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Roster Decisions - Take 1

Thursday, September 10th, 2009 had a story about some of the roster decisions for 2010 since this year has been a bust (or an EPIC FAIL). Here’s what I think might happen to some of the current Brewers and why. Feel free to add your takes:


Option on David Weathers for 3.7 Mil - Let him go to free agency or retire. It’s a lot of money to spend on an old reliever who couldn’t get too many people out in Milwaukee this year.

Mutual Option on Braden Looper for 6.5 Mil - Bring him back. Braden’s been a pretty good innings eater…he’s basically what I thought Suppan would be. Plus, here’s the worst-case scenario: You sign an upper level starting pitcher and you put Braden back in the pen where he’s had all kinds of sucess earlier in his career. Also, he then becomes an emergency starter which as you saw this year, is always helpful.

Free Agents:

Mike Cameron - Make a big push to sign him. His leadership and defensive ability is worth it and he still has some pop and speed. I know he disappointed in 08, but he’s done well enough in 09. Plus, who else do you have? As long as he isn’t over 12 large, he should be a Brewer.

Jason Kendall - Goodbye, and thanks for helping our young pitchers. I am in the minority by still believing that Kendall was a good pick up. He helped our young pitching staff and he always busted his a$$. I also believe he has made Mike Rivera into a better game caller. That said, I don’t think it makes sense to bring him back.

Felipe Lopez - Even though he was awesome at getting on base and was possibly the most underrated move of the mid-year, Felipe’s going to be too expensive. Also, the last time he got paid, he hit .245 the next year. I’d like to keep him as a Craig Counsell like player, but he’s going to be too expensive for that.

Craig Counsell - He’s had an amazing year and I have done a 180 on him, but this excellent year might be Craig’s swan song. It also seems that pitchers have figured out the holes in his new swing. The Brewers should feel free to let him go out on top, but if there are a lot of injuries, I’m pretty sure he isn’t a long distance call.

Frank Catalanotto - Frank was a great veteran presence off the bench for the outfield and I’d like him to stay a Brewer. I think he will be re-signed since he’s a left handed outfield bat and the Brewers need a strong backup.

Corey Patterson - Meh…he could have been something, but Corey can be someone else’s reclamation project. There’s an off chance that he will be signed to a minor league deal in the offseason.

Trevor Hoffman - What an amazing year Trevor Hoffman had as a Brewer! He showed San Diego that you still had a lot in the tank (but Heath Bell showed that he deserved the job too). I’d like to keep Hoffman a Brewer, but he’s probably either going to garner too much money/attention or he’s going to retire.

Claudio Vargas - Even though Clardo was the pitcher no one wanted, he was an above average reliever during the second half. I’d give him a shot, but it wouldn’t be for much money. After abusing the arms of Todd Coffey and Mark DiFelice this year, a righty who didn’t pitch too many innings might be nice to have.

Let’s Make a Deal (of Some Kind)

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Whether you take a half empty view of the Milwaukee Brewers who have lost 15 of 22 or a half full view of a team who, though struggling of late, still sits a mere four games from the NL Central driver’s seat - one thing is apparent… the Brewers need to make a trade.

A week ago, certain awesome Web sites were buzzing with mention of Milwaukee’s interest in Roy Halladay. At worst, Doug Davis or Erik Bedard seemed possible targets of an above .500 and Wild Card contending team. This past weekend found the Brewers dropping two games to Atlanta; suddenly Jarrod Washburn floated into the picture. And with the month that was(n’t) in Brewers baseball encapsulated in Monday’s embarrassing 14-6 bedshitting against the laughable Nationals, selling may seem a better option if trades are to be made.

I don’t intend my use of that nasty word “sell” we’ve all been introduced to during our purgatories lives as Brewers fans to indicate I personally want to sell parts and gear up for next season. I still think the team is a small part or two short of making some noise and knocking on the division’s door - and the acquisition of Felipe Lopez proves Milwaukee’s front office wants to address that. But I do admit the prospect of, well, prospects is crossing my mind a bit more of late. 

I for one am glad Melvin and Co. seem to have backed off the Roy Halladay bidding war. Based on reports of Toronto’s bartering with Philadelphia, it’s not a transaction worth Milwaukee (or anyone) getting into. But beyond the anti-Halladay sentiment I know I possess, I teeter ever more on the fence of wanting the Brewers to remain “buyers” or become “sellers” with every lost series.

