Peterson Vows to Keep Pitchers Healthy

Last week, I wrote about the high expectations new pitching coach Rick Peterson brings with him and the fact that he doesn’t seem interested in tempering those expectations at all. Well, the enthusiasm continues to build.

Mike Silva of Mike Silva’s New York Baseball Digest, a Mets blogger who wrote that he wishes Peterson was still in New York, says the veteran pitching coach should be a nice fit for the Brewers:

“I predict the Brewers will see many arms overachieve with Peterson as their pitching coach. Their young hurlers, like Yovani Gallardo, will become better because of the experience of working with him.”

And perhaps the improvements on the mound won’t be as important as another part of Peterson’s program — keeping those pitchers on the mound. In August, Silva interviewed Peterson, who was not with an MLB team and was working on building 3P Sports at the time (download here). And Peterson left little doubt that he believes in the system he developed with Dr. James Andrews. In fact, he all but promised pitchers will stay healthy if they stick with it:

“In 11 years, six years with Oakland and five years with the New York Mets, if there’s one thing in my career that I’m most proud of it is the fact that we kept healthy arms healthy during the tenure of those times coaching at the Major League level. And that is a real tribute to the research and implementation of Dr. Andrews’ program of the biomechanical analysis and then how to train pitchers deliveries to keep them healthy.”


“Without question, what I  can say from being a Major League pitching coach and hopefully getting back in the Major Leagues next year, is this is absolutely the best program that’s out there.”

Again, it’s hard to not be enthusiastic about what this guy is promising to deliver. Hopefully it translates to the results on the mound this season.

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