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The Anti-All-Decade Team

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Ask and you shall receive. Here are the worst players from the past decade. They are divided into four groups:

Little Suckers (top prospects who never panned out and did so in epic fashion), Wad Blowers (players who the Brewers spent a lot of money on…well a lot for the Brewers),Deadline Douchebags (players the Brewers got in trades and then would have preferred not to…not necessarily acquired at the deadline, I just wanted to use the word “douchebag”) and Gone Before Long (players who haven’t been heard of since sucking with the Brewers)

Little Suckers

1) Ben Hendrickson - P - A highly touted pitching prospect who did nothing but help coin the term “AAAA Player”. Telling  stat = 50 runs given up in 58.1 innings

2) Jorge de la Rosa - P - Another pitcher who was supposed to be excellent turned into a head case and barely made a serviceable reliever. He was traded for Tony Graffanino…ouch. Telling stat=6.23 ERA

3) Nick Neugebauer - P  - Nick was drafted out of high school and by 2002 was the 17th ranked prospect in all of MLB and the Brewers top prospect overall. He’s a pitcher, so are you sensing a trend? He was soon out of baseball after surgery in 2002. Telling stat = 2-8

4) Dave Krynzel - OF - Before there was TGJ, there was Dave Krynzel. He was the Brewers first round pick in 2000. He was a speedy outfielder who was projected to be a leadoff hitter. Never happened. Telling Stat = .188 BA.

Wad Blowers

1) Jeffrey Hammonds - OF - 3 Years, 21 Million in 2001 after his All-Star appearance in 2000. Hammonds was often hurt and could barely crack the starting lineup. Telling stat = .248 Batting Average for the Brewers

2) Jose Hernandez - 3B - 3 Years, 10 Million in 2000. He was the default Brewers All-Star in 2002, but that was also the year he was sat down 4 out of the last 5 games so that he wouldn’t break the MLB All-Time Strikeout in a Season Record. Telling stat = Struck out 498 times in 3 years which meant he struck out about once every three at bats.

3) Wes Helms - 3B - 2 Years, 4.5 Million in 2004. Helms was traded for Ray King and had a decent first season in Milwaukee. Problem is that season was 2003 when the Brewers drew the 3rd least amount of people into Miller Park in the NL that season. The fans that did see him knew he was slow, but it seemed that Melvin loved that rocket arm at third. Helms turned into the teams most expensive bench player after signing. Wes Helms wonders why the Brewers fans have such hatred for him and it’s for this reason: he is the exact fact of everything that went wrong with the team; Fat underacheivers who don’t seem to work on getting any better. Telling Stat = 23 HR’s in 2003. 8 HR’s total after signing the contract.

4) Eric Gagne - P - 1 year, 10 million in 2008. Gagne was brought in to be the closer of a team that just lost CoCo Cordero. He had a shaky time in Texas and Boston, but was the All-Time Saves in a Season record holder. By May, he lost his job to Salomon Torres and was the biggest blight on the 2008 season. Telling stat = Blew 41% of Saves.

5) Jeff Suppan - P - 4 Years, 42 Million in 2006. Oh we were so happy when Suppan was our Christmas present in 2006, but Suppan has been getting worse every year since. In fact, it was Jeff Suppan who started the last playoff game for the Brewers and surrendered 5 runs in 3 innings. Telling stat = 1.76 career ERA in Miller Park before signing. 4.29 career ERA in Miller Park now.

6) Bill Hall - IF - 4 year, 24 million in 2007. Man it hurts to put Hall here, because I really like the guy. He was great at short before JJ came around and he was great at third until the Brewers moved him to the outfield. Once he was moved to the outfield and given a big contract, it was game over for all. I guess Bill Hall from 2002-2006 goes into the All-Decade team and the 2007-2009 Bill Hall goes here. Telling Stat = 35 HR in 2006. 35 Total HR for Brewers from 2007-2009.

7) David Riske - P - 3 year, 13 million - I had high hopes for this guy who supposedly helped  Kansas City’s young Zach Greinke. The fact is, he hasn’t been healthy and has been a waste of money. Telling Stat = +2.21 - Difference in ERA for Riske between his time in the AL (3.40) and his time with the Brewers (5.61).

