Strange to See…

I must admit, it’s strange to see Ben Sheets pitching in another team’s uniform. Then again, it’s strange seeing Ben Sheets actually pitching.

RFB archives will show that I haven’t always been the kindest to Milwaukee’s former ace, but I do wish him the best in 2010. And frankly, Sheets signing with a non-contending team that plays in an equally small market AND in a different league makes it that much easier to root for him.

So for God’s sake, win 20 games, Big Ben! It’ll put the A’s 22-140 on the season… but will still put a smile on my face. Earn that $10 M salary in the — likely — 90 innings you’ll pitch. Teach your “mechanics” to players that will (hopefully) one day be traded to Milwaukee at the deadline.

I’ll hold to the claim that I’m glad Ben Sheets isn’t a part of the Brewers this season. However, seeing him wearing new colors, surprisingly, feels a bit odd to me.

But best of luck Ben… but not the kind of luck that will bring you to an actual contender in 2011, yet luck nonetheless.

And if he happens to take public transit, I hope he doesn’t encounter this guy.

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One Response to “Strange to See…”

  1. Brewerfever78 Says:

    It kind of reminds me of the Packers losing Favre. Yes, they lost a great player, but it’s nice knowing that Viking’s fans got to experience what we did so many times; Favre throwing a brain dead interception that costs the game.

    Same goes with Sheets. Loved him when he was great. But it’s nice knowing that 20,000 people will be in Oakland watching Sheets pitch a great game..until the 5th inning when he throws a pitch, calls out the trainer and is removed from the game…20,000 minds asking, “what just happened?”. And the shock of hearing later in the day that he tore a tendon in a finger and will miss the next 2 months. Then Oakland Nation gets to wonder, ‘how the hell do you tear a tendon in your finger throwing a pitch?’