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Morning Ramble - 12/4

Friday, December 4th, 2009

There really hasn’t been much to report yet…but here’s some of the updates from the past week:

The Brewers are reportedly interested in Greg Zaun. I think he’d make a great addition and has been undervalued almost everywhere. Like I said before, I’d also be cool with Yorvit Torrealba, but Zaun is probably cheaper and will put up similar stats.

Lots of teams are interested in Ben Sheets and Mike Cameron. Every other day on ESPN rumors or other sites, there’s another team showing interest in one of those guys and who can blame them.

By the way, the miss noticed that Mike Cameron was 4th in almost every offensive category for the Brewers last year. Felipe Lopez was often third in those categories. Both players were NOT even offered arbitration.

Some posters on the JSonline site apparently believe that Randy Wolf has signed a three year deal with the Brewers and that this would be a good thing. I don’t believe it is at all. Randy Wolf had arguably his best year pitching in the cavern that is Dodger stadium. He also has only thrown over 200 innings for one year in the past five (last year…a contract year) so this year he’s looking for a multi-year deal. I think Wolf coming to Milwaukee has bad deal written all over it.

That said, it’s really sad but he is one of the better names on the market. I don’t know…it just reminds me of the Jeff Suppan signing. Wolf’s numbers overall are slightly better than Suppan’s were when he signed so I guess it could be worse than Wolf…I just don’t want to get into another long contract that was overpriced based on the lack of talent in the free agent pool and because the player had a surprisingly strong showing the previous year. I still would pass if he wants 9 million +.

Two “under the radar” players I want the Brewers to be interested in: Noah Lowry and Jamey Carroll. Feel free to post your own.

Winter meetings next week…woo!

Morning Ramble - 11/24

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Not much…just a catch up in case you haven’t heard and/or you’d like to discuss with Joe, Kade, Scottage, Jon K, Brewerfever, or myself.

The Brewers re-signed Chris Capuano. Not a big deal now, but he’s got to get back to pitching sometime, right? By the way, my brother is very excited about this because he has a Capuano shirt. He also has a Sabathia shirt. We’ve been giving him guff that any player he promotes leaves the team. We’re thinking of buying a Suppan shirt for him for Christmas.

The Brewers are reportedly interested in ANYTHING THAT PITCHES. The following list are starting pitchers that have been named in rumors that the Brewers have interest in: Carl Pavano, Jarrod Washburn, John Lackey, Mark Mulder, Edwin Jackson, Randy Wolf, John Smoltz, Doug Davis, Todd Wellemeyer, Derek Lowe, Ben Sheets, and Javier Vasquez. Did I miss any starters?

Going with the ANYTHING THAT PITCHES trend, the Brewers signed John “The Llama” Halama.

The Brewers also went statutory and signed a 16 year old Shortstop from the Dominican named Santo Aybar.

Morning Ramble - 11/6

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Now that the Yankees have finally won their damm World Series, and who didn’t see that one coming? (I love how all the news outlets are saying “Their first since all the way back in 2000″), we can finally get to some fun rumors and player movement.

I haven’t updated the MR because I’m at a conference in Minneapolis. BUT I heard a rumor here and I had to post it, so here it is: J.J. Hardy to the Twins for Glen Perkins if the O-Dawg doesn’t re-sign. I checked it out and ESPN and MSN rumors have it as well.

Also, the Brewers are waiting to see if Felipe is a Type-A or Type-B free agent before they re-sign him. If they do end up wanting to re-sign him, it will be interesting to see if he takes it knowing Rickie will have the starting role in spring.It will also be interesting, because a trade involving Rickie suddenly is on the table. However, the Brewers will probably want him in a Craig Counsell-like role and I still believe he will be very expensive for that.

Yahoo Sports noted that Washburn might be headed back to Seattle anyway. and Jon Garland’s option was declined by LA and I hope the Brewers take an extended look at him.

Finally, Tim Lincecum’s weird hair finally makes sense.

Is Mahk Moda Coming to the Brewers?

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Since Rick Peterson has joined aboard the good ship Brewers, there has been a lot of recent speculation about the Brewers having interest in Mark Mulder.

I think this is what the Bionic Commando looked like after you lost...

Mulder was an ace in Oakland, but hasn’t recorded an ERA under 7.00 since 2005 due mostly to injury.

I think that the Brewers can’t afford to have yet another Cardinals cast-off and if they’re interested in high injury-risks, they should look at Ben Sheets instead of Mulder. Both pitchers, however, are not what the Brewers need.

