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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

The Brewers season is over and the Hot Stove League is about to hit high gear. With rumors and speculation circulating every day about half of the players in MLB, it’s hard to keep track of who the Brewers are allegedly after in a trade or who Doug Melvin may be wooing in free agency. “Brewmors,” a mash up of the words Brewers and Rumors, will be the spot to go to for Brewers-related Hot Stove info as the Brewers reshape their line-up this offseason. Each day we will update our list with the latest info on each player the Brewers may or may not have an eye on and bump it to the top of the site. We’d love your help too. If you find a link to some new tidbit we haven’t put on the site yet, e-mail it to I will get it up to speed over the next few days, starting with Sabathia.

“CC was pretty emotional in the clubhouse. He became friends with those guys and I don’t think that he expected to become as close to the guys in the clubhouse as he actually did. And that says a lot. That goes a long way for a player. If you’re comfortable with guys and you feel like you’re part of a team that wants to win and you feel like you’re part of a team that can help each other win, that’s a driving force.”

  • Melvin To Move Quickly on Sveum, “Sooner than Later” on Sabathia - Jay Sorgi, 620 WTMJ (10/7/08)

“I’ve got to get together with (owner) Mark Attanasio and see what Mark’s thoughts are.  Obviously, a lot of money would be involved in that.”

  • Daily Scoop - Jon Heyman, (10/6/08)
While Brewers people aren’t ruling it out, the idea of spending $25 million of a $90 million payroll on one player does seem unrealistic.
“It was fun. I had a good time,” he said. “I’d be lying if I didn’t say this is one of the better times I’ve had in my career. Meeting these guys and being on this team, it was a good experience.”
  • Braun hopes Sabathia stays - Tom Haudricourt, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (10/5/08)

“I’m not going to tell you what he said specifically but I know he enjoyed it here,” Braun said. “He likes the guys on the team. He recognizes that we’re going to be good for a while, too.

“I don’t think he’ll take a discount financially but he might take less years for the same amount of money, which makes it less risk, less commitment from the organization.”

  • A Good Year Comes to an End - Ryan Braun, MLBlogs (10/5/08)
“With CC, there is a chance he will be back. Who knows? That would be awesome.”
  • Brewers considering surprise run to keep Sabathia in Milwaukee - Jon Heyman, (10/5/08)

“The Brewers will be in, unless the money gets crazy,” said one person familiar with their thinking.

  • CC staying here? - woziszeus, Chuckie Hacks (10/3/08)

Last Friday, I received a phone call from a guy who told me that he heard that CC Sabathia approached the Brewers, and said he would resign with them for $100 million dollars over 4 years. I said, “no way, who is reporting that?” My guy said he knows a guy who knows a guy in the upper levels of the Brewers front office. CC approached the team with that figure, and that the team was in the process of working the numbers to find out if the deal was plausible.

Others in the Brewers organization say Milwaukee owner Mark Attanasio will try to make it very difficult for Sabathia to leave — maybe to the point of risking a colossal mistake. Network Member

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