia” Picks, the Brewers took CF Kentrail Davis from Tennessee (which goes along with the rumor that the Brewers were deciding between Mike Trout and Eric Arnett before Trout was taken the pick before) Kentrail is a short and raw player, but could develop into a multi-tool player.

- With the Shouse Pick, the Brewers took RHP Kyle Heckathorn from Kennesaw State. Jason Churchill from ESPN believes Heckathorn can rise through the minors quickly. He has a upper 90’s fastball and a devastating slider.

- In the 2nd Round, the Brewers took a pair of high schoolers. The took right fielder Maxwell Walla (From the Yankees, part 2 of the Sabathia picks) and Catcher Cameron Garfield. You can’t ever have too many catchers. Walla has the potential to turn into quite a left handed power hitter while Garfield has some power in his arm and bat, but is a dead pull hitter needs to work on handling curves.

- In the 3rd Round, the Brewers took shortstop Joshua Prince from Tulane

- Mike Cameron was suspended for two games for bumping an ump. He’s fighting the suspension, but it probably won’t do anything.

- SI says that the Brewers have had the best drafts the past 10 years! Awesome…and I didn’t know that the Brewers drafted Hunter Pence. With him and Hart, that would have been one massively awkward outfield.

- Guess who’s back? Jorge de la Rosa. I love that Hacks calls him Mr. 3 and 2/3rds…it’s so very true.

Minor Leagues

- Cute Sports gives the T-Rats some love.

NL Central

- The Braves beat the Pirates…McLouth finally realizes what it’s like to be on the winning side of a series

- The Marlins beat the Cards, which makes me feel a little better…just a little

- The Cubs destroyed the Astros.

- First Round for the NL Central: (Analysis by ESPN.COM)

Pirates picked catcher Toby Sanchez (4)

Sanchez is a solid catching prospect who has some pop, but he doesn’t have the upside you’d typically find in a fourth-overall selection.

The Reds picked RHP Mike Leake (8)

A bit of an overdraft, but Leake is a four-pitch right-hander with good control.

The Cardinals picked RHP Shelby Miller (19)

Cardinals get a top-10 talent, top-five for some, at (pick) 19.

The Astros picked shortstop Jiovanni Mier (21)

The best pure shortstop in the draft, Mier brings range, a great arm and the tools to develop at least an average bat.

The Cubs picked OF Brett Jackson (31)

It’s not called the Windy City for nothing, and the Cubs just added a very good athlete who strikes out far too often.

Other News

- The Rays can’t stop taking former Brewers and have signed Jorge Julio.

- Power Rankings: CBS has the Brewers 4th, ESPN has them 5th

In the News (6/9) - Draft Day

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

No Game Monday
Record: 33-24, First Place

Brewers News

- Ryan Braun has slipped to second among NL outfielders in All-Star voting. The Brewers as a whole are still fairing quite well.

- The Rockies come into town Tuesday. Good news: they swept the Cardinals. Bad news: that means they are hot.

- The draft is Tuesday. Many are calling for the Brewers to take a pitcher with the 26th pick of the draft. OnMilwaukee feels the same. Personally, I don’t think they should stray away from the Jack Z strategy of taking the best available, whether that be an arm or bat. Look how good picking pitchers in the first round has fared the Brewers in the last ten years.

- This mock draft has the Brewers taking a college arm.

- has the Brewers taking a high school arm.

- How about a Big Ten arm?

- Bernies Crew has them taking Matt Davidson, a high school 3B who if seen the Brewers linked to a couple places.

- Brew Crew Ball analyzes Brewers pitch selections.

- Brew Town Beat asks, How Can We Get Corey Hart Back?

- THANK YOU Miller Park Drunk. You did it again.

- When I saw this article, I just shook my head. I‘m glad Chuck Hacks picked up on it. And I thought Chicago journalists were stupid.

- Brewers fans are happy to have, what seems to be, the Prince Fielder of the ‘07 season back. I agree with this article completely. Prince if obviously much happiers and that is certainly part of the reason he has been swinging a great bat. Doesn’t everyone in baseball always talk about how mental the game is? This is likely more proof of that. I also can’t argue that Prince is the MVP of the team at this point, though my personal vote would go to Yovani.

- A report on Brewers beat reporter Adam McCalvy.

- Dude, put your monies on the Brew Crew!

- …and Braden Looper.

Minor Leagues

- Cody Scarpetta is Between the Green Pillars prospect of the week.

