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Notes: Is Macha the Man?

Sunday, October 26th, 2008
  • Eli at Eli’s MLB Rumors is reporting that an NL executive says the Brewers have picked Ken Macha as the team’s next manager. If true, I applaud the choice. I think he’s the best available candidate. The Brewers will announce the hiring (whether it’s Macha or someone else) after the World Series is over. 

Update: Haudricourt agrees that it looks like Macha is likely the choice.

Update II: The NY Post thinks it’s Macha too:

The perception has been that Bob Brenly is the frontrunner to become the Brewers’ manager. But a person familiar with the process said Brenly’s interview did not go that well and that former A’s manager Ken Macha is now considered the leading candidate. Willie Randolph is the third person currently being considered for the job. He is well liked by Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin and his interview apparently went well. In addition - surprisingly - he has received strong endorsements from Mets officials. Of course, if Randolph is hired by the Brewers some of the $2.25 million the Mets still owe him for 2009 would be removed, which could be a good reason for Met officials to be so positive about Randolph.


  • Cecil Fielder continues to drag his feud with Prince out into the public:

“Me and Prince just ain’t talking,” Fielder said yesterday. “We can’t ever be estranged. I’m his father; he’s my son. I gave that boy every opportunity to become who he is today. At some point, he’s going to realize he’s got some great people in his corner. People that are pulling for him.”

It’s sad that it’s come to what it has, but I’m not sure what Cecil gains by making comments publicly about the feud. Prince has not commented on it at all for some time. Hopefully they can work it out at some point and the story ends well.


  • The relationship between the Nashville Sounds and the city of Nashville continue to deteriorate. This situation will be one to watch closely…


  • ZiPs Projections for the Brewers for the 2009 season are available now. The offense looks to be in good shape, but they could definitely use a third baseman.

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