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ESPN’s Law Ranks Prospects for the Brewers

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

This is Keith Law’s prospect rankings for the Brewers Organization

1. Brett Lawrie, 2B
2. Alcides Escobar, SS
3. Eric Arnett, RHP
4. Kyle Heckathorn, RHP
5. Jon Lucroy, C
6. Wily Peralta, RHP
7. Lorenzo Cain, CF
8. Jake Odorizzi, RHP
9. Kentrail Davis, LF
10. Zach Braddock, LHP

A couple things I find interesting:

  1. Brett Lawrie is ranked ahead of Alcides. This was surprising and when reading why he chose this order, he seemed to downgrade Escobar because of the lack of pop in his bat. This might be why more people choose Baseball America
  2. No Chronic-Crazed RHP by the name of Jeremy Jeffress on the list…man, how his stock has fallen.
  3. Speaking of falling stock, no Angel Salome either
  4. I’m excited for the possibility of a Heckathorn and Arnett in the rotation
  5. I think it’s funny how some people LOVE Kentrail Davis and some people think he’s overrated. This year will be more telling.
  6. Wait…wait…fans of the T-Rats will be wondering where Cody Scarpetta is…You have to love the Appleton fans love of Scarpface.

Lawrie Promoted to Huntsville

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Brett Lawrie, who Milwaukee selected in the first round of the 2008 draft, has reportedly been promoted to double-A Huntsville. The Canadian catcher-turned-second baseman clubbed 13 HR and 65 RBI in 105 games with the Timber Rattlers this season - his first season in the minors.

Interestingly, Lawrie totally bypassed (A-Advaced) Brevard County in his promotion.

Mike Brownstein was promoted from Helena to take Lawrie’s roster spot.

Brett Lawrie’s Sister Has a Mean Hook

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

You mess with Brett Lawrie, you answer to his sister, Danielle, a pitcher for the University of Washington softball team and a previous member of Canada’s Olympic softball team.

Here’s an excerpt from a Seattle Times article on Danielle Lawrie:

First, you should hear about The Punch. To understand the competitive ferocity that makes Danielle Lawrie a nearly unhittable pitcher, go back to when she was 9 years old and protecting her little brother, Brett.

At the community pool one day, Brett swam toward his sister, crying, complaining that some boys were pestering him. Danielle asked who, Brett pointed to the ring leader, and she walked over to her brother’s tormentor and punched him in the face. All swimmers had to clear the pool because of the blood.

“It’s great you’re sticking up for your brother,” her father told her that day, “but we need to talk about how to channel your emotions.”

Thirteen years later, Danielle laughs at the memory, bats her blue eyes and says, “Don’t worry. I haven’t punched anyone since, and I don’t plan on it.”

Her brother doesn’t need the help anymore. He’s a 6-foot, 200-pound catcher whom new Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik drafted in the first round for the Milwaukee Brewers a year ago.

OK, so it was a few years ago… I still wouldn’t mess with him.

In the News (4/8)

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Corey Hart Was Solid Defensively in Tuesday's Loss

Last Game: Brewers 6, Giants 10
Record: 0-1

Opening Day

- The Brewers lost their first opening game since 2003 as both teams showed problems in the pitching department. The team’s offense tried keeping pace, but the pitchers couldn’t stop giving up runs. Even though reigning Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum was chased early, Jeff Suppan gave up 6 runs in 4 innings of work and the Giants showed power that they never had last year by getting 12 hits, including 3 home runs (Randy Winn got a home run? Are you kidding me?)

- On the positive side, Rickie and Cam had a  real good start to the season. With four walks, is this a new Macha-fied or more patient Mike Cameron or is it an aberration?

- On the negative side, the pitching fears held by fans in Brewer Nation came to fruition. Every pitcher gave up at least one run today.

- Here’s recaps from MLB, JSOnline, and ESPN.

- Quote of the Day:

“That wasn’t very pretty,” Macha said. “By my count, there were 13 walks and four hit batters. We had 20 baserunners and only got five runs. If you told me we’d get Lincecum out of the game in the third, I’d be feeling pretty good. We just didn’t pitch very well.”

Brewers News

- In “It’s a Better Idea Than Leading Off With Mike Cameron” News, JJ and Corey have officially swapped spots in the batting order as seen in today’s game. If you want to read funny knee-jerk reactions, read the comments at the bottom of the story.

- Here’s an interview by with Cory Provous on the eve of the regular season. As much as I enjoyed Jim Powell, Cory’s been doing a good job learning and has really helped me get over it.

- After today’s performance, I don’t think too many people care about Soup’s Nutrition help.

- Casey McGehee was interviewed by his hometown newspaper and said that making the team was a dream come true.

- Prince is the cover athlete for Take2’s “The Bigs 2″.

- A short tale about a man who was so much more for a day..he was a racing hot dog!

Minor Leagues

- Brett Christopherson of the Appleton PC interviewed Cutter Dysktra and Brett Lawrie.