Smart Shoppers
• If a 4th place team who intends to start Carlos Villanueva (IN AN ACTUAL GAME IN LATE JULY) intends to add a pitcher, you can be sure it probably won’t be one of astonishing variety. Jarrod Washburn is about the biggest name I’d expect to float in to town, but I don’t even expect that kind of name.

• Oakland’s Justin Duchscherer should be rehabbed and ready to pitch within two weeks. He earns under $2M this season, will be a free agent after this season (Type B possibly?) and can reportedly be had for “a modest prospect”. The risk of trading for a player coming off injury is certainly there, but losing a “modest prospect” to get a cheap No. 2 or 3-caliber rental could be a rewarding move.

• Lure Paul Byrd or Kenny Rogers out of retirement. What’s that? Kenny Rogers isn’t retired!?! Oh. Keep an eye out for some recently waived or newly-retired pitcher to join Milwaukee in its pennant race. I don’t see it as likely, but The Moustache’s milkshake has managed to bring many a retired boy to the yard before.

Buyer Beware
• When names like Mike Burns and (pukes while crying) Carlos Villanueva are being scribbled on lineup cards, names like Jarrod Washburn, Doug Davis and Carl Pavano suddenly look a lot better. But deep down, you know these guys aren’t good pitchers and eventually the marvelous carriage that is their suddenly average pitching skill will revert to its true rotten pumpkin/bloated salaried self. Is it these pitchers you want? Or rather, is it the random change giving the illusion of helping a team that you crave? JARROD WASHBURN IS NOT GOOD. Trust me.

• A little known fact about the process of trading: Both teams involved in a trade must surrender something of value to the other team. Though the Brewers may inexplicably harbor interest in any or all of the aforementioned pitchers, so may many other teams - thus rendering the demand for these marginal players greater which, in turn, drives up the value for said marginal players. Think to yourself, “Self, do I truly think getting (insert name of lackluster pitcher on trading block) is worth losing one or some of Alcides Escobar, Taylor Green, Mat Gamel, J.J. Hardy, Angel Salome, Lorenzo Cain, Jonathan Lucroy, Cody Scarpetta or Brett Lawrie?” The answer would surprise you. It’s “no” … or “maybe” in the cases of J.J. Hardy and Brett Lawrie.

Seller now or Cellar in 2012
• We all know the world will end in 2012, but that doesn’t mean our last season of Brewers baseball has to be bad. If the Brewers don’t see the playoffs as being likely, they may as well try to unload a soon-to-be free agent to ensure a more promising future. Al notes Mike Cameron, Braden Looper and Trevor Hoffman will all be free agents going into 2010 (Looper has mutual option). Cameron netting a decidedly rebuilding Brewers club a few decent minor leaugers and some salary relief is more than he’d give them when he’s declining a lowball Brewers offer this offseason and playing elsewhere. In terms of a Hardy or Hart trade though, I’d assume they would be more valuable to teams this offseason.

If at First you don’t Succeed, Trade, Trade Again
• It is quite possible the Brewers front office has no F-ing clue whether the team is of the buying or selling variety at this point, and won’t be Friday’s trade deadline. I mean, I have no clue… I’ve written 1,000 words about this. Luckily, trades (of sorts) can be enacted after the deadline through waiver claims - a la the Adam Dunn trade to the Diamondbacks last season. After July 31, more teams will better know their playoff fate, and values of unsold hacks will reduce to near fair levels presently unseen. Just because the trade deadline elapses doesn’t mean the Brewers are standing pat with their roster.

And if they do go trade free for the remainder of the year, who knows, maybe they’ll get their heads out of their asses and make the playoffs anyway. As is, it’s not a bad team.

A Striking Resemblance

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

I’m not necessarily saying Braden Looper is housing an alien life form beneath his skin or that he was Vincent D’Onofrio’s stunt double in Men in Black, but both seem likely. Today the Edgar Suit that is Braden Looper slithers his unfortunate looking body to the mound to face off against Chicago’s Rich Harden (if he doesn’t somehow injure himself from breathing or eating a light snack before the game) in a July 4th matchup.

Looper (American) is 6-4 with a 4.90 ERA coming into today’s game. Harden is 5-4, but Canadian. I don’t think I’m exaggerating in saying Milwaukee must dominate today, or else the terrorists somehow win.