Deadline Douchebags

1) Chad Moeller - C - Part of the Sexson deal, Momo was just a poor hitting catcher but decent defensively. By decent, I mean he could block a Ben Sheets curveball. He will forever live in Milwaukee, though, because of his 2004 cycle.

2) Jose Capellan - P - Traded in the Kolb trade. Kolb was coming off of an All-Star year, but the Brewers traded him for fireballing Jose Capellan. I remember Ned Yost telling the fans how excited he was and how this kid will be an ace. By ace, he meant pain in the ass. Capellan pitched poorly and was rarely, if ever, able to dial it over 94. He whined about his status and was traded away to Detroit.

3) Scott Linebrink - P - Traded for minor league pitchers that the Brewers would like back. Linebrink was brought in to help the Brewers 2007 postseason run. He crushed it. Even though his final line with the Brewers doesn’t seem so bad, I remember the week plus stretch in August where he went 0-3 with a blown save and an 11+ ERA. The Brewers were out of it by September.

Gone Before Long

There are a ton of these guys so I’ll just blurb the rest of the way. Remember that they either were never really seen from again or were on the team for not very long. Or both.

1) Ruben Quevedo - P - I remember when a broadcaster said that they can’t tell the difference between his fastball and his changeup. Ouch. Fits into the Brewers starter with a 5+ ERA club. Quevedo is without a doubt my least favorite/most hated Brewer of all time.

2) Gary Glover - P - Another mediocre starter plugged in to fill gaps. Fits into the Brewers starter with a 5+ ERA club.

3) Wes Obermueller - P - There was a reason everyone loved Wes. I can’t remember what it was because his pitching stats were awful. Fits into the Brewers starter with a 5+ ERA club.

4) Wayne Franklin - P - Gave up the most home runs in a season (before Braden Looper got him off the hook)Fits into the Brewers starter with a 5+ ERA club.

5) Matt Kinney - P - Terrible pitcher during a terrible stretch of Brewers history. Fits into the Brewers starter with a 5+ ERA club.

6) John Vander Wal - OF - Fits into the “He was a starter for the Brewers?” Category.

7) Victor Santos - P - 4-13 season. Ouch.

8) Chris Magruder - OF - Backup outfielder who, in comparison, makes Jody Gerut look awesome.

9) Greg Aquino - P - Was around for 15 games in 2007. Gave up two huge home runs. Boom, outta here.

10) Elmer Dessens - P - We toasted Dos Equis for this pitcher on opening day in 2007, who was sent packing after 12 games.

11) Valerio de los Santos - P - Tyler told me that his 4 names were more than any single season win total he had as a Brewer. Seems about right.

Others that were also bad:

Royce Clayton (SS), Johnny Estrada (C) ( Who Tyler believes is still legging out his last grounder of 2007…haha), Ben Greive (OF), Paul Bako (C), and Henry Blanco (C).

In the News (6/3)

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Does Something Stink in Here?

Tuesday’s Game: Marlins 10, Brewers 3
Record: 30-22, 1st Place

- Uggh…this game was Ugly. Manny Parra gave up 10 runs in only 4 innings! What is the matter with this kid?

- At least newcomer Mike Burns pitched four scoreless frames.

- And Corey Hart hit a home run in garbage time.

Brewers News

- First place on June 1 is good. Losing two straight to the Marlins isn’t.

- Ken Rosenthal talks sellers and Trevor Hoffman. He also posts that Corey Hart is not available.

- Riske is having Tommy John surgery and that might be all for Riske’s career as a Brewer. We might get a little Riske next summer, if we’re lucky. Otherwise it’s been a waste of money and I really wanted to like Riske.

- Ken Macha will be on Jim Rome’s radio show today.

- Tyler did a nice job on the Julio news and subsequent Burns news, so I’m not going to link much on that but:

- Shef’s House has an introduction for Mikey.

- Tyler eats a little crow about being wrong on Julio. It’s OK Tyler, more than just you were wrong.

- The Chicago Sun-Times believes the Brewers pen is in “disarray.” Oh yeah, because Hoffman, Villa, Coffey and DiFelice are really hurting the team right now…I seriously laughed out loud at the headline.

- Should the Brewers look at Cliff Lee? As long as it isn’t Brad Penny.

