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Bill Hall Trips Up

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Anyone watching the Opening Game on ESPN tonight with the BoSox against the Yankees should have noticed that Bill Hall did not start the year on the right foot and tripped during pregame introductions. Funny.

The Anti-All-Decade Team

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Ask and you shall receive. Here are the worst players from the past decade. They are divided into four groups:

Little Suckers (top prospects who never panned out and did so in epic fashion), Wad Blowers (players who the Brewers spent a lot of money on…well a lot for the Brewers),Deadline Douchebags (players the Brewers got in trades and then would have preferred not to…not necessarily acquired at the deadline, I just wanted to use the word “douchebag”) and Gone Before Long (players who haven’t been heard of since sucking with the Brewers)

Little Suckers

1) Ben Hendrickson - P - A highly touted pitching prospect who did nothing but help coin the term “AAAA Player”. Telling  stat = 50 runs given up in 58.1 innings

2) Jorge de la Rosa - P - Another pitcher who was supposed to be excellent turned into a head case and barely made a serviceable reliever. He was traded for Tony Graffanino…ouch. Telling stat=6.23 ERA

3) Nick Neugebauer - P  - Nick was drafted out of high school and by 2002 was the 17th ranked prospect in all of MLB and the Brewers top prospect overall. He’s a pitcher, so are you sensing a trend? He was soon out of baseball after surgery in 2002. Telling stat = 2-8

4) Dave Krynzel - OF - Before there was TGJ, there was Dave Krynzel. He was the Brewers first round pick in 2000. He was a speedy outfielder who was projected to be a leadoff hitter. Never happened. Telling Stat = .188 BA.

Wad Blowers

1) Jeffrey Hammonds - OF - 3 Years, 21 Million in 2001 after his All-Star appearance in 2000. Hammonds was often hurt and could barely crack the starting lineup. Telling stat = .248 Batting Average for the Brewers

2) Jose Hernandez - 3B - 3 Years, 10 Million in 2000. He was the default Brewers All-Star in 2002, but that was also the year he was sat down 4 out of the last 5 games so that he wouldn’t break the MLB All-Time Strikeout in a Season Record. Telling stat = Struck out 498 times in 3 years which meant he struck out about once every three at bats.

3) Wes Helms - 3B - 2 Years, 4.5 Million in 2004. Helms was traded for Ray King and had a decent first season in Milwaukee. Problem is that season was 2003 when the Brewers drew the 3rd least amount of people into Miller Park in the NL that season. The fans that did see him knew he was slow, but it seemed that Melvin loved that rocket arm at third. Helms turned into the teams most expensive bench player after signing. Wes Helms wonders why the Brewers fans have such hatred for him and it’s for this reason: he is the exact fact of everything that went wrong with the team; Fat underacheivers who don’t seem to work on getting any better. Telling Stat = 23 HR’s in 2003. 8 HR’s total after signing the contract.

4) Eric Gagne - P - 1 year, 10 million in 2008. Gagne was brought in to be the closer of a team that just lost CoCo Cordero. He had a shaky time in Texas and Boston, but was the All-Time Saves in a Season record holder. By May, he lost his job to Salomon Torres and was the biggest blight on the 2008 season. Telling stat = Blew 41% of Saves.

5) Jeff Suppan - P - 4 Years, 42 Million in 2006. Oh we were so happy when Suppan was our Christmas present in 2006, but Suppan has been getting worse every year since. In fact, it was Jeff Suppan who started the last playoff game for the Brewers and surrendered 5 runs in 3 innings. Telling stat = 1.76 career ERA in Miller Park before signing. 4.29 career ERA in Miller Park now.

6) Bill Hall - IF - 4 year, 24 million in 2007. Man it hurts to put Hall here, because I really like the guy. He was great at short before JJ came around and he was great at third until the Brewers moved him to the outfield. Once he was moved to the outfield and given a big contract, it was game over for all. I guess Bill Hall from 2002-2006 goes into the All-Decade team and the 2007-2009 Bill Hall goes here. Telling Stat = 35 HR in 2006. 35 Total HR for Brewers from 2007-2009.