Brewmors - Cards Were Swept Edition

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

This is interesting: believes that Mat Gamel is definately on the block. Just a couple months ago, he was untouchable. So now you have to figure that the Brewers would trade J.J. Hardy, Rickie Weeks, Casey McGehee, and Mat Gamel for pitching.

Ooooh, you're totally gonna put me on the block? Not cool, brah

Also, since the Brewers seem to go after Cardinals Cast-Offs, the Cards have many players that will be free agents. The Cards will probably go after Holliday, but they still have DeRosa, Pinero, Smoltz, LaRue, and Wellemeyer. Honestly, I don’t want the Brewers to go after any of those players except maybe DeRosa (but he’ll be overpaid this offseason).

By the way, I enjoyed seeing the Cards get swept in the first round. I know that maybe I’m supposed to root for the NL Central, but I guess I’m still angry. The Dodgers seem to own the NL Central in the playoffs.

Rick Peterson, the Pitching Coach that helped bring us Oakland’s original big 3, said Milwaukee is on the top of his list.

Melvin’s End-of-Season Media Blitz

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Doug Melvin had his year-end press conference then he went on 620 with Bill Michaels…some highlights of both:

- Melvin basically said Braun and Prince won’t be traded. On 620, Michaels asked if they were going to look into locking up Prince and Melvin said something to the effect of when we have those discussions, it will be quiet like how we approached Trevor about an extension. Does this mean that Melvin will talk huge extension with Boras this offseason???

- Probably not, because right after that he said that he wants to figure out pitching before position players

- That included decisions on Mike Cameron, Jason Kendall, and Craig Counsell he said on 620.

- He said that keeping both J.J. and Escobar would be “very difficult”, which Haudricourt basically believes (and I agree) means “OPEN MARKET ON HARDY”

- Lopez and Weeks were brought up. Listen up, everyone…no matter how many message boards you read or sports talk shows you listen to, Rickie Weeks ISN’T moving to the outfield. Rickie is considered the second base starter right now. Lopez might fall into that group of players that Melvin won’t decide on until some pitching is figured out.

- Finally, Melvin very bluntly said that the Brewers were looking to get two starting pitchers.

Melvin will also be on 620 tomorrow morning for his last Brewers 360 of the year where he will probably rehash all of this…but maybe there will be some new news

Strong Finish to Stoke the Hot Stove

Monday, October 5th, 2009

It was real nice to sweep the Cards, even though their fate was already decided. Prince finished his season starting in all 162 games, tied Howard for most RBI’s, and mashed Coop’s record. Gamel got a hit off of a lefty for an RBI. There are some things to look forward to. Let’s check some other news as we prepare for a Brewer-less playoffs, but an important winter.

- Macha and Co. coming back, minus the Bos and the bullpen coach. I think Wille might jet to a managerial job.

- Trevor Time? It’s been reported that the Brewers are already close to another deal with the all-time saves leader.

- Will Pitching Woes turn into Pitching! Woah!?

- Will J.J. be traded? Rickie? Hart? Prince? (First one is possible, second one is slightly possible, and the third one I hope doesn’t happen)

- Will the Brewers re-sign any of their free agents?

- What will the Brewers do in the outfield?

- What will happen to Soup and Loop if the Brewers pick up new starters?

Feel free post your burning questions/thoughts and we’ll keep an eye out for you. Brewmors should be returning.

In the News (1/7)

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

The Newest Name on the Brewers Hot Stove

The Newest Name on the Brewers Hot Stove

Brewers News

- Rumors are buzzing today about Trevor Hoffman and the Brewers. The last time they signed an aging closer, it didn’t work out well. However, Hoffman is a completley different kind of pitcher so it could work (but the fact that he closed in PETCO for the most part doesn’t help his argument either).

- As of late Thursday Night, 68% of JSOnline voters believe that Trevor Hoffman is the answer at closer for the Brewers.

- Bernie’s Crew invited the 6 families…er Blogs…together for a 6 Pack Roundtable. Some main talking points: Bernie’s Crew doesn’t think much is going to happen so McClung or Villa should vie for the closers role and Oliver Perez might be this years Kyle Lohse. Brew Crew Ball wants a back up infielder and thinks the Brewers should look at Chuck James, Odalis Perez, or Rodrigo Lopez as their 5th starter. Brew Town Beat thinks Melvin will pull a Thompson and do nothing, but maybe hit up some “under the rader” type guys. The Bucky Channel wants a lot of things including bringing back Durham, Sheets, and Shouse. Chuckie Hacks is more simplistic in their wants; they want bullpen help and a back up infielder. Finally, we…well…you already know what we want (Sheets, Looper, Lyons, and Dunn).