NL Central

- The Rockies finished off the four-game sweep of the Cardinals. The Pirates lost to the Braves in 15.

Other News

- Braves manager Bobby Cox won his 2,000th game Monday.

In the News (6/8)

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Sunday’s Game: Braves 8, Brewers 7
Record: 33-24, First Place

Sunday’s Game

- Sunday’s game was a disappointing one. The Brewers were able to out-slug the Braves early in the game and were able to hand a 7-5 lead to Carlos Villanueva in the eighth inning. Coming into Sunday’s game, Carlos hadn’t given up a hit in his past nine innings or a run in his past 15. Unfortunately, that streak came to an end. Villanueva gave up three runs in the eighth and ultimately lost the game 8-7.

- Casey McGehee led off the ninth with a walk and instead of having Jason Kendall bunt, Ken Macca stayed true to his game and had Kendall swing away. Again, the at-bat ended in a double play. Those of you hoping all these double plays will change Macca’s game, you’ll be waiting a long, long time.

- Manny Parra’s struggles continued. He gave up 5 earned runs in 5.2 innings. He actually did look better than he has of late, walking only two. And a couple of the hits he gave up were on pretty good pitches. I would include both of Chipper Jones home runs in that category.

- Braun hit two two-run homers. Mike Cameron added a two-run homer as well.

Brewers News

- Mat Gamel started every game of the Braves series. Thank you, Ken Macha.

- The Brewers beat the Braves Friday night behind a fine pitching performance by Yovani Gallardo and a three RBI night by Mat Gamel.

- The Brewers got their second straight shutout against the Braves Saturday behind Prince Fielder and his two homers. Jeff Suppan didn’t go as late into the game as one would have liked to see, but he also didn’t surrender any runs. We, as Brewers fans, will take it.

- More talk of rumored interest in JJ Hardy from the Red Sox. I just don’t see this happening. It would take Clay Buchholz plus… for this to even be considered. Also, Escobar is far from Hardy’s level at this point.

- What should the Brewers do with Manny Parra? There is at least someone that thinks Manny will be better this season. This is why.

- My favorite Brewers blog (besides RFB of course) Miller Park Drunk has a blog about how to start a charcoal grill. Sad, but apparently necessary. (shaking his head) Luckily we have Grillmaster Jared.

- Brew Crew Ball has a poll on who you think the Brewers should pick in this years draft.

- Between 2002 and 2008, the Brewers had the fourth fewest days missed due to injury. I like that.

- Is Ryan Braun the most hated figure in Wisconsin sports history? Could be. Nice article, Scottage.

- Awesome. Check out the video of Dynamic Dean Rosko rocking the seventh innings stretch at Miller Park.

- Video interview with Todd Coffey.

NL Central

- Pirates players are not happy about Nate McLouth’s trade to the Braves. Man, Adam LaRoche is a huge whinny, douche loser.

- Their fans aren’t happy either. Man, this all must make McCutchen feel great. No pressure either.

In the News (6/5)

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Thursday’s Game: Brewers 3, Marlins 4
Record: 31-23, T-First Place

- It looked rough from the start with Dave Bush taking a liner off his throwing arm. But Bush - being the badass he is - managed to fight through six innings. Josh Johnson’s first career homer proved the difference, as the Brewers dropped the series.

Brewers News

- David Riske was moved to the 60-day disabled list, freeing up a spot on the 40-man roster.

- In good pitching news, Trevor Hoffman was named the NL Pitcher of the Month for his work in May.

- They keep player hating the Brewers.

- JJ HAWDEE? Doubt it.

- Milwaukee is in first place after playing the toughest schedule in Major League Baseball to this point. That’s a great sign.

- PocketDoppler asks if Milwaukee should go for Tom Glavine.

- Between the Green Pillars thinks Corey Hart should be on the trading block. I disagree.

- Sheffield’s House wouldn’t be opposed to the Brewers signing Tom Glavine.

- THIS BLOG sees the Braves’ loss (of Glavine) as the Brewers’ gain.

- The Brewers need Glavine, or another starting pitcher. Uhhhh…?

- These links would matter more if the Brewers actually wanted Glavine.

- Tennessean article on Mat Gamel’s first (non-September call-up) opportunity with Milwaukee.

- Hilarious.

Minor Leagues

- Brett Lawrie’s sister, Danielle, and the Washington Huskies won the NCAA Women’s College World Series with Brett looking on – from hundreds of miles away.

- Lawrie will have minor surgery on his broken nose. He’ll miss a few games at most.

