Pre-Winter Meeting Joy Killers

While waiting for the Badger game, there were two posts that might make Brewers fans a little sad before Winter meetings:

First of all, Haudricort believes that the Brewers only has about 12 Million to spend on pitching. This puts them out of Lackey’s reach and even hurts the chances of finding two decent starting pitchers.

Second bit of bad news, a writer from Baseball Prospectus has the Cubs signing Mike Cameron once they unload Milton Bradley in the “imminent” future. I really like Cam and will have issues seeing him as a Cub if this comes to fruition. Also if this comes true, will the Cubs untuckem? Please let this rumor be BS.

Finally, do the Reds read RFB? MLB Trade Rumors has the Reds interested in both Noah Lowry and Jamey Carroll today after I posted that they were my under-the-radar picks. Hey Reds…um…I really hope the Brewers pick up Jerry Hairston Jr. and, um, Sidney Ponson…yeah…Ponson…


5 Responses to “Pre-Winter Meeting Joy Killers”

  1. kade in dubuque Says:

    i have heard the mike cameron talks a lot on 670 the score out of chicago

  2. D'Amico's one good year Says:

    But I want Lowry. And Kevin Corriea. :(

  3. Bryan Says:

    I’m glad there’s another who wants Lowry on the BCrew!

  4. Bryan Says:

    A couple quick updates: The Brewers are reportedly going strong for Randy Wolf and Geoff Jenkins wants to make a comeback.

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