Hail Sveum!

Man, that was a negative post. On the positive side, Dale Sveum rules!


Because he’s the reason Hart and Weeks are hitting over .230. He’s the reason Craig Counsell is still a serviceable option at the plate. He’s worked his magic with most of the hitters and that’s why this team doesn’t blow any more than it already does.

Some people will say “The team still can’t hit with RISP…” True, but they never have been able to! For the past 15 seasons, the Brewers have been able to score about 14% of all baserunners on average. The Brewers have been able to score about 54% of runners on second and third with less than two out while Sveum’s been HC, which is a better percentage than every season in the past ten years except one.

Here’s a testimonial from Corey Hart who went from Boo’d to Curtain Call’d

“It’s all Dale,” said Hart, referring to Brewers hitting coach Dale Sveum. “Dale’s worked really hard to change some things around for me and help my mindset. What he did is help me get the ball in the air.”

Since Dale has been the hitting coach, the team hits .263 on average. It was 1999 when the team hit over .263 before that.

Not enough? Since Dale’s been the HC, the team’s OBP is about .340. During 2008’s run, it was .325! Again, you have to go back to 1999 when the team was on base more than that.

So even though things suck hard right now, can we at least all agree that Braun, McGehee, Gallardo, and Sveum are pieces we can be happy about?


3 Responses to “Hail Sveum!”

  1. Crichar3 Says:

    I would feel good about Braun if he wasn’t rocking a .666 OPS over the past 24 games. He’s a big reason why they are 8-16 over that stretch.

  2. Brewerfever78 Says:

    Right on about Braun. He seems to be overswinging and grounding out to the 3B 50% of the time.

  3. Mark Says:

    Yes let’s not get too happy with Braun although he should be fine long term. How could you put Corey in the quote and then leave him off the “we’re happy with you” bit. He must feel totally used there. That’s why you should never give props to a coach as a player…