NL Central

- Geovany Soto and Lou Piniella met to discuss the catcher’s play… or lack there of.

- Jose Valverde declares himself healthy.

- The Astros will have NO discussion over trading Roy Oswalt.

- The Andrew McCutchen era began in Pittsburgh Thursday to the tune of two hits, three runs and one player to get excited about. I totally have him on my fantasy team.

Other News

- Good news stemming from bad news.

In the News (6/4)

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Wednesday’s Game: Brewers 9, Marlins 6
Record: 31-22, First Place

- The Brewers won an ugly one.

- After taking a 9-1 lead behind a Braun home run, some good hitting, some bad Marlins defense and even worse Marlins pitching, Braden Looper coughed up four runs in the bottom of the next inning and the game got tight. Unacceptable… The Brewers really needed a good outing from Looper tonight to save the bullpen.

- Luckily, Seth McClung was able to eat 3 1/3 innings and gave up just one more run, on a Dan Uggla home run.

- McClung is funny.

- The Brewers had eight hits in the game and six came from Braun, Prince Fielder and Casey McGehee (two each). Mike Cameron and J.J. Hardy also had a hit each.

- Trevor Hoffman came in and worked around an error by Casey McGehee for his 14th save. He has not allowed a run yet.

- Tom Haudricourt has a theory on why Hoffman has been so good: He “runs a zillion miles a week.”

Brewers News

- Mark DiFelice was put on the bereavement list as he goes to attend his grandmother’s funeral and Chris Smith was called up from Nashville. Smith was 2-0 with a 1.38 ERA in 21 appearances with the Sounds. More HERE.

- DiFelice makes this list of top unknown MLB performers from ‘09.

- Manny Parra will not be sent down to AAA, yet. More HERE.

- JD at View From Bernie’s Chalet does not like the decision to keep Parra in Milwaukee.

- Dustin at Sheffield’s House speculates it would take Manny Parra, Taylor Green and Jeremy Jeffress to land Erik Bedard for a half season. If that’s the case, then no thanks… I don’t want to give up on Parra yet and that’s just too much for a half season of an injury prone starter.

- Tom H does some draft speculation.

- Should Prince bunt to try to beat the shifts played against him? Maybe once or twice, but it’s not really a big issue…

- Did you know you can get a hot dog, soda, peanuts and cookies all for just $4 at Brewers games?

- Deadspin isn’t terribly fond of Braun’s t-shirt line either… Photos from the recent Remetee event HERE.

- Miller Park Drunk finishes up their interview with Al from Al’s Ramblings.

- Winks talks jerseys.

Minor Leagues

- 23smrogo has a bunch of Timber Rattler videos on YouTube.

- At the Old Ball Game has video of newly called up Sounds pitcher Chris Cody warming up.

- Jeremy Jeffress has been a huge disappointment so far this season, but he took a big step forward earlier this week.

NL Central

- The Braves traded three prospects to the Pirates for outfielder Nate McLouth. Just in time for the Brewers to play the Braves, who also called up pitching phenom Tommy Hanson to face them…

- Carlos Zambrano might be a pretty good pitcher, but I’m more than happy he’s not pitching for my team. He missed a team flight, didn’t tell anyone he was going to miss it and now thinks it’s funny. Throw in the temper/insanity issues and you have a full-blown distraction. He hasn’t been all that good this year either…

- Tony LaRussa is suing Twitter.

- Kyle Lohse left the game Wednesday with forearm tightness. It’s a recurring issue and could mean DL time for the Cardinals starter.

- Cardinals release former first-rounder Tyler Herron.

- Geovany Soto is having a sophomore slump.

Other News

- Sammy Sosa is retiring. In related news, Ty Cobb has decided to officially file his retirement papers too.

- The Braves released Tom Glavine. Would the Brewers have any interest? Probably not…

- Vicente Padilla might also be available. 

- Sports Illustrated has declared a 16 year old as baseball’s Lebron. There is no possible way this kid will live up to the hype of being put on the SI cover at 16.

- Claudio Vargas sighting.

In the News (6/3)

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Does Something Stink in Here?

Tuesday’s Game: Marlins 10, Brewers 3
Record: 30-22, 1st Place

- Uggh…this game was Ugly. Manny Parra gave up 10 runs in only 4 innings! What is the matter with this kid?

- At least newcomer Mike Burns pitched four scoreless frames.

- And Corey Hart hit a home run in garbage time.

Brewers News

- First place on June 1 is good. Losing two straight to the Marlins isn’t.

