Melvin’s End-of-Season Media Blitz

Doug Melvin had his year-end press conference then he went on 620 with Bill Michaels…some highlights of both:

- Melvin basically said Braun and Prince won’t be traded. On 620, Michaels asked if they were going to look into locking up Prince and Melvin said something to the effect of when we have those discussions, it will be quiet like how we approached Trevor about an extension. Does this mean that Melvin will talk huge extension with Boras this offseason???

- Probably not, because right after that he said that he wants to figure out pitching before position players

- That included decisions on Mike Cameron, Jason Kendall, and Craig Counsell he said on 620.

- He said that keeping both J.J. and Escobar would be “very difficult”, which Haudricourt basically believes (and I agree) means “OPEN MARKET ON HARDY”

- Lopez and Weeks were brought up. Listen up, everyone…no matter how many message boards you read or sports talk shows you listen to, Rickie Weeks ISN’T moving to the outfield. Rickie is considered the second base starter right now. Lopez might fall into that group of players that Melvin won’t decide on until some pitching is figured out.

- Finally, Melvin very bluntly said that the Brewers were looking to get two starting pitchers.

Melvin will also be on 620 tomorrow morning for his last Brewers 360 of the year where he will probably rehash all of this…but maybe there will be some new news

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4 Responses to “Melvin’s End-of-Season Media Blitz”

  1. Scoottage Cheese Says:

    Could the Brewers package Gamel or McGahee along with JJ Hardy and make a deal for a #2?
    I’m never good at any of this speculation…
    I would imagine that McGahee and Hardy would be an interesting pick-up for a NL team not in the Central. I can’t see an AL team, other than the M’s, who would consider this.

  2. brewerfever78 Says:

    I like that trade. I am a big fan of McGehee, but could he be another Bill Hall type. Hall had a big breakout year, then did nothing. Who’s to say McGehee can repeat his stats in 2009? His stock is very high right now…if the right deal presents itself, I’d say go for it. We basically have a major league ready left side of the infield to trade. That should get us a quality pitcher.

    That leaves us with Mat Gamel at 3rd…not too confident about that either though.

  3. Антон Says:

    потрясающие идеи…нам перенять бы …великолепно.

  4. Andy Says:

    По моему у Вас украли эту статью и поместили на другом сайте. Я её уже видела.

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