- Brew Crew Ball lists some pitchers who might be attainable and asks who do you want? If we’re playing the “What if” game, I’d take Roy Halladay first, then Peavy, but only because you’d get more than a half of a year out of him, then Bedard.

- Are you ready for some summer block parties?

- The Brewers have the second best TV audience. To be honest, most people are just tuning in for Davey Nelson…

- Miller Park Drunk talks to Al from Al’s Ramblings. Hey Miller Park Drunk, we’d do an interview with you!

- Miller Park Drunk also has some guidelines for texting the Brewers.

Minor Leagues

- Chris Cody was called up to AAA Nashville from Huntsville.

- Corey Kemp and Daniel Meadows are the T-Rats players of the Week.

- More ink on the Lawrie siblings.

- Taylor Green is settling in at Huntsville. Hopefully not for too long…

- Anyone going to the Timber Rattlers Salute to Cows on Thursday?

NL Central

- The NL Central is ranked as the third best division in baseball. Finally, some respect!

- Are you sick of “Go Cubs Go”? Check out this song and video.

- The Cubs’ big offseason acquisition has suffered a leg injury running out a ground ball. No word on how serious the injury is yet.

- Soriano is also feeling weak in the legs.

- And in case you’re wondering, here’s the state of the Cubs. It’s actually a very realistic post from a Cubs blog!

- In true Dusty Baker fashion, Edinson Volquez is back on the DL. Baker said “but I didn’t get to pitch him 135 pitches in a rehab start!”

- Is Jay Bruce done being hyped? This Reds blog thinks so…

- Did Adam Dunn  curse the Reds right fielders?

Other News

- Hank Aaron is thinking of buying the Florida Panthers. With how few people watch baseball in Florida, I would be a little wary of buying a team there.

- Kevin Mench was no match for the Japanese. Funny Wrap-up by Tyler.

- Brewers are no. 2 on CBS Sports’ power rankings and are no. 5 on ESPN’s.

In the News (5/27)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009


Not Quite

Tuesday’s Game: Brewers 1, Cardinals 8
Record: 27-19, T-1st Place


Tuesday’s Game

- Suppan and McClung were roughed up as the Brewers dropped the game on Tuesday.

- Ryan Braun was hit by a pitch and left the game with a contusion. It isn’t believed to be serious.

- Craig Counsell is still hitting the ball well

Brewers News

- I’m really annoyed with how much press the untucking of shirts “story” has got, so I’m not going to link to any. The newspapers who are reporting these events should realize they are reporters and not gossip columnists.

- David Riske might need Tommy John surgery. Seems kinda risky, doesn’t it? Sorry… I had to…

- As Tyler posted, Chris Duffy is still in the organization and is on his way to Nashville. Good… Let him work some things out while the Brewers experiment with Frank Caliendo…er…Catalonotto. I highly doubt FC will be on the team in September.

- Ryan Braun has an incredible bat, is doing well in left and is seemingly becoming more and more patient at the plate.

- Hoffman goes Alone with Rome.

- The Brewers are doing well in fan voting so far… Maybe I’m becoming a cranky old man, but after Sheets and Hart’s All-Star Hangovers last year, I don’t mind if only a couple make it.

- Interesting question: LaPorta or Gamel? I’d have to agree that a power hitting lefty who can play corner infield is more valuable.

- FanGraphs has a nice Brewers draft Review and small Preview.

- Should fans be worried about the health of Mark DiFelice? This scares me a little, but I’m hoping the Brewers have done everything possible to keep their pitchers’ arms and motions healthy.

- How good was Monday’s pitchers duel? Here’s a link comparing it to the 1959 Braves.

- ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick is impressed with the Brewers resiliance. Even Buster Olney came on the radio this morning saying that the Brewers were quite a surprise and the Cubs will have to work hard to catch them and the Cardinals.

- Bob Ryan believes Brad Penny will be traded and I hope that it won’t be to the Brewers.

- I would much rather have Erik Bedard. Two Fisted Slopper makes the case for Bedard over Peavy.

- Jimmy Gantner will broadcast the draft. The only problem is that he does commercials in central Wisconsin since he’s the Woodchucks coach and he’s kind of awkward in those commercials.

- Speaking of stuff from Wausau, the Wausau Daily Herald is finally excited about the Brewers, but perhaps a little too excited. Playoffs talk in MAY?!? Even the Maniac is saying, “Maybe that’s overdoing it a bit.”