In the News (6/10)

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Mike Cameron was hit with a two-game suspension that he is currently appealing

Tuesday’s Game: Brewers 2, Rockies 3
Record: 33-24, 1st Place

Tuesday’s Game

- I don’t know if this is the Rockies staying hot or the Brewers not doing enough, but the Brewers lost 2-3.

- Looper had a great outing

- Gamel hit his first Miller Park home run

Brewers News

- As you can see below, the Brewers took pitcher Eric Arnett with the first pick of this year’s draft. From everything I’ve heard, I really like the pick. He could be a solid starter for years.

- With the first of the “Sabathia” Picks, the Brewers took CF Kentrail Davis from Tennessee (which goes along with the rumor that the Brewers were deciding between Mike Trout and Eric Arnett before Trout was taken the pick before) Kentrail is a short and raw player, but could develop into a multi-tool player.

- With the Shouse Pick, the Brewers took RHP Kyle Heckathorn from Kennesaw State. Jason Churchill from ESPN believes Heckathorn can rise through the minors quickly. He has a upper 90’s fastball and a devastating slider.

- In the 2nd Round, the Brewers took a pair of high schoolers. The took right fielder Maxwell Walla (From the Yankees, part 2 of the Sabathia picks) and Catcher Cameron Garfield. You can’t ever have too many catchers. Walla has the potential to turn into quite a left handed power hitter while Garfield has some power in his arm and bat, but is a dead pull hitter needs to work on handling curves.

- In the 3rd Round, the Brewers took shortstop Joshua Prince from Tulane

- Mike Cameron was suspended for two games for bumping an ump. He’s fighting the suspension, but it probably won’t do anything.

- SI says that the Brewers have had the best drafts the past 10 years! Awesome…and I didn’t know that the Brewers drafted Hunter Pence. With him and Hart, that would have been one massively awkward outfield.

- Guess who’s back? Jorge de la Rosa. I love that Hacks calls him Mr. 3 and 2/3rds…it’s so very true.

Minor Leagues

- Cute Sports gives the T-Rats some love.

NL Central

- The Braves beat the Pirates…McLouth finally realizes what it’s like to be on the winning side of a series

- The Marlins beat the Cards, which makes me feel a little better…just a little

- The Cubs destroyed the Astros.

- First Round for the NL Central: (Analysis by ESPN.COM)

Pirates picked catcher Toby Sanchez (4)

Sanchez is a solid catching prospect who has some pop, but he doesn’t have the upside you’d typically find in a fourth-overall selection.

The Reds picked RHP Mike Leake (8)

A bit of an overdraft, but Leake is a four-pitch right-hander with good control.

The Cardinals picked RHP Shelby Miller (19)

Cardinals get a top-10 talent, top-five for some, at (pick) 19.

The Astros picked shortstop Jiovanni Mier (21)

The best pure shortstop in the draft, Mier brings range, a great arm and the tools to develop at least an average bat.

The Cubs picked OF Brett Jackson (31)

It’s not called the Windy City for nothing, and the Cubs just added a very good athlete who strikes out far too often.

Other News

- The Rays can’t stop taking former Brewers and have signed Jorge Julio.

- Power Rankings: CBS has the Brewers 4th, ESPN has them 5th

InReview - Week 4

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Weekly Record: 5-2

Current Record: 13-12


  • Strong homestand, but let’s not kid ourselves…it was a very good thing the Brewers had the Pirates in town
  • HELLS BELLS AT MILLER! Wow, that place rocks when it’s Trevor Time!
  • Mike Cameron…besides his little gaffe on Saturday, he’s being doing it all for the Crew
  • The pitching staff going from crazy unreliable to the current quality start streak.
  • Yovani doing it all…and now he holds the record for Brewers pitcher with the most home runs!!!


  • Ryan Braun missing his own bobblehead day due to injury.
  • Certain calls that are obviously terrible and should be changed, but can’t be for whatever reasons

This Week in Stats

Weekly ERA: 3.00 YTD: 4.14
Weekly BA: .242 YTD: ..248
Weekly Opponents BA: YTD: .239
Weekly Slugging Percentage: .438 YTD: .424
Weekly Fielding Percentage: YTD: .982

Quick Hitters:

If Mike Cameron’s March and April Stats from this year replaced his March and April Stats from last year when he was suspended, he would have hit around .254.

