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Claudi-ohhh Really?

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008


In a fairly surprising move, Claudio Vargas, who has had an impressive Spring, was released by the Brewers today. The emergence of Manny “Rammy” Parra gave way to the outright release of the Veteran. We all know Vargas will find a spot somewhere and quick. That’s not the issue. The issue is should the Brewers have released him. If the Brewers keep him for half the year then they have to try and fit him in a deal (which probably wouldn’t have happened) or try to pass him through waivers (which wouldn’t have worked anyway). On the other side, Manny Parra shouldn’t be sent down for his good Spring and he seems to give the Brewers a better chance to win. It was a tough position for the Brewers, but they must have felt they weren’t going to end the year with him and they weren’t going to get anything for him. I had a similar feeling of uneasiness with not trying Tomo Ohka again in 2007, but it turned out to be the right answer as Ohka, now in the White Sox system, has been passed around the minors. I would have felt a lot better getting at least something for the guy.

Brewers, Vargas avoid arbitration

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Claudio Vargas

Vargas signed a $3.6 million, one-year deal with the club, a big raise from his $2.5 million contract last season. More on the signing HERE and HERE.

Hardy, Bush and Capuano are the last three Brewers who are arbitration eligible and not signed. The arbitration hearings are in February if the team and the remaining three players don’t reach an agreement.

Vargas is a prime candidate to be traded and his $3.6 million contract should be pretty attractive for a team looking for an effective fourth or fifth starter. Network Member

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