Morning Ramble 11/19

Not much happening this week so far, but a couple notes:

The Brewers claimed a catcher from the Red Sox organization, George Kattaras. Competition is never a bad thing.

Right now from the rumor postings and sporting magazines making predictions, the most likely candidates to come to the Brewers are Mark Mulder, Jarrod Washburn, and Randy Wolf. Uggh…

Fox Sports also wrote that Gamel probably won’t be traded because he won’t net a fair return by himself and Weeks won’t be traded because he will be too expensive for a player coming off an injury.

Probably the funniest thing I read was that Eric Gagne wants to be a starter in Major League Baseball. Sure, the guy who could barely make it past an inning in relief wants to start..what is he going to do, lob the ball like Henry Rowengartner when he had no arm left either? Gord Ash’s quote was good too: “I don’t see that”. It’s simple, but direct. No messing around.

Things should start getting interesting again on Friday…

5 Responses to “Morning Ramble 11/19”

  1. Scoottage Cheese Says:

    Seriously…why is everyone so high on Rickie Weeks? His hot streak consists of a 1.5 month.

  2. Jon K Says:

    The Crew is kind of stuck this offseason. John Lackey is the prize pitcher of this offseason, but I’m not sure that he’s worth the $17-$18 Million/year that he’s probably going to get and I’m sure the Brewers wont part with that money even if he does want to come here. Lackey’s good, but he’s not CC good, and I just dont see Melvin shelling out that kind of money for him. No one wants to trade prospects and “mortgage” the future, so thats another road that won’t be taken. Any possible starting pitching in the minor league system is at least a couple years away, so that’s no help. That leaves mid level free agents and reclaimation projects as the only way to improve the pitching staff. I guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed that Washburn pitches more like he did in the first half of last year, that Wolf stays around a 4.00 ERA and Mulder is the “comeback player of the year”. Perhaps after next year, the crew can swing a deal on what appears to be a stronger pitching market.

  3. brewerfever78 Says:

    I agree with Jon K, that signing Lackey would be a mistake at $17-18 million. Unless you compare him to Suppan, he doesn’t deserve that kind of money (even though he’ll get it). However, the guy has pitched in the AL. Would he be better in the NL where most teams haven’t seen him??

    I’d take Randy Wolf. He has a career ERA around 4.1 and a decent walks to K’s ratio. No way to Washburn. And if the price is right, take a chance on Mulder.

    Bottom line, we do need an Ace, but he’s not out there. Let’s at least improve on the starting rotation. This team won 80 games last year with the worst starting pitching in baseball. Can the addition of Mulder and Wolf improve this team by 10 wins? Probably not, but it’s a start.

    By the way, who else thinks the Brewers could have gotten Cliff Lee last season??? Man, he’d look good in our rotation right now. The Brewers wouldn’t have made the playoffs with him last year, but they’d be in so much better shape right now.

  4. kade in dubuque Says:

    Its terrible to say but i hope the brewers don’t make any moves and I guess next year hope for some bad bounces unless they get real creative which i love and start dealing some players to me no one is untouchable lets win now…..

  5. Says:

    good info keep it coming

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