7) David Riske - P - 3 year, 13 million - I had high hopes for this guy who supposedly helped  Kansas City’s young Zach Greinke. The fact is, he hasn’t been healthy and has been a waste of money. Telling Stat = +2.21 - Difference in ERA for Riske between his time in the AL (3.40) and his time with the Brewers (5.61).

Deadline Douchebags

1) Chad Moeller - C - Part of the Sexson deal, Momo was just a poor hitting catcher but decent defensively. By decent, I mean he could block a Ben Sheets curveball. He will forever live in Milwaukee, though, because of his 2004 cycle.

2) Jose Capellan - P - Traded in the Kolb trade. Kolb was coming off of an All-Star year, but the Brewers traded him for fireballing Jose Capellan. I remember Ned Yost telling the fans how excited he was and how this kid will be an ace. By ace, he meant pain in the ass. Capellan pitched poorly and was rarely, if ever, able to dial it over 94. He whined about his status and was traded away to Detroit.

3) Scott Linebrink - P - Traded for minor league pitchers that the Brewers would like back. Linebrink was brought in to help the Brewers 2007 postseason run. He crushed it. Even though his final line with the Brewers doesn’t seem so bad, I remember the week plus stretch in August where he went 0-3 with a blown save and an 11+ ERA. The Brewers were out of it by September.

Gone Before Long

There are a ton of these guys so I’ll just blurb the rest of the way. Remember that they either were never really seen from again or were on the team for not very long. Or both.

1) Ruben Quevedo - P - I remember when a broadcaster said that they can’t tell the difference between his fastball and his changeup. Ouch. Fits into the Brewers starter with a 5+ ERA club. Quevedo is without a doubt my least favorite/most hated Brewer of all time.

2) Gary Glover - P - Another mediocre starter plugged in to fill gaps. Fits into the Brewers starter with a 5+ ERA club.

3) Wes Obermueller - P - There was a reason everyone loved Wes. I can’t remember what it was because his pitching stats were awful. Fits into the Brewers starter with a 5+ ERA club.

4) Wayne Franklin - P - Gave up the most home runs in a season (before Braden Looper got him off the hook)Fits into the Brewers starter with a 5+ ERA club.

5) Matt Kinney - P - Terrible pitcher during a terrible stretch of Brewers history. Fits into the Brewers starter with a 5+ ERA club.

6) John Vander Wal - OF - Fits into the “He was a starter for the Brewers?” Category.

7) Victor Santos - P - 4-13 season. Ouch.

8) Chris Magruder - OF - Backup outfielder who, in comparison, makes Jody Gerut look awesome.

9) Greg Aquino - P - Was around for 15 games in 2007. Gave up two huge home runs. Boom, outta here.

10) Elmer Dessens - P - We toasted Dos Equis for this pitcher on opening day in 2007, who was sent packing after 12 games.

11) Valerio de los Santos - P - Tyler told me that his 4 names were more than any single season win total he had as a Brewer. Seems about right.

Others that were also bad:

Royce Clayton (SS), Johnny Estrada (C) ( Who Tyler believes is still legging out his last grounder of 2007…haha), Ben Greive (OF), Paul Bako (C), and Henry Blanco (C).

Woah…Looks Like Melvin is Sick of the Underperformers

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Last year it was axing the manager to get a spark in the clubhouse, this might be what Melvin hopes to spark the 2009 Brewers with…

JJ Hardy was optioned to AAA Nashville and Bill Hall was DFA’d. Also, Pitching Coach Bill Castro was sent packing for former Brewer Chris Bosio.

Alcides Escobar and Jason Bourgeois were brought up to replace them.

Hardy had underperformed at the plate all year, hitting .229 so far this year. Hall had underperformed for almost 3 years, even though he hit his first home run in over a month last night.

The Brewers’ pitching has been atrocious this year and Bill Castro looks like the fall guy…and he should be. I was rooting for Bill right away and I hoped for nothing but the best, but he has looked lost and over his head this year. There are some pitchers that are good relievers, but not good starters and I believe there are some coaches who can only go so far as well.