Last year the Brewers struck out 180 times and walked 88 times in March and April. With about 100 less at bats this year in March and April, the Brewers have walked 99 times and struck out 199 times, so don’t completely believe the hype about the plate discipline.

But believe the hype when it tells you that the Brewers had a .316 OBP to start out last year and this year it’s already at .337. Only one month did the Brewers have an OBP of over .337 all of last year and that was in the amazing August of 2008.

Prince is fine and J.J. is fine. They both started slow last year hitting a respective .250 with 4 home runs and .234 with 1 home run. If anything, J.J. has started the year with more power than last year and Prince is doing the same thing, but has a higher on base percentage (.368 to .408)

Players of the Month:

Mike Cameron - April Stats: .333 AVG, 5 HR, 15 RBI, 12 R, 2 SB, 13 BB, 0 E


Yovani Gallardo - April Stats: 34.2 IP, 2.86 ERA, 1 CG, 34 K, 0.87 WHIP, .172 OBA, 8.83 K/9

Watch Out For:

Best in May (career averages): Rickie Weeks usually does well in May with a career batting average of .262 and a BAbip of .317

Worst in May (career averages): Braden Looper has career worst averages in ERA, W-L%, and WHIP in May

In the News (4/1)

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Prince Hugs Eckstein

Tuesday’s Game: Brewers 5, Padres 6
Record: 18-10-3

Tuesday’s Game

- Braden Looper still looked a bit rusty at times leaving many pitches in the center of the plate, but overall did alright for his second outing of the year. In 4 innings he gave up 4 runs, 2 earned but also gave up 2 home runs.

- Ryan Braun had a fly ball hit him on his right hand and he left the game in the second inning. X Rays came up negative and he has a right thumb contusion. Still sounds painful.

-Tony Gwynn Jr. looked lost in center…

- Hart was hitting second and Hardy was hitting fifth…it’s a lineup Macha is considering.

- The young Brewers got a run off and a runner on third off of Heath Bell, but he got out of the jam.

Brewers News

- Mike Lamb was designated for assignment Tuesday and the next move is up to him…

- Vinny Rottino has been sent down to AA Huntsville to be a Third Baseman. Tyler must have had a rough night…

- Bill Hall wants another trip to the postseason and a 30 HR season. So do we, Billy, so do we….

- Two Fisted Slopper takes a slight note from Jack and agrees that Rickie is alright and is “too big to fail”. So is Prince. Who isn’t too big to fail? Casey McGehee and Craig Counsell are my guesses.

- Sportsbubbler uses numbers to answer the question “If the Brewers are losing out on 60 runs by losing CC and Sheeter, how do they get those runs back?“

- Prince for MVP? We were chanting it in 2007, so I suppose it’s possible.

- More info on Tyler’s favorite Brewer now that Lamb might be on the outs…Casey McGehee

- Brew Crew Ball is having an over/under contest (with prize TBD). I might have to give it a whirl.

- Al from Ramblings says that those who want to keep Hardy over Escobar are like the people who wanted to keep Overbay over Fielder: Shortsighted.

- If you keep reading down, you’ll find that the Brewers are keeping tabs on the Jason Hammel/Jeff Niemann battle. Both are young arms with major league experience…worth a peek.

- SI picked the Brewers to finish 2nd in the Central, ESPN Mag predicted them to finish worse…

- More NL Central Preview from Luke Kohler and Vigilante Sports. And Wheelhouse Radio (Brewers in 5th Place).

Minor Leagues

- The T-Rats have a Fan Fest next Tuesday, April 7th and will scrimmage members of the UW-O Baseball team. Soda, pizza, hot dogs and popcorn will be free.

NL Central

- David Chalk at Bugs & Cranks is still doing the “Your team ain’t S**t compared to the Rays” and it’s the Cubs turn. Tyler again gets a couple words in and it’s a fun read.

- The Astros believe their pitching will be solid.  In related B.S., the Rangers aren’t interested in Ben Sheets, the Cards aren’t worried about their closer or second base situations and Carlos Lee hustles for every fly ball.

- Fukudome’s struggles have continued into the spring and he might be on a “short leash.” $48 Million doesn’t buy you much anymore, does it?

