Vote for Casey

(Sung to the tune of “Spongebob Squarepants)

Ohhhhhh, who’s hitting more home runs than big ol’ Princey? Ca-sey Mc-Gehee
Who is even hitting with R-I-S-P? Ca-sey Mc-Gehee
His clutch hitting be something you’d miss. Ca-sey Mc-Gehee
So do for me this one little wish, Ready?
Vote for Ca-sey
Vote for Ca-sey
Vote for Ca-sey
Vote for Ca-seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

McGehee on Mother's Day

Even though this may backfire since many former Brewer all-stars have hit the skids (see Hardy, Capuano, Turnbow, Hart), I still feel that Casey McGehee needs recognition for what he’s doing. Keep it up, Casey! Milwaukee definitely knows how to say your last name.


2 Responses to “Vote for Casey”

  1. Sharlene Gomes Says:

    I’m glad you now know what we’ve known for years. Casey is not only a talent…he’s a great guy. That’s why he’s in the Fresno State Baseball Wall of Fame!

  2. Brewerfever78 Says:

    Weren’t Braun and Fielder the most potent duo in the MLB for RBIs last year? Now add Casey Mcgehee and could the Brewers have the top trio???

    I think I was sold on McGehee after that game against the Mets when he made the error, then hit a grand slam. After he hit the grand slam, and got to the dugout, he was still fuming about that error he made..not celebrating the HR.

    Now only if the Brewers could find pitching like they find hitting.

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