- Ken Rosenthal talks sellers and Trevor Hoffman. He also posts that Corey Hart is not available.

- Riske is having Tommy John surgery and that might be all for Riske’s career as a Brewer. We might get a little Riske next summer, if we’re lucky. Otherwise it’s been a waste of money and I really wanted to like Riske.

- Ken Macha will be on Jim Rome’s radio show today.

- Tyler did a nice job on the Julio news and subsequent Burns news, so I’m not going to link much on that but:

- Shef’s House has an introduction for Mikey.

- Tyler eats a little crow about being wrong on Julio. It’s OK Tyler, more than just you were wrong.

- The Chicago Sun-Times believes the Brewers pen is in “disarray.” Oh yeah, because Hoffman, Villa, Coffey and DiFelice are really hurting the team right now…I seriously laughed out loud at the headline.

- Should the Brewers look at Cliff Lee? As long as it isn’t Brad Penny.

- Brew Crew Ball lists some pitchers who might be attainable and asks who do you want? If we’re playing the “What if” game, I’d take Roy Halladay first, then Peavy, but only because you’d get more than a half of a year out of him, then Bedard.

- Are you ready for some summer block parties?

- The Brewers have the second best TV audience. To be honest, most people are just tuning in for Davey Nelson…

- Miller Park Drunk talks to Al from Al’s Ramblings. Hey Miller Park Drunk, we’d do an interview with you!

- Miller Park Drunk also has some guidelines for texting the Brewers.

Minor Leagues

- Chris Cody was called up to AAA Nashville from Huntsville.

- Corey Kemp and Daniel Meadows are the T-Rats players of the Week.

- More ink on the Lawrie siblings.

- Taylor Green is settling in at Huntsville. Hopefully not for too long…

- Anyone going to the Timber Rattlers Salute to Cows on Thursday?

NL Central

- The NL Central is ranked as the third best division in baseball. Finally, some respect!

- Are you sick of “Go Cubs Go”? Check out this song and video.

- The Cubs’ big offseason acquisition has suffered a leg injury running out a ground ball. No word on how serious the injury is yet.

- Soriano is also feeling weak in the legs.

- And in case you’re wondering, here’s the state of the Cubs. It’s actually a very realistic post from a Cubs blog!

- In true Dusty Baker fashion, Edinson Volquez is back on the DL. Baker said “but I didn’t get to pitch him 135 pitches in a rehab start!”

- Is Jay Bruce done being hyped? This Reds blog thinks so…

- Did Adam Dunn  curse the Reds right fielders?

Other News

- Hank Aaron is thinking of buying the Florida Panthers. With how few people watch baseball in Florida, I would be a little wary of buying a team there.

- Kevin Mench was no match for the Japanese. Funny Wrap-up by Tyler.

- Brewers are no. 2 on CBS Sports’ power rankings and are no. 5 on ESPN’s.

In the News (6/2)

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Monday’s Game: Marlins 7, Brewers 4
Record: 30-21, First Place

- The Brewers dropped the opener against the Marlins 7-4.

- Jorge Julio was pretty much terrible and single handily cost the Brewers the game. Julio gave up five runs, four earned and didn’t record an out. Is it time for Julio to go? Yes, especially when there are solid arms in Nashville.

- Both Ryan Braun and Mike Cameron left the game with injuries.

Brewers News

- The Brewers are a home run hitting team. I thought everyone knew that. Why would you have a power hitting team start bunting and playing small ball? Yes, Ken Macha basically subscribes to the Billy Beane school of baseball, but he is also smart in playing a style of baseball that fits this Brewers team. Some people don’t get that. Gosh, sure sucks the Brewers made the playoffs last year and are in first place currently. Yes, they will have cold streaks, but find me a “small ball” team that doesn’t?  This blog gets it.

- Macha was ready to defend the Brewers style of play though. He came prepared to Sunday’s press conference loaded with stats to back up his game. He’ll argue my Billy Beane comment though.

- Brewers manger Ken Macha is 13th on this reporter’s updated MLB managerial rankings.

- Braun is still leading the voting for NL outfielders.

- The Brewers TV ratings continue to be impressive.

- Jared posted a link in yesterday’s news about a rumor that clubs are showing interest in trading for Corey Hart. There’s more talk today. I also don’t see it happening.

- Melvin says the rumors are “nonsense.” He’d say that whether they were true or not though.

- Man, The Doorman is getting all kinds of press this season. Jared is eating it up. At least that’s what Tyler says. I’m for it.