Other News

- In ‘Bout Damn Time News, the Tigers are done with Sheff and are eating his salary. Gary is one home run away from 500. You know, if he never hits another home run again, I call that justice.

- Geoff Jenkins has been released by the Phillies. MLBTR believes the Marlins are interested.

- Turnbow’s going back down to the minors.

- Scotty Po got cut by the Rockies

- Get your tax return ready, 95 Brewer games in HD this year from FSN!

In the News (3/25)

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Braden Looper is aiming to be Milwaukee's Starting Pitcher for the Home Opener


Brewers News

- Here’s a nice piece on Brad Nelson by the Globe Gazette. Brad made his case and he’s on the team…book it.

- In 2006, Braden Looper and his wife started the process to adopt a child from China. In 2009, Looper finally got a child.

- Haudricourt tries to figure out who’s going to make the team when the Brewers break camp in two weeks. I’m almost sure Nelson will make the team. I think McGehee is making his case over Lamb, and it’s a toss up between Duffy and Gwynn Jr (slight edge to TGJ just because he’s out of options). Haudricourt might say nay on my pick of McGehee, I think it could work with Counsell replacing SS and 3rd base positions. McGehee will back up 2nd and Brad Nelson will be a 1B and Outfield replacement. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if they started the year safe with Lamb instead of McGehee. What would surprise me is if Julio makes the roster.

- A Bleacher Reporter believes the Brewers need to make a run for Jake Peavy. That’s what we said this offseason too, but don’t think for a second that he will be as dominant as CC I think that trade and stretch by CC was unlike anything we’ll ever see again.

- Batters Box Interactive has 12 questions about the NL Central. Problem is they don’t answer most of them. They do, however, believe it’s time for the Brewers to give up on Rickie Weeks. He may have pissed everyone off for two years in a row, but I still don’t think you can completely give up on the guy.

- Chuckie Hacks has some pictures from Maryvale. Nothing too amazing, but man, the sun looks great after two days of rain and cold here.

- This Bleacher Report writer is expecting Kendall to hit about .275. Hey, if that happens I’d be ecstatic!

- David Chalk at Bugs & Cranks has a “Your Team Ain’t S**T compared to the Rays” thing going. Here’s the Brewers one. It’s pretty funny, just enjoy it while you can Rays fan.

- FSN WI Twittered or Tweeted their new Promo’s featuring Braun and Fielder…it’s nothing exciting, pretty bland actually.

- You thought it was going away…MLBTR has Keith Law from ESPN on why he’s still talking about Escobar’s situation:


MLB Trade Rumors: On occasion, you’ve revealed information in chats about a player’s off-the-field troubles that was not publicly known or hadn’t gotten much press.  How has this been received by your readers, bosses, and front office contacts?

Keith Law: Some readers get annoyed because they don’t want to believe it. My bosses know that I’m meticulous about information like that - I only write about these matters if I believe they are substantially or wholly accurate. For example, the Alcides Escobar story - I have a copy of his daughter’s birth certificate with his name as the father, I spoke to the attache at the U.S. Consulate in Panama who has helped Escobar’s wife, and so on. I think the Brewers would just like the story to go away, frankly, but it’s not going to unless it’s addressed.

NL Central

- Midwest Swing takes a look at the Cubs’ depth. They feel Cubs Fans should be a little concerned

- The Concern is matched by Wasting Away in Wrigleyville.

- John Canning Jr., a minority owner of the Brewers, came up short on his bid for the Chicago Cubs this offseason. He says he’s actually a little relieved, since he’s a White Sox Fan.

- The Cardinals are lowering their expectations on Troy Glaus this year already. So have most Brewer fans on the positive impact of Billy Hall’s eye surgery…

Other News

- So the WBC is done and Japan won again. I know many Americans didn’t care and it was really cool not to care, but to me, these games are just a little bit of added fun before the season. It was nice to have both Spring Training games and WBC games, plus it also gave some players a few more at bats or pitches with the big names off to the WBC.

Brewers Fan Favorite - Round 2

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

OK, so it wasn’t very close after all. Stetter beat out current-non-Brewer Gagne easily as was expected especially once Gagne was released. What was a little surprising was seeing how badly Suppan lost against Braden Looper, the newest pitcher who hasn’t thrown one pitch as a Brewer. Overall, most of this week’s winners won by about 30%. Final results:

Stetter DEF Gagne 89%-11%

Looper DEF Suppan 65%-35%

Weeks DEF Gwynn 63%-37%

Kendall DEF Counsell 68%-32%

Here’s how the bracket looks as we start round 2. Most everybody who filled out an entry is still in it.