- Speaking of Packs, the Brewers 9 pack will go on sale Friday and will include opening day tickets.

- Brew Crew Ball talks (almost) worst case scenario for Sheets->He would go to the Yankees and we would get a 4TH ROUND PICK ONLY for his departure. With Andy Pettitte turning down the Yankees, it’s possible…

- It’s rumored that three teams are interested in Kapler and that the Brewers are none of them. I think most of Milwaukee has a man-crush on Gabe and is saddened by this news.

- Here’s a look at what the 2009 draft would be if it were to take place today. The Brewers would have numbers 27, 37, and 66.

- I’m pretty sure this is insider, but Olney has 10 things for fans to keep an eye on. Just in case it is insider only here’s a couple nuggets: Olney is interested in seeing how much Howard and Prince will get. He also thinks that whoever loses out on Manny will be after Dunn and Abreu and the Brewers should get in the bidding for Garland.

Minor Leagues

- Bernie’s Crew talks about  aptly named Brent Brewer.

- Good News: Pitcher Zach Braddock should be OK after his procedure and won’t need Tommy John on top of it after all.

- Can you sing? Greer Stadium in Nashville is looking for National Anthem Singers. I would sign up Johnny’s hip hop alter ego.

NL Central

- Jason Marquis officially got sent to the Rockies. Hendry said that he felt Gaudin and Samardzija will be quality starters and that this move wasn’t a payroll cutback. Mmhmm.

- The Cubs new owner should be made official soon. Really. It’s coming this time. Isn’t it?

- This was supposed to be funny, but I could actually see someone making and selling these:

- The Reds signed Jerry Hairston Jr. A glorified backup.

Other News

- Beyond the Box Score wonders what’s going on with Chad Cordero? That’s a name that I wouldn’t mind seeing if the Brewers can’t land anyone else in the bullpen by Spring Training.

- Quick Hitters: JC Romero was caught performance enhancing, Carl Pavano is going to the Tribe (underrated pick up), Giambi is going back to the A’s, and the Nationals keep lowering their standards but no one is drunk enough to go home with them.

Reports: Brewers Close to Acquiring Looper

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

ESPN Rumors and the Boston Globe have reported that the Brewers are close to signing former Cardinal Braden Looper, despite the Orioles also still being reportedly interested. Looper was a reliever for most of his career, saving over 100 games and having an ERA of 3.58. In 2007, LaRussa put Looper in his starting rotation. As a starter for two years, he made an average of over 30 starts a year while going 24-26 with a 4.50 ERA.

As I stated in the Free Agent Roundtable, Looper is a very interesting option because he could be used as a closer; a role he has had more success in. However, if he will be used as a starter, he is already quite similar to a pitcher who is already in the rotation and has had limited success to put it nicely (Jeff Suppan). More information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Melvin has said that while the Brewers are interested in Looper, they are not close to a deal.

RFB Offseason Roundtable - Winter Meetings

Friday, December 12th, 2008

This Week’s Topic: How was Winter Meetings Week for you?

Joe -

This year’s Winter Meetings, for me, were…well…fine. That’s it. My emotions never got “down” and they certainly didn’t get high.

I’m sure many fans are pretty upset about losing CC, but my reaction to that is “what did you expect?” Sure, there was definitely a part of me that was really hoping he’d sign, but I knew better. Discounts are very few and far between in Major League Baseball. I’ll always be a CC fan. P.S. I fricking hate the Yankees. More on that later.

I don’t really have much of an opinion on the likely trade of Cameron for Melky Cabrera that gained a lot of speed towards the end of the Meetings. I think a straight one-for-one trade is good for the Brewers, but I agree it may mean the Brewers are looking past this year. Cameron is hands down the better option in center this coming year, but Melky has great upside and could be huge for the Brewers in the not-so-distant future. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Melvin can manage to make Hall part of the deal and get Ian Kennedy. I don’t see the Brewers getting Philip Hughes, but that would be great in my opinion.

I’m hoping Melvin can manage to get the pieces necessary for the Brewers to again be competitive this year. We’ll just have to sit back and see what happens. As for right now, I’m remaining level headed and patient.

