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Cheer Up, Milwaukee

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Yep, that sucked. All of the good feelings from the Pirates series were completely erased by the sleep walk sweep the Brewers just went through against the Cubs.

But there are a couple reasons to keep our heads held high as we head into a new week. First, the Pirates are coming to town, and that’s a good cure for a team coming off a bad series. And, second, we’re not as stupid as Cubs fans. Not even close. Seriously, in the same day, some Cubs fan fell 14 feet out of the Miller Park left field bleachers trying to catch a BP ball and a group of mouth breathing baby bear backers swapped drivers at 70 mph on their way home from the game AND put the exhibition in idiocy up on YouTube (check about the 8:15 minute mark of the video for the actual switch)? Can’t make this stuff up…

Oh, and I guess it’s spread to the team too. Check out the quotes from Ryan Theriot on the flyball flopper:

“Very shaken up, looking around the stadium, there’s got to be something to prevent that. I guess it could happen to anybody going for a ball.”

Um, there is something to prevent that — a freaking brain. Should the Brewers equip all Cubs fans with helmets and mouth guards as they enter the stadium to protect them from their own stupidity? I mean they might walk into a support beam too. Or maybe try to do acrobatics down the steps on the way to their seats. And, no, it couldn’t happen to anybody, Ryan. It only happened to one moron.

Honestly, I hope the guy isn’t hurt bad. It sounds like it was pretty scary and nobody wants to see a fan of any team get seriously hurt at a baseball game.

But, really, how does that even happen?

Thanks a Milton!

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

My worst fear this offseason was that Adam Dunn would land in Chicago with the Cubs. He has his flaws, which are widely debated (strike outs, low batting average, poor fielder), but he is remarkably consistent and would have driven in a lot of runs and got on base a lot in that line-up. Luckily, Cubs GM Jim Hendry fell in love with Milton Bradley and overpaid for him. Bradley is obviously a talented player, but his uncontrollable temper, piss poor attitude, frequent injuries and horrible defense was enough to make me smile about the signing at the time. About seven months later, I’m still smiling. The Brewers have not been playing great baseball, but they are still tied for the division lead with the Cardinals, largely thanks to Milton Bradley tearing down the Cubs from the inside.

Bradley’s Chicago sideshow started early with an ejection, a bumped umpire and a suspension, and it has only escalated since. In the last few weeks, his horrible production has been highlighted by a ball thrown into the stands with two outs, some nice blowups and an argument with his manager that led to Piniella asking him to take off his jersey and go home. Awesome. The best part? Bradley is probably going to be right there on the northside for two more years after this one!

So, while the Brewers have just been treading water lately and there are some serious issues that need addressing (namely starting pitching depth), at least we can take a step back, look at our friends to the south and feel a little bit better about our position. I grabbed a few quotes from Chicago news media and blogs about the Cubbies resident hothead for you all to enjoy the meltdown along with me.

  • Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune — “Is Lou Piniella’s Tough Love the Way to Handle Milton Bradley” (6/27):

Seldom has an off-season strategy blown up louder.

The Cubs should have steered around the injury-prone, volatile Bradley, but he hit so well last season in Texas (.321, 22 homers, a league-best .436 on-base percentage) that it was easy to ignore the “handle with care” label.


The Cubs aren’t going to release him. They can’t trade him. They have to fix him.

Piniella and Hendry know Bradley a lot better than the rest of us. Maybe tough love is the best recipe. But from here it looks like kicking a guy when he’s down.

  • Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune — “Milton Bradley uncomfortable with his fit on Chicago Cubs” (6/27):

But it’s too late to turn back now. Bradley is signed for the next 2 1/2 years, and he’s virtually untradeable.

  • Al at Bleed Cubbie Blue — “Milton Bradley Must Go” (6/27):

For me, I will not boo Bradley unless he makes an egregious on-field mistake (such as tossing another ball into the stands with less than three outs). I’ll cheer his positive contributions as long as he wears the blue pinstripes. I have no doubt that he wants to win and do well, very badly. The problem is: I don’t think he knows how, how to be part of a team, how to channel that passion and aggressiveness to the team.

And I will expect nothing from him. Because that’s what he has given us so far.

  • Al at Bleed Cubbie Blue — “Milton Bradley, I’m Done With You” (6/26):

Why Jim Hendry chose to sign Bradley in the face of overwhelming evidence that this was a bad idea is inexplicable.


To all those who said, “100 games of Milton Bradley is worth more than a full season of Adam Dunn“, with all due respect, in this case running the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Not one of you — not anyone — can say to me that the Cubs wouldn’t have been better off with Adam Dunn in right field up to this point in 2009, defense be damned.

  • Jason at Goatriders of the Apocalypse — “The Worst Trade Since Brock for Broglio” (6/28):

The Worst Trade since Brock for Broglio … was clearly when the Cubs traded Mark DeRosa for Milton Bradley.  I won’t listen to any arguments regarding this.  If you disagree with me, then maybe you should try reading more blogs because you’re an idiot.

  • Rob G. at The Cub Reporter — “Cubs Win, Gatorade Cooler Loses Again..Bradley Sent Home” (6/26):

Then of course, Bradley can’t buy an extra base hit when it counts to save his life and thinks the entire world is out to get him, when all they really want him to do is hit over .250 with a little pop.