- Why does everyone seem to be “player hating” on the Brewers? Probably because they’re good. It’s like the pretty girl in middle school that all the other girls hate.

- Even with another Julio blowup, the Brewers bullpen has definitely been very solid.

- The next time Jared is driving you nuts at the game, calling you names and making fun of your teal jersey, you’ll be able to text the Brewers and get his sorry ass kicked out. Nice.

Minor Leagues

- Get to know Nashville Sounds pitcher Chris Narveson.

- Palm Bay, the largest city in Brevard County, is looking into building a minor-league stadium to lure a team to the city. The article mentions there is a team “available.” Could the Manatees someday move to Palm Bay?

NL Central

- The Cubs are looking to turn things around at the start of a new month. This Brewers fan offers his explanation of why he thinks that will be difficult. Man, that would be nice to bury the Cubs.

- Are the Cubs realizing they made a mistake with Milton Bradley?

- Dusty Baker likes his young team. It’s no fun over-working veterans, is it Dusty?

Other News

- Hall of Famer and former Milwaukee Brave Phil Niekro will appear at Fox Cities Stadium on June 12.

- How’s Ben Sheets doing? Who knows?

In the News (6/1)

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Sunday’s Game: Brewers 5, Reds 2

Record: 30-20, First Place

- The Brewers scored two in the first and one in the second to set the tone.

- Yovanni Gallardo’s pitch count got high, but he pitched 5 1/3, allowing two runs (one earned) and striking out nine.

- Mike Cameron went 2-4 with a home run, his second in two games. He’s hot again.

- Cameron committed an error when Braun didn’t get out of the way on a fly ball. It was a tough error for Cam as Braun should have let Cameron catch the ball, but instead nearly ran into him causing Mike to drop the ball.

- Mat Gamel had two hits in the game and will remain with the team through the interleague games at least.

- Trevor Hoffman remained perfect and got the save on his bobblehead day. Here’s some video of his entrance and the save.

- Peter Gammons says Trevor Hoffman has stabilized the Milwaukee bullpen:

- The Brewers reached 30 wins quicker than they ever have in franchise history.

- This is the first time the Brewers swept the Reds in Milwaukee since July 3-5, 2006.

- Reds’ second baseman Brandon Phillips is one of my least favorite players in the game, mostly because he’s always talking and generally being a dick. Well, he struck again:

“I feel we’re a better team than the Brewers,” he said. “We lost because they did the little things and we didn’t do the little things. They’re a good team, but this should never have happened.”


“Hey, they’re a good team, but we’re better.”

Nope. You’re not better. You just got swept convincingly. Shut your mouth and get out of town. We’ll see you again in late August when your team will inevitably be out of the playoff race…

- Some post-game audio.

Brewers News

- Keep in mind that Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe  seems to be wrong far, far, far more than he’s right, but he’s reporting that teams are asking about Corey Hart and that the Brewers could move him for a starting pitcher. Cafardo says the Tigers, Giants and Red Sox have scouted him. Since the Brewers would have no legitimate replacement for him (on the team now or ready to come up from the minors), I sincerely doubt they’d consider moving Hart. Plus, the pitching has been very good and if another arm is needed, they have Seth McClung ready to slide in.

- Russell Branyan is having a career year and could be available via trade. Would the Brewers be interested? Unlikely… But that doesn’t mean I won’t dream of The Muscle in Brewer Blue again.

- If the Reds fall out of contention, would they look to trade Aaron Harang? And would  the Brewers be interested?

- Danny Knobbler of CBS Sports says the Brewers will probably be active in the trade market this season.

- The Brewers have FINALLY figured out how to handle Trevor Hoffman’s entrance.

- Manny Parra’s start to the ‘09 season looks a lot like his start to his ‘08 season, except a little better… It’s frustrating watching Parra pitch because it’s easy to see that he has very good “stuff,” but can’t quite seem to put it all together. We have to be patient with him though as lefties mature a little slower and he is in just his second full season in the bigs.

- The Brew Town Beat asks for some love for the NL’s leading RBI man, Prince Fielder.

- Todd Coffey continues being awesome. There’s some background on the Ultimate Warrior theme song music choice.

- Many, including me, were skeptical of the choice of Bill Castro as the pitching coach at the beginning of the year. So far, I have had no reason to second guess the decision…

- Brewers third base coach Brad Fischer is “living out a dream” as he gets to be a coach on his home-state team.

