6 Responses to “JAXFORD!”

  1. brewerfever78 Says:

    Just swept the twinkies…4 in a row. Gallardo truly pitching like an ace. 11 of next 15 games at home, and 9 of those games again Seattle, Houston, and Pittsburgh. If the crew can somehow go 12-3, we’d be back above .500 before the all star break!

    Regardless, I think I’ve seen enough of Jaxford! I think a sweep of the Twins deserves a new post by you guys.

  2. kade in dubuque Says:


  3. jessica Says:

    double agreed.

  4. Bibby Smalls Says:

    yeah you guys call this a blog?

  5. Ronald @ Brewcrew365.com Says:

    Want some new posts? Check out http://www.brewcrew365.com, new posts going up a couple of times a week and some funny ass podcasts. Talkin Brewers along with some other random stuff.

  6. jessica Says:

    now that the brewers are back in train wreck mode, can we at least have something to laugh about then?