Brewers Lock Up Yo With 5-Year Deal

According to a Tom Haudricourt tweet:

Brewers are believed to be closing in on contract extension with RHP Yovani Gallardo.

That is great news on an otherwise glum, snowy day (especially after they cancelled the Timber Rattlers opener). I can’t wait to hear the details.

EDIT: Turns out it’s pretty much just speculation on the Journal Sentinel beat writers’ part for now. The Brewers are calling a press conference to annonce something and Haudricourt and Witrado think a Yo contract extension is the most likely announcement as Prince Fielder’s contract situation will take much longer to work out.

EDIT2: Adam McCalvy has more details on the possible Gallardo extension HERE.

Edit3: By now I’m sure you all know the deal is done. It’s a five-year $30.1 million deal with an option for a sixth year. Full details HERE and HERE.

Looks like an outstanding deal for both sides. Great move for the Brewers. I’m sure I speak for all Brewers fans when I say I’m pumped to watch Gallardo in a Brewers uniform for at least the next five years. Good work Doug, Gord and Mark!

4 Responses to “Brewers Lock Up Yo With 5-Year Deal”

  1. Jon K Says:

    Mark A: The Yankees have a crazy high payroll.
    Randy Levine: We give you a boat load of money every year and you keep it for yourself. SHUT UP!!!
    Mark A: I would like to announce a new 5 year contract for Yovanni Gallardo

    Somehow I think that Mark A calculated this exchange with Levine to coincide with this signing.
    In the words of Delonte West……”how playa is that man”

  2. theBrouhaha Says:

    And it is official. I love you this move.

  3. kade in dubuque Says:

    Any of you guys going to the game fri?

  4. Jared Says:

    I’m not. Not sure about the other guys, but I don’t think so.

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