Zaun (Not) Gone for the Year (Yet)?

It seems so. Zaun reportedly has a torn labrum and will need surgery that will keep him out 4-6 months…so yeah…the season.

Maybe on the DL, it'll be "Bring Your ZZZZ-Game"

That means that the youth movement progresses with Kottaras, who started only 25 games in the majors before this season, and Lucroy, who didn’t start a major league game until yesterday. While that may seem like a downer, I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Kottaras and Lucroy looked alright last night (other than pi$$ing off all the pitchers…ha).  So anyone wanna guess how this plays out over the season? Does it hurt the pitching staff not to have a veteran presence? Will it help the team with faster, younger players behind the plate who have been getting on base?

UPDATE: Zaun has decided not to have season ending surgery at this point, but we will see how this affects him

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13 Responses to “Zaun (Not) Gone for the Year (Yet)?”

  1. Daybreak Doppler: Roy Oswalt Does Not Suck « - A Wisconsin Sports Blog Says:

    [...] on the DL will be increased… for the entire season.  Right Field Bleachers says that the youth movement now in the catchers role for the Brewers isn’t necessarily a bad [...]

  2. D'Amico's one good year Says:

    It can only be a good thing. Now you can see what you have in Kottaras and LuCroy (and perhaps Salome, though his time as a well-regarded propect seems to have passed). This sort of thing needs to happen roster-wide; not injuries, but giving the higher-level prospects their shot. The reason being that this team is treading water until Tubby McGoo is traded to the AL for pennies on the dollar. So…. Sit Hart, bring up Lo-Cain, and see if he can stick. If not, that’s something you know you need to ask for when you trade Prince.

  3. Jon K Says:

    I’m good with Kottaras and Lucroy behind the plate. Other than them learning how to handle the pitching staff I don’t see much of a dropoff from what the Crew had in Zaun, or Kendall for that matter. My only fear is that they don’t sit Lucroy for too long behind Kottaras. This is the catcher of the future from within the organization and I would hate for them to screw his development by not getting him regular ABs………Iike they did with Mat Gamel. Not to say that Gamel’s issues were all because of that but they didn’t do him any favors.

  4. D"Amico's one good year Says:

    Jon K-

    Agreed. My big worry is that they’ll sit LuCroy, as well. If they really are only going to play him every fifth day like they say they are… I’d rather he stay at triple A and they bring up salome. Let LuCroy get his work.

  5. Jared Says:

    Salome is in extended Spring Training. He’s got some kind of a mental issue he’s dealing with. Not an option at this point.

  6. Mark Says:

    The fact that Zaun is going to try to gut this out is more of a worry to me than anything else. I hate seeing players go out there at less than 100% (or maybe 80 with him who knows).

  7. D"Amico's one good year Says:


    Is the mental issue being fat?

  8. kade in dubuque Says:

    Why do you guys hate this site? we used to get almost every post game analysis 2 busy? which i understand i am just curious…

    kade in dubuque but really in rockford but people on this site know me as kade in dubuque

  9. Jared Says:


    I can’t speak for the other guys, but my wife and I bought a house in April and a puppy in May. I haven’t even been able to watch most of the games, much less blog about them. I’m sure the blogging mood will strike me some time soon and I’ll find some time to do a little more writing/stupid photoshops though.

  10. D"Amico's one good year Says:

    A less than enthralling team to write about leads to less posts. This team is in a weird place, where you really don’t want to emotionally invest because you know half of the guys are going to be gone in a few months. I’d say that there’s only two untouchables on the entire team.

  11. kade in dubuque Says:


    Braun and Yo?

  12. Jon K Says:

    Does anyone think the problem with the pitching goes further than Doug Melvin drafting poorly? It just seems that these guys dont progress the way that you would like once they get into the system. Perhaps they are not being coached properly. I know pitching is a crapshoot anyway, but you’d think that a couple of these high draftees would have panned better by now.

  13. ron Says:

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