They’re not booing, they’re saying Bu-laga

We're going to need a bigger broom...

What an awesome day!

First of all, the Brewers put together their first great series against the Pirates and ended it with, oh, twenty exclamations. Not only did the offense dominate, but the pitchers shut out the Pirates (who had to be p.o.’ed)

Then, the Packers picked a player that I am very excited about. I was hoping the Packers would find a replacement for Tauscher/Clifton and they did with Brian Bulaga. Some Wisconsin sites had Bulaga as high as 5th and most national mock drafts had him around the 15th pick. It may not be a playmaker, but it fills a need.

Let’s go Brewers against those Cubs!

One Response to “They’re not booing, they’re saying Bu-laga”

  1. kade in dubuque Says:

    I think that I have seen all I need to see out of Jeff Suppan