Are We Really Having This Conversation? Things Really Have Gone Down the Crapper…

This season has been a disaster so far for everyone. The pitching has been atrocious. There has been little timely hitting. The Brewers have won just 2 of the last 9 series and only 6 series out the entire season. There’s been so little to cheer about, it’s sucked the fun out of Milwaukee. So what’s a team to do? Well, if you listen to the fans, it’s FIRE and TRADE time. Even Michael Hunt wrote that it was time for the Brewers to trade Fielder, even though most people agree the Brewers wouldn’t get enough in return. So when you look at the options people are screaming for, what really is the risk-reward ratio?

1) Trade Fielder

PROS: You hope to get solid pitching in return.
CONS: The team no longer has a solid first baseman and lost a leader in the clubhouse, not to mention the face of the franchise. The team itself has little left to play for. The chances of getting a Youkilis/Bucholtz deal are only in the minds of the crazy. You start to find yourself excited about Johnathon “Manny Parra the Sequel” Sanchez. Once Prince is gone, the other dominos fall (Rickie, Hart, etc…). There’s a chance a Carlos Lee-like deal is made. You have to rely on Mat Gamel. Even more fans stop coming to games. Braun gets walked more and sees less pitches. Free agents don’t see Milwaukee as a decent destination.
2) Keep Fielder

PROS: Shows the team that Attanasio and Melvin still believes in the team. Holds hope for resigning Prince (but even that might only be in the minds of the crazy).  The team will still have one of the top 3-4 tandems in the National League for next year.
CONS: Trade value will diminish even more, since Prince would be a rent-a-player.

3) Fire Melvin

PROS: You hope the Brewers can find another GM who wants to come to Milwaukee, but has a better eye for starting pitching and has as good and creative of an eye for offensive talent for a small market team.
CONS: You fire the man most responsible for bringing the team out of the depths of the league and the man who has done more right than wrong (except for starting pitching).

4) Fire Macha

PROS: You hope it fires up the team. There might not be anymore of this moving around the lineup everyday madness (I know you stat people love Braun hitting 2nd and Prince hitting 3rd, but dammit, it DOESN’T WORK). You hope to find someone with a little more gusto.
CONS: Save for Colorado, firing the manager doesn’t help much in the W-L column. Firing the last manager lost us Mike Maddux and I don’t want to lose Dale Sveum. The organization loses any stability it had left.

So even though this year has been a fiasco so far, would doing ANY of these things make it better? I don’t believe it does. I think it makes everything even worse!  The only one I would even consider would be letting Macha go because you have Willie Randolph right there as a tailor made replacement.

I hope the team keeps Fielder and tries to make one more run, because as I said before, if all this group of players gets is a Wild Card…then that’s truly another disappointing mark in Milwaukee baseball.

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2 Responses to “Are We Really Having This Conversation? Things Really Have Gone Down the Crapper…”

  1. Jon K Says:

    Firing GMs or managers mid season for any reason other than doing something illegal and getting thrown in jail or for truly losing control of a clubhouse is rarely, if ever, a good idea. The only way I keep Fielder through next year is if the starting pitching situation changes dramatically for the better in some other way. If there is a Fielder deal available for pitching help then it must be made at some point. If you let him go to free agency for nothing more than a compensatory draft pick, then you have lost a huge offensive cog but have not gotten better elsewhere in return.

  2. Brewerfever78 Says:

    Are our pitching woes from Melvin or the farm system? Either way, I don’t think you can fire Melvin. I do think Mark A needs to address this teams inability to find and develop pitchers.

    I think the team should fire Macha though and give Sveum a shot. Give him a 4 month audition. I’d like to see this team play some small ball. With the lineup we have, there is no reason we should be shutout as often as we are.

    I think a Fielder trade makes sense. I think one established starting pitcher, along with 2 prospects. And trade him to the AL. The problem with Fielder is that his stats by age 25 far exceed anything that Howard and Texeria did. Boras is going to try and get something that even exceeds Howards deals.