- Sports Bubbler also talks to Cutter Dykstra and Brett Lawrie.

- Speaking of the T-Rats, here’s their starting rotation!

NL Central

- NL Central Wrap Up: The Cards (1-1) beat the Pirates (1-1) 9-7, The Cubs (1-1) lost in extras against the Astros (1-1), and Cincinnati had the day off

- I think this is kinda funny. A power ranking after the first day. Perhaps it’s a biting social commentary on the triviality of power rankings in a long season.

Other News

- Major League is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. and the Ueck probably has still never seen it…

- Kevin Mench is sucking, just like the latest Shrek movies.

CLASSIC!!! In the World Baseball Sense…

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Rosters have just been finalized for the 2009 World Baseball Classic, and five Brewers have survived cuts. No real surprises, but here’s the breakdown.

USA: Ryan Braun

Canada: Brett Lawrie, Adam Stern

Italy: Vinny Rottino, Mark DiFelice

Former Brewers Corey Koskie and Chris Barnwell will also suit up for Canada; Henry Blanco will catch for Venezuela and the recently cut Ramiro Mendoza (after not being capable to qualify for a minor league roster spot) will represent Panama.

Keep up to date on how Brewers player perform throughout the World BaseballClassic at RFB. And for those of you who have a rooting interest for Rottino, DiFelice and the rest of the Italian team… or a hankering for tired stereotypes that tip-toe the line of acceptability, I’ll be covering Italy’s (likely short) WBC stint at Bugs & Cranks for some reason.

Play ball!

In the News (12/31)

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Brewers News

- Winter League update from Brew Crew Ball.

- Matt Gamel had an interview last May while in Huntsville. Check it out. That channel on Youtube also has Angel Salome, Ryan Braun, and Jeremy Jeffress.

- Newly Drafted Brett Lawrie won Canada’s Langley Advance’s Sport Personality of the year.

- Bernie’s Crew profiles Lee Haydel. They see him as a C+ prospect.

Rumors and Speculation

- Brew Crew Ball says that the Brewers are paying close attention to Mark Mulder. I really hope if they’re paying attention to this injury prone pitcher, that they are still paying attention to a certain Ben Sheets.

- Are the Brewers getting a Sunday Night game on Fox? The Twins may have leaked the answer.

- We’re not sure how interested the Brewers were in him, but Brian Fuentes seems to be going to the Angels.

NL Central

- Cubs might send Jason Marquis for former Brewer Luis Vizcaino. Sean Marshall is predicted to step into his spot in the rotation. Fun stat note: Vizcaino has a 6.61 ERA in Wrigley.

Other News

- Orioles are considering Richie Sexson.

- Claudio Vargas was signed by the Dodgers for 400K.

It’s Just Johnny.

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008


Hello loyal readers, I regretfully inform you that there will be no Heckler this week. I had a loss in the family, and I just don’t feel very funny or spiteful. And I didn’t really want to force anything. So I will give you a few takes, and be on my way.

 First off, I am really amped about the Brewers/Rattlers deal. I can’t wait to run on the field during a game and personally give Brett Lawrie and invite to my bi-weekly keggers. Brett, I wanna party with you. I can already picture us being Beer Pong teamies, doing shotguns off my back porch, and running down to the Gold Nugget to do some Canadian Car Bombs. Or Jagerbombs!  Then, whilst nursing brutal hangovers, we can cut firewood together.  


A couple of tomcats doing some pre-clubbin



 And as if Prince Fielder had been reading our blog, he comes thru last night in the biggest way. What a game! I don’t ever remember being that jacked up after a walk-off tater. It was perfect timing, too. Maybe that can be the catalyst, perhaps with this mojo; they can pull their heads out of their doodie holes and make a run. Even if it is too little – too late, at the very least it will be something from September to recall fondly.

 I am kind of surprised to see Carsten pitching again on 3 days rest. Hopefully it works out well for the Brewers. Speaking of which, it’s almost game time. Stay tuned for the next Heckler coming at you.

Brewers, Lawrie Agree to Terms

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Nearly two months after the draft the Brewers have agreed to terms with first round selection (No. 16 overall) Brett Lawrie.

The 18-year-old Canadian catcher, who is the earliest draft pick in Canadian history, is fresh off a triple crown showing in the World Junior Baseball Championship where he picked up the Top Hitter Award (.469 BA), the Home Runs Award (3) and Award for the Most RBI in the Tournament (16). He will not play in the Brewers farm system this season and will instead compete in the Beijing Olympic Summer Games as a member of the Canadian team.

With Lawrie coming to terms with the club, the Brewers have managed to sign every player they’ve selected between the first and 22nd round. All but 19 of the 52 total draft picks have been inked.

Lawrie’s signing never seemed too unlikely, but it’s good to have the team’s primary selection locked in as the deadline to sign draws closer. The club is obviously high on Lawrie, and I’m sure many a Brewer fan can’t wait to track his progress through the minors en route to the show.

Insomniac Ink