I was 6 months old sitting in the arms of my mother in County Stadium as the Milwaukee Brewers finished off their home schedule against the Baltimore Orioles. Weeks later, the team would make their first (yeah, I said FIRST) World Series appearance. Of course, I had no clue what was going on and I have absolutely no recollection of that game now, but something did happen that day. Something epic. I caught Brewer Fever.

Fast forward a quarter century and I’ve still got the fever…

I live and die with every at-bat from April’s first pitch through the dog days of summer and into the title chase of October. From County Stadium to Miller Park… From Robin Yount to Ryan Braun… Through agonizing lows and exciting highs, I’ve always followed the Crew.

And soon it happened…

By sheer luck, a rag-tag group of the most die hard of Brewer fans formed meticulously through the years. And in 2006, it was finally complete. The crew, five Wisconsin boys wanting nothing more than to grill fine brats, drink in excess and cheer the home team on to victory from Miller Park’s right field bleachers, was born.

But it wasn’t enough…

We were not content to merely sit back and enjoy the games while yelling hilariously crafted putdowns to opposing outfielders, Cubs fans and people who try to start the wave. We knew there was a higher calling. And that calling is to help other Brewer fans enjoy the games as much as we do. So we formed Right Field Bleachers, a Web site dedicated to our Milwaukee Brewers.

A couple years in, and we’re still going. Look around, let us know what you think and don’t be shy.

Go Crew!

Insomniac Ink