Escobar was hitting .298 in Nashville with 42 stolen bases, 76 runs, and 34 RBI’s. Bourgeois was hitting .316 in AAA, stealing 36 bases, knocking in 41, and coming across the plate 61 times. Chris Bosio was the pitching coach for the Nashville team

Bill Hall Sent to Nashville; Suppan to the DL

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Bill Hall has been optioned to AAA Nashville. The move can either be seen as a chance for Hall to get some at bats to right himself or a chance to show other teams that he’s worthwhile as an expensive reclamation project.

Hall has struggled this year and continues to decline since his two great seasons in 05 and 06. He is currently hitting .201, with an OBP of .263 and has struck out 68 times in 199 AB’s. Hall recently talked with MJS writer Anthony Witrado about the work he’s done to improve his swing, but hasn’t gotten a chance to prove it, and how unfair the past couple months have been. Some good news about this is that Hall OK’ed the move and sounds optimistic about the demotion.

Jeff Suppan has been put on the DL with a rib cage injury. Suppan had a MRI reveal an injured oblique muscle and was reevaluated today. Suppan is coming off of a terrible start in which he allowed 10 ER in 5 1/3 innings against the Nationals on Monday.

Burns or Irribarren are two names that are being considered to come up, but nothing has been made official. These are hardly the transactions Brewers fans wanted to hear at the Trade Deadline.

Producing Under The Radar

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Certainly, it’s impossible to ignore the great start Mike Cameron has provided the Brewers in April and the early days of May this 2009 season. We shouldn’t ignore, however, the starts of three other Brewer hitters in the top third of qualified (3.1 PA/team game) NL position players by Value Wins this season.

Unsurprisingly to all Brewer fans, Ryan Braun is one of these three players. Braun’s 7.4 value runs through 25 team games projects to approximately 48 value runs for the whole season, for 4.8 value wins, eclipsing last year’s 3.9 wins. Braun’s production has come nearly entirely with the bat, as between positional adjustments and UZR, Braun has been worth -3.3 runs in the field. Thanks to 3.5 playing time runs and 7.2 batting runs, Braun still possesses a high amount of value. His value at the plate is elevated this year due to higher plate discipline (a 14.0% walk rate more than doubles his 2007 and 2008 values) and 9 extra base hits in 104 PAs.

One spot above Braun on the list is Rickie Weeks. After multiple years with multiple analysts claiming it was Rickie’s Breakout YearTM, Weeks is showing the signs of being the all-star caliber player we’ve hoped for. Weeks does Braun 0.1 better, with 7.5 value runs after 25 games and similarly projects to 48 value runs and 4.8 value wins. Weeks has made strides in all facets of his game, most notably defensively, where Rickie has been 2.9 runs above average already with the glove. Rickie’s been a bit above average with the bat (+0.6 runs), and that combined with plus defense at a premium position makes Rickie a solid player through 25 games.

Easily the most unlikely player of the three to make this list is Bill Hall, but he’s managed to do so with 6.7 value runs. Hall has been solid at defense wherever he’s played over his career, with a positive career UZR at SS, 3B, and CF. This year, Hall is at +0.4 runs at 3B, for a total +0.8 fielding number with the position adjustment. Of course, what’s been surprising about Hall this year is the revival his bat is seeing. Hall’s seen a boost in power so far, with a ISO at .198 about 30 points higher than the last 2 years, is striking out less and is walking slightly more. Hall’s fast start, however, has been powered by a .356 BABIP, and could be due for some regression. Still, it’s been an encouraging start for Billy and even with some regression, we’re still due for a much better season than last year.

These three Brewers have been integral in keeping the Brewers near .500 early. If they can keep up their production, and some of the stragglers (Fielder, Kendall) start to produce closer to their true talent level, this team could catch fire and string together some wins.

Brewers Fan Favorite ‘09 Continues

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

All the top seeds advanced again, but at least Brad Nelson made it interesting for awhile. The final scores were:

Hardy DEF Rivera  87% - 13%

Hart DEF Nelson 65% - 35%

Hoffman DEF Julio 97% - 3%

Bush DEF Coffey 89% - 11%

The Bracket currently stands like this:

Will we have our first upset this weekend? Vote away for your favorite Brewers once again!

