Restaurant Ideas

Ryan Braun has one. Jeff Suppan has had one for awhile. They’re restaurants and they could turn into a smart business venture for athletes. Here are some restaurant ideas for any Brewers who still want to turn into restauranteurs.

Prince Fielder’s Choice

What is it: Besides a play on words and a play on his choice to go meatless, PFC could be like a meatless Stack’d. Want 3 meatless burgers on top of each other, slathered with sauce, fried onions, lettuce, tomatoes, a meatless bacon (yes, there is such a thing)? It would be at Prince Fielder’s Choice! Want a blooming onion that falls down when you put a picture of Prince on home plate? It’s here too!

Signature Dish: The Grand Slam - 4 meatless sliders, each one topped with meatless bacon, crispy onion strings, and stadium sauce.

Yovani Cilantro

What is it: A southwest bar and grill…where everything can strike out the competition and still hit a home run.

Signature Dish: The Repetoire Combination Platter. It includes dishes that match Yovani’s 4 pitches. The fastball is 3 Spicy Habenero Wings that make your mouth burn. The changeup is some nice, slow grilled tequila shrimp. The slider is a chicken quesadilla with a devastating chiptole-cheese sauce. Finally, the curve is a fish taco with a cheesy tortilla wrapped around the shell.


What is it: Named after the two speed freaks on the team, Escie-Mez is part Chipotle, part Jimmy Johns. You think Jimmy John’s delivery is fast? Sh*t son, you haven’t seen fast until you’ve seen Carlos Gomez or Alcides Escobar running faster than the Jimmy John’s delivery car to deliver your giant burrito.

Signature Dish: The Chicken’s just really good and really fast.

Alterra Coffey

What is it: Alterra has been trying to expand, but they can’t quite afford huge stars to back their Milwaukee-based chain. Enter Todd Coffey, who is known all around baseball for his bullpen sprint and loved by Milwaukee for his dependability. Perfect! The only Alterra Coffey will be in Miller Park.

Signature Dish: It’s always the scones that are good at coffee shops…so good, but so overpriced. When Alterra announces the deal with Todd, they create a new signature blend that packs the excitement of Todd Coffey’s sprint with the boldness of the Ultimate Warrior.

Craigy McCounsell’s

What is it: You may not think that Craig and Casey would make a good restaurant, but did anyone thing Craig would be an NLCS (fixed) MVP? No. Did anyone really think Casey would make the team AND be the opening day starter  a year later? No. So let’s give their restaurant a chance. It may not look good, but it will somehow produce great food

Signature Dish: Well, Craig seems like someone who loves happy meals, so his restaurant is the only one with meals for children.


What is it: Trevor Hoffman is no-nonsense and neither is his restaurant. It is the five-star (snooty) premier restaurant with a top chef that Milwaukee doesn’t have. It would basically be Milwaukee’s Per-Se or Alinea.

Signature Dish: I don’t know. Something with creme fraiche, pesto, risotto, foie gras, with braised duck in a homemade bisque.

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