Ueck’s lists keeps growing; gets honored by WWE

I don’t know if anyone else put this up, but it’s worth a view:
Bob Uecker will be going into WWE’s Hall of Fame for his broadcasting work on Wrestlemania III and IV. Vince McMahon points to the scene where Andre the Giant puts his hands on Uecker as a “classic” pop culture moment. Bob will be inducted with “The Million Dollar Man” (Which doesn’t seem that excessive anymore, huh?)

Two Movie Stars Slumming in the WWF...er WWE...

…by the way, did anyone else catch Uecker riffing with Bob Costas last weekend? It was a treat, especially with the always perfect Costas having fun with Uecker making calls like “Some guy in a Giants uniform hit it to some guy in a Brewers uniform and there are two outs!” Later Bob stated that they won’t be around in a couple weeks anyway, so it wasn’t important to get the names right. They also told stories about each other and I learned that Uecker gets calls and texts from Costas on a seemingly regular basis.


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