- Al’s Ramblings points out how spectacular Carlos Villanueva has been since a bumpy start. He hasn’t been quite as good as Al pointed out though, he gave up two runs on May 1. He was not scored upon the rest of the month though.

- Macha is not sure who will hit leadoff against lefties. He hinted it could be Casey McGehee.

- Rickie Weeks will rehab his injury at home. Prince suggests he’ll try to make it back at the end of this season like Gallardo did last year.

Minor Leagues

- The Timber Rattlers swept the West Michigan Whitecaps this weekend. It was the first time an Appleton baseball team swept the Whitecaps in Comstock Park since the Whitecaps joined the Midwest League in 1994.

- Alcides Escobar will not be starting at second for the Brewers. He has moved back to shortstop at Nashville.

- The Brewers could add some pitching to the system in the MLB draft next week.

- Justin’s Brewers Blog takes a look at how the Brewers minor leaguers have done so far this season.

- At the Old Ball Game takes a look at the first third of the Sounds’ season.

- Pitcher Mark Holliman, a minor-league Rule 5 Draft choice, is “starting over” with the Stars.

NL Central

- Cardinals shortstop Khalil Greene was sent to the DL as he battles social anxiety disorder. I wish him the best in his recovery. It sounds like a tough spot to be in.

- Roy Oswalt could be hoping for a trade out of Houston. And he is apparently not interested in pitching for the White Sox.

- Jose Valverde is making some progress in his rehab from a calf strain.

- The Cubs will be replacing their oft-beaten Gatorade machine.

- Alfonso Soriano has a sore knee.

- Edinson Volquez is set to return today.

Other News

- Worst case scenario. Tony Gwynn Jr. has started out OK in San Diego so the Brewers fans that held onto the idea that TGJ should have been the future leadoff hitter/centerfielder on the Brewers will bitch. Look, the guys’ upside is a below-average starter or fourth outfielder. The trade was excellent.

- Joe Morgan drinks on the job? That would help explain all of the stupid things he says.

In the News (5/29)

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Thursday’s Game: OFF
Record: 27-20, Second Place

Brewers News

- Chris Capuano IS COMING BACK!!! Eventually. The southpaw has eliminated timetables, but looks to make an impact sometime before season’s end. I think many fans forget him when looking over the state of Milwaukee’s rotation.

- Fangraphs revisits the Gwynn/Gerut deal. The Brewers still win.

- Miller Park Drunk wonders where the love for Prince Fielder is.

- Brewers fans are drinking the all-star Kool-Aid, reports some Bleacher Report writer. This Brewers fan could care less about the all-star game as long as fan voting still exists.

- Windell Middlebrooks “The High Life Guy” will throw out the first pitch in Saturday’s game. Am I the only one who saw him on “Parks and Recreation” a few weeks back?

- Trevor Hoffman apparently rules off the mound too.

- I hate to say it, but this raises a good point. I love Milwaukee’s loyalty in fan voting… but fan voting in general keeps players with numbers like Raul Ibanez’s out of the mid-summer classic.

- CZWIEF says no to Jake Peavy. Agreed.

- Tim Seeman, not to be confused with the Tim Ceman RFB Johnny and I went to high school with, considers Dave Bush to be Milwaukee’s silent ace. Ace? Maybe not. Hell of a pitcher? No question.

- A Brewers-related ghost story.

- Sheffield’s House doesn’t see any Peavy deal in Milwaukee’s future – but possibly an Erik Bedard deal.

- Winks Thinks… something about Peavy.

Minor Leagues

- Nope.

NL Central

- The Pirates and Astros have less than 10% chance to make the playoffs, according to this post.

- Bad news for the rest of the NL Central, Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit has been cleared to resume baseball activities.

- Good news for the rest of the NL Central, Carlos Zambrano has been suspended for six games after his tirade Wedneday.

- Richard Justice thinks the time for Houston to fire Cecil Cooper might be now.

- The Cubs are looking for hitting. WOW look at those big names!?!

Other News

- A hole tore in the universe Thursday when one former Brewers pitcher was optioned to the minors to make room for another. Cleveland sent down Zach Jackson and called up Tomo Okha – two guys I pull for. More HERE.

- Russell Branyan continues to tear the cover off the ball. Keep it up, Russ.

- Branyan’s GM Jack Zjeegfsgsfdslfjshfailk is in no hurry to trade away his team.

- Our guy Jack is featured at Beyond the Box Score. Keep those complicated, detailed and quality goodies coming.

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