10 Things to Look Forward to Before Opening Day

This week is possibly one of the most boring in sports. There’s no more football, no baseball, no Olympics…just basketball. To get you over the hump, I’m going to try to post something new each day this week and open up some discussions.

Let’s start the week of on a positive note:

Here’s a list of 10 Brewer-related things I’m excited for before opening day

10) Brewers Winter Tailgate - What started off as nutjobs freezing for baseball tickets has been embraced by the team and the fans.

9) Pitchers and Catchers report - The four magical words in the middle of winter that make you feel like digging out of your hole. Anyone else start working out again once these words are said? Anyone else just have a good day on PaCR day? Yeah, didn’t think it was just me.

8) Promotional Schedule released - This isn’t a big deal, but it’s always fun to see who their going to make into a bobblehead this year. We already know there’s a Bernie Brewer one…perhaps a Prince as the HR Derby Champion bobble? Doug Melvin was a hit last year, how about a Mark Attanasio bobblehead?

7) This Year’s Breakout at Spring Training - Two years ago, it was Gabe Kapler. Last year, it was Casey McGehee. Who’s it going to be this year?

6) Ryan Braun’s Tavern and Grill - I know I’m lame, but I’m so close to Lake Geneva that it’s probably more exciting to me than others. And it can’t be any worse than Remitee, right?

5) Fantasy Baseball Draft - I love having all the guys get together for the draft, talk baseball, and speculate about players and teams.

4) Getting out the Grill and getting it ready for the season - This usually happens once most of the snow has left and it usually starts out as wanting to clean the grill and it usually ends up making burgers and brats…you know…to warm it up before the season.

3) Watching the pitching staff come together - Will the Crew have three lefty starters or will Manny and his fragile psyche get sent to AAA? Will the Narv-Dog be a reliever, long reliever, or AAA starter? Will Riske be ready? Will the relievers from last year still be worn out (already lost DiFelice for the year)? Will Jeff Suppan start? If so, it will because of two reasons; he will either have rocked in spring or there will be laugh-worthy reasoning from the managerial staff.

2) Spring Training Games - I love getting updates during the day about the team, not to mention seeing how prospects are doing this year. Plus, this year’s team has been through the biggest overhaul since 2006. It’s going to be interesting to see how all the new pieces work.

1) The night before Opening Day - The excitement has been bubbling for a long time and comes to a climax the night before.

2 Responses to “10 Things to Look Forward to Before Opening Day”

  1. Liz Says:

    It be so cool to get a Randy Wolf and your right I’m an hr and a half away from Miller Park and Id be there in a second if I could be there for opening day! I’m like obssessed with baseball hey you know what they say “If you cant believe in something you’ll fall for anything”. anyway ya I was at the On Deck and Ryan’s Grill sounds awesome. I would have fainted If I would have gotten to meet him but unfortunatly the lines where wayyyyyyyyyy too long!

  2. kade in rockford Says:

    Nothing can be worse than remitee

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