Jared -

The Winter Meeting Week has sort of been like middle school for me. My body (or, in this case, team) is changing rapidly and I’m not sure what to expect. My voice is changing (Ned Yost to Ken Macha). My old friends (Sheets, Gagne, Shouse, Torres) are leaving only to be replaced by new, less reliable friends (Julio, Swindle, Melky Cabrera?). I was dating the hottest girl in school (CC Sabathia) and I thought things were getting serious, but when I asked her to go steady (contract offer) she cut me loose for that douchebag with money (New York Yankees). My dad (Doug Melvin) says everything will be fine and that I should try going after the older, more experienced girls (Smoltz, Johnson, Wolf, Moyer), but I don’t think I have much of a chance with them either. They’ve been flirting with the trendy guys with the flashy Trapper Keepers (West coast/East coast teams). It feels like I’ll never be kissed again (Wild Card), much less get handsy (division title) or do the things I’ve really been thinking about (World Series). But, hey, things could be worse (I could be a Cubs fan…). And at least I’m not that smelly kid sitting in the corner that everyone makes fun of (Pittsburgh Pirates).

OK, so that’s not exactly what the Winter Meetings week has been like for me and I really just took that convoluted illustration way, way, way too far (and, trust me, this awkward kid definitely never got any kind of middle school action), but you get the point… It’s been a frustrating week. I can see that Melvin and company are working towards something, but I’m not sure what it is and I’m not sure I like it at this point. I’ll give management the benefit of the doubt for now though and say I hope/expect some significant activity from the Crew in the coming weeks.

Bryan -

Winter meetings week is usually fun, what with all the tossing around of names and destinations. For awhile it was fun. I was constantly checking the every rumor blog update site I could find.

One thing that has really brought me back to reality this week was that almost every big name can be traced back to New York. I almost forgot what it was like to have New York absolutely DOMINATE major league free agency, but now I remember…it blows for those who don’t get the YES network.

As far as the Brewers go, I appreciate the offer they gave to C.C. We all knew it probably wasn’t going to happen; we’re used to it. I’ll still be a C.C. fan, just not a Yankee one. I’m sad to see him go, but he did more than we could have asked in the short time he was around. I’m actually worried for him, that he might fall apart like Alex Rodriguez and I honestly hope that doesn’t happen to the guy. He deserves better.

The Cameron/Cabrera rumor that popped up was an interesting one. I’d like to keep Cam; I think he’s a great with the Brewers’ young outfielders, but you can’t deny it’s interesting to think about having another young outfielder who has proven he can play in the largest media market to some extent and the Brewers could have him until 2013 if they wanted. That said, I’m glad it hasn’t gone down especially with the Bill Hall, Kei Igawa, Brewers picking up Cam’s tab rumors. C’mon Yankees…you’re going to spend a quarter of a billion dollars this offseason! What’s a measley ten million more? It’s like we say at the bar, if you’re gonna go…go all out!

The fact that I’m talking more about the Yankees than the Brewers can tell you how the Winter Meetings went down this week. Now I can get back to my regularly scheduled offseason.

Tyler -

The four-plus day span that was my Winter Meetings week to this point was OK. I woke up early like an overgrown and out-of-shape child on Christmas day to read the latest news, views and speculation on what teams were up to, who would sign where and how the chips fell. As you might be aware, I used my four consecutive days of 20-hour conciousness to scribe numerous up-to-date posts on both this fine Web site and HERE. I was so preoccupied that I thrice forgot to shave and subconciously weened self gratification to am almost prudish 5-6 times a day. The week was like one long religious holiday, except one for intelligent people who invested their interest in something worthwhile.

As far as the Brewers go, what can be said? I expected CC to go, and vowed to be happy for him no matter where he decided. His choice of the Yankees is a bit tougher to swallow than, say, any non-Cubs franchise, but I would’ve done the same thing if I had any flash of skill at a valued task. In all, I’m just happy to officially know his destiny so the Brewers front office can move on in their quest to field a decent team. I love the Todd Coffey signing, like the Eduardo Morlan Rule 5 pickup, feel numb and bored just thinking about the Mike Lamb re-sign, and - in all - feel like the groundwork has been placed for a modest signing and/or huge trade in the coming days,weeks or month.

In terms of feelings, I am sad that moments after this is posted, the Brewers will likely trade Mike Cameron and this thing I spent like 12 minutes writing will be stale and outdated. But, as is the case in almost every time wasting thing I choose to do in my unfufilling existence, I’m still happy I was involved… and that I probably did better than Jared. Lolz.

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