  • CubbieBlue at The Cub Reporter — “Top 10 Most Embarrassing Things About the Cubs” (6/26):

#1: Milton Bradley - from bumping the ump in his first game to tossing the ball into the bleachers with only two outs (Milton’s Boner) - there isn’t alot about Milton that isn’t excruciatingly embarrassing.

  • Bullpen Brian — “Lou vs. Milton Bradley” (6/28):

What’s for certain is the Cubs’ offseason signing of Bradley was stupidity, plain and simple.

  • Harry Pavlidis at Out of the Ivy — “Bradley’s Fork in the Road” (6/28):

Still, the Cubs could release Bradley and try and swing some type of Fox-Hoffpauir-Other rotation in right.

  • Chicago Cubs Baseball — “Cubs’ Bradley Just Don’t Get It” (6/28):

If there was ever an ill fit for a baseball team or for that matter, a city, Bradley is it.  And the fact that Cubs general manager Jim Hendry was not only able to find the mis-fit, but sell it to the organization is sick genius in itself.

Five Years Since Bartman Incident

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

So, it has been five years since Steve Bartman became a scapegoat for obnoxious Cubs fans everywhere. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, but at the same time, it feels like a century ago…

Of course, we all know Alou would have never caught that ball even if Bartman never touched it, the Cubs had two innings and another freakin’ game to make up for the alleged sin, Bartman had nothing to do with the horrible error committed by Alex Gonzalez in that same inning and pretty much every fan that’s ever been to a game would have reacted the exact same way if a ball was coming towards them.

Anyway, Bartman has been in hiding pretty much ever since it happened. Every once in a while a story comes out about the incident, but few have been as good as the one that came out today in the Palm Beach Post. How can you not feel sorry for the guy? He seems like a total class act.

That doesn’t make it less funny (in that “Ah, Cubs fans really are clinically insane” way) that many Cubs fans have not let it go at all and still say “Bartman” like it’s a swear word.

This is kind of funny though (it’s censored, but probably still not safe for work):

P.S. the above video will make more sense if you’ve seen THIS and THIS before. They are also NSFW.

In the News (9/24)

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Today’s Game: Brewers 4, Pirates 2
Record: 87-71
Wild Card: Tied with the Mets

Today’s Game


(If you’re not familiar with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I recommend you check it out)

- The Brewers win, the Mets lose. It’s all tied up. Four games. Winner takes the Wild Card!

- CC is an absolute beast. He went seven innings and only allowed one run tonight while striking out 11. And it was on short rest. He is now 10-2 with a 1.78 ERA as a Brewer and is the reason the Brewers are still in this race. He could pitch again Sunday on short rest if the Brewers need him. In fact, he says, “If it matters, I want to pitch.” We’ll be there giving CC a well-deserved standing ovation, no matter what happens.

- Don’t look now, but Gagne has been pretty good lately… He pitched another scoreless inning tonight.

- You might have noticed something new about the Brewers since Sveum took over. They actually can play some fundamental baseball. They don’t have to hit a home run to score. Bunts, stolen bases, walks, sac flies… They’re not the Twins or anything, but it’s nice to see a few manufactured runs once in a while.

Brewers News

- OK, Brewers, now that you have won my faith over again in a season that’s turning into quite the roller coaster of emotions, please, please, please don’t fall short of the postseason. It’s great that you’re playing meaningful baseball in late September, but let’s take this thing into October now!

- But hey, even if the Brewers return to their less-than-clutch ways from earlier this month, there’s always the “one-game choke-off” with the Mets, right?

- Amazingly, Yovanni Gallardo will start tomorrow. Gallardo tore his ACL on May 1. Less than five months later, he’s back and ready to contribute in the most important game of his young career. Yo will be on a strict pitch count (70) and will likely only go four innings or so, but it has to be a huge moral boost for the team to see Gallardo back so soon. I can’t wait to see him throw. More HERE.

- Sheets on the other hand might not pitch again during the regular season. Sveum is being a little wishy-washy on Sheets’ status saying he’s “very optimistic” Sheets could start this week and then saying “it would take some small miracle” in the next sentence. Huh?

- Trenni and Erin Andrews have outfits that look awfully similar to each other. The Daily Drink asks “Who wears it better?”

- This New York Post columnist says another Mets choke job would be “two much to take.” How about a postseason without any New York teams?

- Apparently, there’s a lot of rain in the forecast for NY so it could make for some interesting scenarios as the Wild Card race comes down to the wire.

- Have to slip this in somewhere… Thank you Cubs. I never thought I’d be rooting for you, but you came up big tonight for the Crew. Now, beat the Mets tomorrow and feel free to tank the last three games of the season…

Minor Leagues

- For a lot of in-depth reaction and info surrounding the Brewers affiliation with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, check out this great Timber Rattler fan site: Rattler Radio. (Note: It’s now been pointed out to me that the site is not exactly a fan site, it’s actually run by Timber Rattlers broadcaster Chris Mehring, which means there is even more inside insight. Nice.)

NL Central

- Will Lou Piniella retire following this season?

- Cubs fans have a strange way of celebrating a division championship…

Other News

- Barry Bonds is in the news again. And he still might face jail time for lying to a federal grand jury.

- In other steroid-related news, Roger Clemens looks like Uncle Joey’s puppet. (Hat tip to Deadspin)

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