- The Great Gagne comeback starts in Canada.

- Gamel visited a school in Racine.

Minor Leagues

- Mike Jones, a pitcher drafted in 2001 who had two surgical procedures to work through, is throwing 94-MPH heaters and was recently called up to Huntsville.

- Alcides Escobar is this week’s Sports Bubbler prospect of the week.

- While your at it, get to know Nashville Sound Patrick Arlis.

- Brevard County’s Rob “Woot-Woot” Wooten has already broke the club’s save record with his 15th save of the year.

- Meanwhile, T-Rats pitcher Wily Peralta was named Pitcher of the Week. In two outings, he didn’t allow a run, struck out 17 and walked only two. Nice job!

NL Central

- Marmol left the Cubs to be with his pregnant wife…and you have to click on this to see the headline.

- Big Lou also doesn’t like his team watching video of bad at bats. They should only visualize good at bats and what the pitcher is currently doing…so all those little league coaches telling their players to learn from their mistakes is wrong?

- A-Ram says the Cubs are frustrated. In other news, water is wet.

- Ankiel is still on the DL, so Nick Stavinoha is still around. It’s fun to hear Ueck say his name; sounds like Stab-in-oh-wa.

- Glaus might be out for all of 2009. Which alleged former PED user would you rather have back?

- The Brewers might have to deal with Brandon Phillips back in the Reds’ lineup.

- Rosenthal believes the Astros should just rebuild, which inlcudes trading their only pitcher left (Roy Oswalt). I’m fine with the status quo…you know…middling around the bottom of the division.

Other News

- This Week’s Power Rankings: ESPN (6) and CBS Sports (6)

- Former Brewer Matt LaPorta has been demoted. Not big news… yet…

Brewers Fan Favorite ‘09 Continues

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

All the top seeds advanced again, but at least Brad Nelson made it interesting for awhile. The final scores were:

Hardy DEF Rivera  87% - 13%

Hart DEF Nelson 65% - 35%

Hoffman DEF Julio 97% - 3%

Bush DEF Coffey 89% - 11%

The Bracket currently stands like this:

Will we have our first upset this weekend? Vote away for your favorite Brewers once again!

[polldaddy poll="1434210"] [polldaddy poll="1434218"] [polldaddy poll="1434226"] [polldaddy poll="1434232"]

This round of voting closes Monday Night!

Julian Tavarez DFA

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

As mentioned by Jared in the previous post, David Riske has rejoined the team and is eligible to pitch this afternoon. To make room for Riske on the roster the Brewers designated pitcher Julian Tavarez for assignment this morning.

Tavarez, who was signed by Milwaukee in late May after being released by Boston, was 0-1 with an ERA of 8.59 in seven appearances as a Brewer. He will have 10 days to accept his assignment to Nashville (AAA) or will be released - forefiting the remainder of the Brewers’ salary obligations.

Being that Tavarez was sought out and signed just weeks ago, both Tim Dillard and Mark DiFelice seemed more likely candidates to be sent down upon Riske’s return to the clubhouse - but the less-experienced pair have shown they can cut it at the big league level. Dillard has a 1.17 ERA in 7.1 innings and DiFelice has a 4.35 ERA and 11 strikeouts in 10.1 innings - but has come on strong lately, giving up only two earned runs in his last seven appearances (9.1 innings).

Who to close?

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

“I don’t deserve that ninth inning right now. It’s pretty simple,”

Those were the words of Eric Gagne after today’s loss. Obviously he was disappointed with the two runs he surrendered in the ninth, but it’s never good to hear that from the $10 million arm brought in specifically to serve in that inning. With five blown saves and today’s backwards tie-breaker, a change may be warranted and Gagne may have a point. With all that’s happened in the late innings of this young season, who should close?

The team has numerous capable arms to hold the closer role and/or man the ninth inning in situations like today. It may be unpopular, but I have my own take on the Brewers closer pecking order.

1. Eric Gagne: Plain and simple, Gagne was brought in this off season and paid handsomely to be the team’s closer. He may be immersed in one of the most wretched slumps in recorded pitching history, but I feel he should retain the role. Excluding a few control issues, he is making good pitches that are just being hit or - though I hate to drag umpires into this - not being called strikes. The one scary observation is a staggering loss in the velocity of his fastball.

