RFB’s Morning Ramble -10/30

Why is Fox cramming Wanda Sykes down our throat again? Didn’t they learn from Wanda at Large? The worst part about this postseason for me hasn’t been the bad calls (even though there have been more this year), it’s not the fact that big money teams made the World Series, it’s that I have to deal with the terribly un-funny Wanda Sykes in between each half inning.

Speaking of which…who are you cheering for? I really don’t like most of the Phillies players, especially Jayson Werth, The Flying Hawaiian, Jimmy Rollins, and Brett Myers to name some. But I don’t like the Yankees organization, even though I have no problem with most of their players. I feel if the Phils win, the players will become douchier (more douchey?) and if the Yankees win, the “throw all the money you possibly can at players” model will come back and sink small market teams.

The Bucks start their season today and are listed to finish either last or second to last. The Bucks are dumping a ton of payroll so this makes me hope that they are going to make a huge play for Dwayne Wade next year. That maybe the only way that Milwaukee pays attention to their Bucks in the near future.

Finally, Brewers-related: The two first names in the pitching hot stove are Mark Mulder and Jarrod Washburn. It’s obvious the Brewers are looking at leftys, but do these names excite anyone?


2 Responses to “RFB’s Morning Ramble -10/30”

  1. Jon K Says:

    I guess if the Brewers are looking for an average pitcher, then Washburn is the guy. He just doesn’t excite me at all. Besides, they would sign him as a FA and that means having to overpay. If they are going to have to overpay, I would rather it not be Washburn.

  2. kade in dubuque Says:

    No they both suck