[polldaddy poll="1434210"] [polldaddy poll="1434218"] [polldaddy poll="1434226"] [polldaddy poll="1434232"]

This round of voting closes Monday Night!

Hall to Miss 4-6 Weeks

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Well, it looks like Bill Hall’s return to glory had a rough start.

According to Adam McCalvy, Hall partially tore his left calf muscle while conditioning. The injury will sideline Hall between 4-6 weeks, possibly prohibiting him from being ready for Opening Day.

As far as tears go, this could be much worse. But he’ll have to get healthy fast to match my preseason prediction of his numbers.

The Milwaukee Brewers Should Sign Joe Crede

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

I realize that this is probably unlikely given the team’s signing of Mike Lamb as the platoon partner for Bill Hall, as well as the imminent rise of Mat Gamel to the Major League level as soon as this year. However, I think having those two players as potential replacements makes taking a risk on Joe Crede an even better idea.

With Russell Branyan leaving us for Seattle, it’s clear that we need another player to take on the role of platoon. One would expect that this replacement would have to be, like the muscle, left handed, such as Lamb or Gamel. However, there are two things that should be taken into consideration here. First, defense. A player that hits right handers better than Hall and plays solid (average or better) defense at third base would be worth platooning with hall. Secondly, and the reason that a Hall/Crede platoon would be viable, is reverse platoon splits. Although it is rare, occasionally a player comes around who hits same-handed pitchers as good or even a little bit better than he hits other pitchers. Crede certainly fits this mold over the last few years, having a better AVG, SLG, OPS, and wOBA against RHP over each of the last 3 years. This is pretty consistent with his overall career numbers. To see the complete numbers, see here

To see the actual value of a Crede/Hall platoon, I ran a Marcel-type analysis on Crede’s vs. RHP numbers, much like I did with Mike Lamb and Hall in this post. I’ll throw in the numbers from that one here for easy comparison.

Crede RHP 484 0.341 8 7.33 1.73 13.83 30.89 2.94
Lamb RHP 484 0.329 0 -8.94 1.73 13.83 6.62 0.63
Hall LHP 216 0.369 7.51 2.21 0.77 6.17 16.66 1.59
Hall/Crede Both 700 - 15.51 9.54 2.5 20 47.55 4.53
Hall Both 700 0.325 -2.43 -1.08 2.5 20 18.99 1.81
Hall/Lamb Both 700 - 7.51 -9.27 2.5 20 20.74 1.98

The difference between the Crede/Hall platoon and the Lamb/Hall platoon is 2.55 wins, and the Crede/Hall platoon is 2.72 wins better then just Hall alone. This adds up to somewhere around 10 million dollars or more for the Brewers, as well as increasing their current win expectation from the 83-85 win range to the 85-87 win range.  So we can see that a Crede/Hall platoon is potentially quite valuable for Milwaukee. The only question mark with this platoon is whether or not Crede can stay healthy enough to record the 450-500 PAs necessary to fulfill his duties with the platoon, and I feel that’s where most of the reprehension that Brewers fans (and more importantly, the Brewers front office) would have towards Crede would come in. This feeling, however, is likely spread across all of MLB, and could potentially drive his value down low enough where the risk would be worth offering a one year deal to. Personally, I feel like Joe Crede could be the Mike Cameron of 2009 if given the chance, and I think he would be perfect for the same type of deal that Cameron received in the winter of 2008. He could, ideally, be the bridge to Gamel in a year or two.

RFB Offseason Roundtable - Christmas Edition

Friday, December 26th, 2008

This Week’s Topic - Let’s get into the giving mood: What presents would you give members of the Milwaukee Brewers?

Bryan -

First of all, Santa Bryan wants to thank the entire team for getting to the playoffs and the entire city of Milwaukee for getting behind them.

Now the real presents:

For Yovani Gallardo, I would give a coat of armor for those run-ins with Prince Fielder.

For Corey Hart, I would give him a doctor’s check up. If he thought the fans weren’t behind him last year, he obviously needs his eyes, ears, and heart checked out.

For Dale Sveum, I would give him his kick ass 80’s stache again and a thank you card for not letting the team completely implode.

