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In the News (10/3)

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

I’ll forego all the usual formatting for today because I think everyone knows what happened in the game. If not, I’ll get you up to speed.

- CC Sabathia struggled on short rest, giving up five runs in less than four innings. Again, the bats couldn’t overcome the one big Philly inning. Even so, Sabathia deserves so much credit and respect for his amazing and selfless performance in helping Milwaukee reach the playoffs. Even if he isn’t able to make another start this season, I’ll always appreciate what he’s done. I almost got up at work and clapped as he left the game Thursday.

Brewers News

- Bob Uecker will toss out the first pitch Saturday! Dave Bush will throw the nine scoreless innings to follow.

- By elimination, you’ve probably figured out Jeff Suppan, who the Brewers are paying $8 M to this season (not to mention $12.5 M in 2009 AND 2010) isn’t going to start Saturday’s game: I’m glad to see Bush is starting over Suppan, but not allowing a former NLCS MVP and World Series champ pitch when the season is on the line just lends further proof to me that Suppan is not the pitcher the Brewers thought they signed - and is a huge, bloated, overpaid, stemcell-opposing bust.

Go get ‘em Bush!

- Prince Fielder: “I’m kind of garbage right now.” Luckily much of the team has joined him in the scrap heap so he’s not alone. Here’s looking at you Cameron and Hart - all the other who’ve contributed to a playoff team hitting .116 over two games.

- The Giants seem realistically interested in acquiring CC Sabathia this offseason: I could see him landing somewhere out West. And he seems to like pitching, and hitting, against the NL. Wherever he lands, I understand and am just thankful I got to watch him carry the Brewers on his back for half a season. He’s a living legend.

- Brew Town Beat asks fans to refrain from booing when the Brewers return to town: They gave us an exciting season, and are still alive. If you must boo the home team, as the rule always is, direct them at Corey Hart who rocks the trifecta – he’s hideous, he calls out fans, and he’s playing awful.

- Goldy at Chuckie Hacks would like to apologize to Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth – who is, in fact, a legit baseball player. He rips on Corey Hart too, which I have no problem with because - he’s hideous, he calls out fans, and he’s playing awful.

Minor Leagues

- “Agent 39” says Cleveland should be choosing their player to be named later for the CC Sabathia trade very soon: He also informs readers his client Taylor Green was just sent to the Arizona Fall League roster to replace and injured Mat Gamel… but (his other client) Michael Brantley, the other speculated name to be traded, is already on that roster too.

Both are great players, but I don’t know why they’d send Green to play and risk injury if the Brewers knew he was gone… unless it’s for another audition. In all, the Indians get to pick, and the decision will probably be made by next week.


- Carlos Ruiz might be a Brewers killer, but his nickname could be better.

- This Houston fan is “calling bullshit” on the Cubs: Their TERRIBLE play is the only thing making these Brewer losses digestible.

- The Cubs reportedly brought a priest in to spread holy water on the dugout before game one: If there is any sort of god out there, he/she seems like they have more important things to do based on the Cubs’ first two games. But between this and the losing streak when Dick Stockton is calling games, Cub fans should have sufficient excuses to last through the next 100-year hex.

- Further proof some Cub fans can be dingleberries.

- Amid my hours of nightly research, I uncovered an off-putting fact; currently the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are statistically the best playoff team in Major League Baseball history. (And yes, I call them the “Devil Rays” the entire post. I promised David Chalk I would.).


- Do you think this ESPN article posted recently reads a little like THIS ONE posted almost a month earlier? I do. Save for Sage Steele, ESPN is going way down hill lately.

To close, this thing isn’t over. Miracles can happen, but even if it so happens that Milwaukee falls short of advancing… I just hope they win one more for the fans. Being here is great and all, but we’ve all been waiting a long time. It’s been an unforgettable season, and some playoff success would make it all the more worth the wait. Network Member

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