Jody Gerut hits for the Cycle!

What a big night in Arizona! Jody Gerut just hit for the cycle. He is the 6th in Brewer history to hit for the cycle, the last one being Chad Moeller in 2004. Jody joins Moeller, Yount, Molitor, Charlie Moore, and Mike Hegan.

Gerut Starts the Cycle with a Home Run

Jody Gerut smacked a home run in the second. Then a single in the third. A big triple in the 5th. Then nothing in the 6th and 7th, but in the 9th, he hit a two run double. Gerut had 4 RBI’s for the game.


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  1. Matt Says:

    Way to go, Jody! And kudos to the team for a couple clutch hits in the top ninth with two outs to give him the opportunity.

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