For Mike Cameron, I would give a calendar in which every month is August.

For David Riske who is missing his friend in C.C. Sabathia, I would give a Snuggie (It’s a blanket with arm holes and pockets!!! Holy Crap!!!! It’s like a bathrobe in reverse!!!!! I’m running out of exclamation points to talk about this life altering product)

For Jason Kendall, I would give overtime pay.

For Mike Rivera, I would give a warming massage chair…I mean the guy sits there all the time, might as well be relaxed.

For Seth McClung, I would give another beer to shotgun.

Bill Castro already received his Christmas gift.

For Chris Capuano, I would give tape of the first half of the 2006 season.

To Salomon Torres, a retirement gift, a Shamwow for all the messes he mopped up and for some he created.

For J.J. Hardy and Prince Fielder, I would offer just a sincere request to look into a long term deal. I know it won’t happen, but it is the season for giving…

Jack -

Ho ho ho!  I would give Doug Melvin a loophole that let’s him burn up Jeff Suppan’s contract.  And I’d give CC Sabathia a higher rank than Mark Teixeira in the Elias Rankings!

For Bill Hall, a pink bat to use every game of the year.

For Mike Rivera, a plate appearance.  He never gets these any more!

For Ken Macha, a suitable platoon partner for Hall.

For Rickie Weeks, an outfielder’s glove.  Because you just never know.

For Jeff Suppan, a lump of coal.  Grr!

Joe -

When Bryan e-mailed us the topic for this week, my first thought was, “These dudes are rich. What do they need?” I soon realized that is not the attitude to have. Professional athletes are people too. They have feelings, and even though they can pretty much buy themselves anything they want, they probably still like receiving gifts. With that said, this is a list of what I would give Brewers players for Christmas:

Rickie Weeks - I would hook Rickie up phatty with his favorite bat from college. I would couple this with a new MLB rule that allows only Rickie Weeks to use aluminum bats. Also, there would be a new rule (also in place only for Rickie) that disallows pitchers to throw him any off-speed pitches. Nice.

JJ Hardy - Hardy’s an all-star, millionaire, and a sexy stud. What does he need? I’d get him the same thing I get everyone else that I don’t know what to buy. A Target Gift Card.

Ryan Braun - I’d provide Ryan with an endless amount of young, gorgeous virgins!

Prince Fielder - Boxing gloves and a sweet new butterfly tattoo for the other side of his neck. B.A.

Corey Hart - I’d give Corey Hart an ITunes Gift Card. That way maybe he’d broaden his musical horizons and spare us all of that horrible fricking AB song.

Mike Cameron - I’d just give Mike a hug. What a good guy.

Bill Hall - An “I Love Mom” coffee mug.

Jason Kendall - I’d resort to the good ol’ coupon book Christmas gift. Included would be a “free off day” coupon, “free beard trim” coupon, and a coupon for a free game of bowling. Good anywhere.

Yovani Gallardo - The realization that he shouldn’t play in the World Baseball Classic.

David Bush - A puppy. British Bulldog to be exact.

Jeff Suppan - I wouldn’t give Jeff anything. Take that back. On behalf of the Brewers, I’d issue him a bill for $8.25 million. Due immediately.

Manny Parra - Attitude.

That’s all I can afford. Hopefully the other guys would get the rest of the players and the coaches something.

Bill Hall: Eyes on Improvement

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Not pictured, epic homer.

A topic we neglected to touch on during last week’s Winter Meetings was Bill Hall’s recent LASIK eye surgery. Hall has used contact lenses to this point and, as displayed by his numbers these past two seasons, they weren’t helping him see the ball as well as he would’ve liked.

Maybe it’s my unwavering affinity for William, but I think this procedure is the first step to a revitalized Hall in 2009. And figuring we have an oft-unused “Predictions” tag, I feel like I should stake early claim on calling (more “hoping”, “praying” or any similar term) a Bill Hall bounce back.

2009 Predictions (assuming he remains a Brewer and gets at least 400 plus plate appearances):
.280 AVG, 25 HR, 70 RBI and fewer fielding errors

I guess we’ll see.

Insomniac Ink