Decibulliever in Brewer Fever: Q&A with Decibully’s Aaron Vold

Decibully's Aaron Vold

A Milwaukee resident and lifelong Brewer fan, Aaron Vold drums for Polyvinyl Records’ Decibully. The band has been featured on MTV2 and FUSE and Alternative Press Magazine has said of them, “Indie rock doesn’t get any better than Decibully.” I know we RFBers have a special place in our heart for Decibully too. Aaron was gracious enough to share with us his thoughts on the upcoming season, his fondest Brewer memories of years past and… his opinion of Fall Out Boy.

How long have you been a Brewer fan?
I’ve been a brewer fan pretty much as long as I can remember. I’d guess my first game at County Stadium was somewhere around 1985 or 86. Back then I thought Ernie Riles was really cool.

What is your fondest Brewer memory?
There’s so many, but the one that jumps out is when I was a little kid and tried to get Cecil Cooper’s autograph. I said, “Hey Coop! You’re my favorite! Will you please give me an autograph?!?!?” Coop gruffly replied, “After I warm up, kid.” I still do not have a Cecil Cooper autograph.

Who is your all-time favorite Brewer? Why?
This is tough, but it’d have to be either Rob Deer or Russell Branyan. What can I say? I love the all or nothing slugger.

Who are your favorite and least favorite current Brewers? Why?
For the favorite it has to be Benny Sheets, mainly because he seems like such a huge goofball. The moustache did a great job this off season getting rid of the only brewer I had personal disdain for, Johnny Estrada, so for least favorite I’d have to say Claudio Vargas but that’s mostly just because I’d hoped he too would’ve been traded by now.

How do you think the team will do this season in both NL Central standings and record?
I think this team has 87-90 wins and NL Central Champions written all over them.

Are any of the other members of Decibully fans? To what extent?
Andy (our bass player) is the other hardcore brewer fan in the band. The whole band went to a game together last summer and it was a blast so I’m sure we’ll have another outing this year.

Is it weird for you hearing that Promise Ring song (“Emergency! Emergency!”) at Miller Park when you know and/or play in bands with people that were in the Promise Ring?
The first time I heard it, I definitely did laugh out loud and thought it was pretty cool/unexpected. The one thing that did kind of get me a little mad though was when I found out the song they play when somebody strikes out is a Fall Out Boy song. I’d done my best to avoid ever hearing a single note from that band and then I finally do hear them at Miller Park of all places?!?! That’s like your girlfriend cheating on you in your own damn bed.

If you played, what song would you want to play as you stepped to the plate?
I caught for Jack Taschner (now of the SF Giants) in high school and we had this conversation once as he was getting ready to pitch in the college world series with UW-Oshkosh and he said he was gonna go with “The Final Countdown” by Europe. I always thought that was a pretty badass choice.

As a resident of Brew City, what is your tailgate beer of choice?
I don’t tailgate too often because I don’t like paying for parking, but a forty of any malt liquor housed in a paper bag for the walk in to the park usually does me just fine.

Who do you pull for in the sausage race?
Ever since the Randall Simon incident I must admit I’ve kind of lost interest in the sausage race as the most amazing of possible outcomes has already occurred.

Any predictions for breakout seasons or All-Star selections?
I think Rickie Weeks will finally be healthy enough (mentally and physically) to put together a whole season along the lines of what he did after coming back up from Triple A. As for All-Stars I’ll go with Prince, Braun and Gallardo.

Anything else you’d like to say?
I’ll say the same thing I did at the end of my best man speech for my friend’s wedding this fall…let’s all drink to a healthy 2008 for Ben Sheets!!!

Listen to Decibully here or catch them at the Empty Bottle (Chicago) on Jan. 31.
Interview by Tyler Maas

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