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Cheer Up, Milwaukee

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Yep, that sucked. All of the good feelings from the Pirates series were completely erased by the sleep walk sweep the Brewers just went through against the Cubs.

But there are a couple reasons to keep our heads held high as we head into a new week. First, the Pirates are coming to town, and that’s a good cure for a team coming off a bad series. And, second, we’re not as stupid as Cubs fans. Not even close. Seriously, in the same day, some Cubs fan fell 14 feet out of the Miller Park left field bleachers trying to catch a BP ball and a group of mouth breathing baby bear backers swapped drivers at 70 mph on their way home from the game AND put the exhibition in idiocy up on YouTube (check about the 8:15 minute mark of the video for the actual switch)? Can’t make this stuff up…

Oh, and I guess it’s spread to the team too. Check out the quotes from Ryan Theriot on the flyball flopper:

“Very shaken up, looking around the stadium, there’s got to be something to prevent that. I guess it could happen to anybody going for a ball.”

Um, there is something to prevent that — a freaking brain. Should the Brewers equip all Cubs fans with helmets and mouth guards as they enter the stadium to protect them from their own stupidity? I mean they might walk into a support beam too. Or maybe try to do acrobatics down the steps on the way to their seats. And, no, it couldn’t happen to anybody, Ryan. It only happened to one moron.

Honestly, I hope the guy isn’t hurt bad. It sounds like it was pretty scary and nobody wants to see a fan of any team get seriously hurt at a baseball game.

But, really, how does that even happen?

Insomniac Ink