Recap of Braun’s Interview With Rome

Here’s the video:

And some of the highlights:

  • “I feel like we’ve made some moves to head in the right direction.”
  • “I’m really looking forward to the season starting.”
  • Can the Brewers compete with the Cardinals this season? ”I hope so.” Talked about optimism that builds in offseason, ready to get season started.
  • Feels pitching is more important in post season — “It’s extremely difficult to win if you don’t have that legitimate no. 1-type starter.”
  • Worried about losing Prince in a year or two? “I think the reality is that he’s earned the right to go out and make as much money as he can. Realistically, I’d love to keep him, but we’ll see what happens.”
  • Sense of urgency is there to win now.
  • Does the team need more? “I kind of learned my lesson last year in not playing GM.” Management puts team in best position to win that they can.
  • On rift with Melvin last year — “We’ve moved on. We’ve moved past that.” “Doug is my boy.”
  • Is Yo a legitimate no. 1? “I think he’s well on his way.” “I really look for him to take a step forward this year and be the guy.”
  • Is the team upset Macha is back? “Having played for him a year, I think everybody knows what to expect this year. It’ll be a much more comfortable atmosphere and comfortable environment.”
  • Did the “The Bachelor” ask him to be on the show? There were “preliminary discussions,” but he’s “not too big on the whole reality show idea.” Focus is on baseball.

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  1. Matt Says:

    I really respect that Ryan made the assertion that he is less interested in becoming a mainstream icon as he is in simply making a name for himself within the sport and to win ball games. I think there’s a sentiment within a subculture of fans (particularly amongst fans of our rivals) who feel he’s a show boat and self-centered. I can see where they might draw those conclusions, but ultimately I think it is a misunderstanding. And I feel Ryan’s overall interview did his character true justice. I also agree with him that reality shows are pointless.

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