For the second round, we’re keeping the schedule the same. That said, vote away…Polls close on Friday! Keep your Favorite Brewers in the Game!

[polldaddy poll="1447227"] [polldaddy poll="1447229"] [polldaddy poll="1447232"] [polldaddy poll="1447237"]

Brewers Fan Favorite ‘09 - Round 1 Concludes

Monday, March 9th, 2009

This weekend, Villanueva and McClung rolled while the other two races were pretty tight. It was nice to see Chris Capuano get a respectable amount of votes probably meaning that not everyone has given up on the guy. Mat Gamel has the first upset of the Bracket, which tells us that Brewer fans are fed up with Bill Hall and are ready for the future. Mike Cameron was able to fend off the other top prospect, Alcides Escobar, but not by terribly much. Here are the final results:

Cameron DEF Escobar 60% - 40%

Gamel DEF Hall 59% - 41%

Villanueva DEF Capuano 73% - 27%

McClung DEF Riske 81% - 19%

Here’s the updated bracket:

This round might give us some more upsets and close matches:

[polldaddy poll="1441323"] [polldaddy poll="1441331"] [polldaddy poll="1441335"] [polldaddy poll="1441340"]

Polling for this round, which is the end of Round 1, will end Wednesday Night!

In the News (3/4)

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Last Game: Brewers 8, Opponent 6
Spring Training Record: 3-3-1

Today’s Game

- The Brewers packed their big bats today in an 8-6 win against the Rockies. Casey McGehee, Chris Duffy, Mike Rivera, and Trot Nixon all jacked home runs in the win. Yovani and Hoffman both looked good, but Villa and Stetter struggled.

Brewers News

- All the Brewers have signed, Yovani Gallardo agreed to terms today.

- Looper might go on the DL to start the season to be on the safe side. I don’t know what’s worse, the veteran Suppan sucking up in ST or Looper’s health concerns.

- has 45 of the worst contracts in baseball. The Brewers have two and I bet you know who they are. That’s right: Suppan and Hall.

- The Junkball Blues believes Prince Fielder will be a great doubles hitter, the likes of which we have not seen since the days of Lyle Overbay.

- This guy on FoxSports would disagree with ya, seeing as how he put together a list of top home run hitters and Braun and Fielder are BOTH in the top 5.

- One Blog believes that the Key to the Brewers sucess is Manny Parra. I’m impressed that they actually went out on a limb and didn’t do the usual “Prince Fielder” or “Rickie Weeks” being the key. I agree that the Brewers need a solid year from their very young starters, especially Manny Parra who has more experience than Gallardo right now.

- Mark DiFelice will be the starter for the Italian team and will throw to Vinny Rottino. This is nothing but good news for both of these guys. They need playing time at a high level, and the WBC will give them that.

- The Utah Standard wrote a little something about Manny improving his focus.

- According to this Houston Blog, the Brewers and Cardinals starting rotations are both looking up at the Cubs and Reds. At least they know not to put the Astros on top…I’d be so angry about pitching if I was an Astros fan.

- And finally, Ryan Braun will be on the Letterman show during the Top 10 on Thursday.

Minor Leagues

- Ready for another Saturday of buying tickets? T-Rats tickets go on sale the 14th and they’re even having a game at Miller Park on April 24th for 10 bucks.

NL Central

- Remember Randall Simon. Here’s a recent quote since he’s in the WBC:

“I think it’s something that’s going to be good for me because it keeps memories of me,” joked Simon, who was a member of the Pirates when the sausage race incident occurred. “As long as people don’t take it in the wrong way, I don’t have a problem with it.”

Once a dumbass, always one.

Other News

- Another News Blurb about Koskie. I wish the guy the best, but come on now.

- has an insiders look at Phoenix during Spring Training. I love that this is coming out now and he states you need to “book early”.

- The Sheboygan Press ran a blurb about the Brewers making a run for Pedro Martinez. Are we really that worried about the rotation? It should show you how I feel about this by not even putting it under “Brewers News”.

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