One must also dissect exactly why some of these saves were blown. Most were due to his pitching, but I remember a certain Rickie Weeks throw, nay, bounce that failed to complete what would have been a game-ending double play. The best thing that can be done to resurrect the once dangerously dominant finnisher’s season in Brew City is to keep him in.

2. Guillermo Mota: Excluding a few lapses in perfection, Mota’s opperendi this season has been great. He can bring the heat, work out of pressure situations, work on short rest and go more than one inning. RotoWorld too alludes to Mota being a good choice to take the ninth should Gagne be extradited from the role.

3. David Riske or Salomon Torres: To me they are both equally fitting and equally unfit for basically the same reason. They both have saves under their belt and have both held down setup roles. Torres can pitch almost every day so it’d be a shame to displace a workhorse arm to what wold amount to significantly fewer innings. And Riske just hasn’t been too great to date, though he seems to be coming around. Closer by committee flat out does not work, and probably would not work here either.

4. Mitch Stetter: He’s a favorite of certain radio personalities on our terrible sports talk station to garner the closer’s role, but he’s one of only two lefties in the pen. With Brian Shouse as more of a pure situational lefty whose outing often last 1/3 or 2/3 of an inning, Stetter seems better fit for his current form of use. File Seth McClung and his current awesomeness in the “don’t mess with a good thing” file too.

5. Derrick Turnbow: It’s a fifth option for good reason. Need I spell out why this would be risky and have potential for more bad than good? No.

6. Dave Bush to close and either bring up Jeff Weaver or move Seth McClung to a starter role: This crazy, but Bush did close in college and - if he can pull it together for just one inning at a time, he could be great… then again if Gagne could just pull it together for an inning there would be no need for this post in the first place. This proposition has next to no likelihood of taking place; let’s save Weaver for when another starter goes down.

7. Make a trade: But for who and with what? The only teams I know with a plethora of qualified closers is my ironically-named fantasy team “Cubs Jr.” (make an offer, Jared) and… well, the Brewers.

Hate it as you may, I just hope Gagne’s statement was merely out of frustration and that he remains on the mound to end games the way we all know he’s capable of.

Who knows how this will all shape up, but you can be sure the next time Eric Gagne is called to the mound I will stand and cheer because he is a Brewer and he is trying his damnedest to do his job, and so long as he is a Brewer, I have to hope he will.

Another “coach” on staff?

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

David Riske

David Riske was a valuable mentor to several Royals pitchers last year and could be a vital influence off the field to the Brewers bullpen in 2008:

KANSAS CITY - Mike Sweeney is not the only player who could be playing his final game with the Royals on Sunday. Several players, most notably David Riske, are not currently under contract for 2008.

Riske, one of the key pieces of the Royals’ rebuilding process this season, has a 2.45 ERA in 65 games, the best mark by a KC pitcher. He has also served as a mentor for the young staff, especially Zack Greinke.

“He has been a wonderful guy this year,” general manager Dayton Moore said. “He has impacted our bullpen in a very positive way with his approach and his success on the mound. We want to have a good baseball team, and in order to have a good baseball team, you have to have people like him on it.”

Riske, who has a $2.9 million player option for 2008, is examining all options before making a choice.

“I am enjoying myself here tremendously and all of the guys on the team and the front office,” he said. “I know that I have had a pretty good year. I know that it is business. It is kind of nice that you had a good year and you are a free agent and you want to see what other teams think about you and what’s it’s like.”

Riske’s help to Greinke has proven especially beneficial.

Greinke was moved to the bullpen after a rocky six weeks in the rotation at the beginning of the season. Riske became Greinke’s daily card-playing partner in the clubhouse and helped him improve his craft.

Under Riske’s help, Greinke posted a 3.54 ERA as a reliever. Moved back to the rotation in late August, Greinke had a 1.81 ERA in six starts to finish the season.

“Riske was the first one who has taught me anything about pitching,” Greinke said. “I have learned the simple things from some people like keep the ball down, but he is the first person to actually help me out. … He is not the only reason, but without him, I don’t think I would have pitched as good as I did this year. He had by far the most impact on me.”

A hat tip to NYChez on for providing the link.

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