InReview - All Star Break Special

Since I’m in the middle of moving AND taking a vacation, I really won’t have access to the internet much. That’s why I’m doing a mid-year review special.


Jason Kendall - 258 AB/.233 BA/.322 OBP/25 R/23 RBI/0 HR
C+: His ability to call games and play defense is still high quality. He still can’t find his bat, but at least he gets on base.

Mike Rivera - 49 AB/.245 BA/.294 OBP/2 R/2 RBI/0 HR
C: We may never know who the real Mike Rivera is…the hits aren’t falling this year like they did last year but he doesn’t get enough consistent at bats to be at fault. He is solid calling games and on defense.

Prince Fielder - 308 AB/.315 BA/.422 OBP/58 R/78 RBI/22 HR
A: This year’s Prince has the highest on base percentage out of all the Brewers. That’s amazing. Not only that, but he leads the team in HR’s, RBI’s, and doubles. For all the crap Prince gets at first, he has only had 3 errors this year and has been the team’s leader.

Rickie Weeks - 147 AB/.272 BA/.340 OBP/28 R/24 RBI/9 HR
I: I feel bad for Rickie, I really do. He might have been able to put together an amazing year both offensively and defensively, but is spending the entire year hurt.

Craig Counsell - 224 AB/.281 BA/.354 OBP/34 R/15 RBI/2 HR
B+: I may have been tough on Craigy in the past, but he’s been solid this year. A fun stat is that he already has more hits this year than all of last year. When Rickie went down, Craig held the team together with his play and leadership.

JJ Hardy - 298 AB/.232 BA/.301 OBP/41 R/38 RBI/10 HR
C-: JJ is having bad luck this year. There was a while that he should have been on a tear, but instead was robbed each time. JJ might be the slowest starter on the team and he has grounded into 11 double plays already, Tied for 28th in the entire league. Hardy’s arm has been strong as ever and he has made some strong plays. I expect a big second half from JJ.

Bill Hall - 191 AB/.199 BA/.260 OBP/20 R/19 RBI/5 HR
D-: Hall was given the position of starter at the beginning of the year AGAIN. The Brewers sent down their hot third base prospect to give Hall a chance AGAIN. Hall even got his eyes checked over the offseason to help his batting. Well, Gamel and McGehee have taken almost all of Bill Hall’s at bats by this halfway point and Bill is basically a defensive play. Bill has continued to suffer from Jenkinsitis (Swinging at a low breaking ball near the dirt) and now strikes out with high fastballs as well…I feel bad for the guy, but he is basically the invisible man. Mike Rivera thinks Bill Hall doesn’t get on the field much anymore.

Casey McGehee - 146 AB/.329 BA/.387 OBP/24 R/27 RBI/6 HR
A-: Casey is the surprise of the year! He had a rough start of the year after a great spring training and didn’t see much playing time. However, he caught fire from the middle of May to the middle of June. McGehee has had some problems fielding (probably because he plays both second and third), but I’m hoping he can keep it up!

Mat Gamel - 105 AB/.248 BA/.350 OBP/10 R/16 RBI/4 HR
B-: Maybe people were expecting the second coming of Ryan Braun, but Mat Gamel has still been pretty good since being called up. Not having consistent playing time is tough, but Gamel has been doing well. True, he shrinks in the clutch, but I hope he’s learning a lot for the future.

Ryan Braun - 332 AB/.310 BA/.391 OBP/61 R/58 RBI/16 HR
A: Ryan has been on a recent cold streak, but I still believe he deserves an A. He’s made some nice plays in left (and some errors) and he’s hitting well over .300. He’s also the first Brewer to start two All-Star games in a row since Robin.

Mike Cameron - 287 AB/.258 BA/.368 OBP/40 R/42 RBI/14 HR
B: Mike has made some amazing catches and was the hottest hitter in April. He is very streaky, but this is the guy I thought we had last year: a .250+ hitter with power and makes great catches in center.

Corey Hart - 304AB/.253 BA/.322 OBP/46 R/35 RBI/9 HR
C-: Corey Hart makes me sad. The fans voted him in to the All Star game. He then said the fans don’t support the team enough during the Cubs series. Then he disappears late in the season, but we, the fans, stuck by him the entire time. This year, I’ve noticed less hustle in getting to fly balls and running out grounders from Hart. He’s turning it around at the plate as of late, but it was tough for quite a while. I’m starting to rethink my expectations of Hart. I gave him a low grade because of those high expectations, but he may not be the .290-.300 with 20 HR and 20 steals player we thought he was.

Frank Catalanotto - 47 AB/.277 BA/.327 OBP/2 R/5 RBI/1 HR
C: If I was comparing Frank to Jody, Frank would get an A. He’s been serviceable in limited play time. He’s been a better outfield backup than Duffy, Nelson, and Gerut.

Jody Gerut - 152 AB/.191 BA/.226 OBP/21 R/16 RBI/4 HR (OVERALL)
F: Remember when the Brewers traded Gwynn because Duffy and Nelson weren’t hitting? That was a long time ago, right? Jody Gerut has had 4 hits since becoming a Brewer.

Yovani Gallardo - 8-7/114.2 IP/ 3.22 ERA/123 K/ 1.230 WHIP
A-: Yovani has been stellar this year and he shouldn’t be an almost-.500 pitcher. He should be an All-Star, so I hope he has a chip on his shoulder the second half. More than anything, I hope his last two starts are not a sign of things to come. Remember, this is hopefully his first full season.

Jeff Suppan - 5-6/99.2 IP/ 4.70 ERA/53 K/ 1.605 WHIP
C: After a horrendous start to the season, Suppan has been an innings eater. What pisses off Brewers fans is that he’s an expensive innings eater. But take a look, he’s got the second lowest ERA of any of the top 5 starters. What has killed him is walks.

Manny Parra - 3-8/71.2 IP/ 6.78 ERA/62 K/ 1.786 WHIP
F+: I like Manny, I really hope his recent stint in the minors turned his season around, but you have to agree he was terrible the first half of the season. His ERA is still over 6 even with his great last start. I know Manny has the skills to suceed and I hope he does. The Brewers need him.

Braden Looper - 7-4/102 IP/ 4.94 ERA/59 K/ 1.382 WHIP
C+: Braden, like Soup, has been an innings eater. He’s just won a couple more, struck out a couple more, and walked a couple less. Braden has been a calming starter on the team, which is needed at times.

Dave Bush - 3-4/81 IP/ 5.67 ERA/59 K/ 1.346 WHIP
C-: Bush has also had some bad luck, since he has a very low WHIP. However, much like Burns, he’s been prone to the gopher ball. Bush had a solid second half last year and, once he’s back, the Brewers are betting on more of the same.

Seth McClung - 3-2/54 IP/ 4.17 ERA/33 K/ 1.519 WHIP
As a reliever A-
As a starter F: McClung’s ERA as a reliever is only 2.89 in 46 innings. He worked his way back into the rotation and he deserved a shot…but he took the shot and and hit himself with it. McClung, like Villa, is probably going to be a above average reliever, below average starter…and that’s OK if the other starters get their act together.

Mike Burns - 2-2/26 IP/ 5.54 ERA/19 K/ 1.423 WHIP
C-: When Burns gets in trouble, he throws the ball RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. When Burns is cruising, he is hard to hit. The problem is, sooner than later, Burns will have problems and has given up an average of over 2 home runs per nine innings.

Mitch Stetter - 2-0/29 IP/ 2.76 ERA/36K/ 0.989 WHIP
A-: Mitch set a record for most consecutive strike out outs and has a WHIP under 1.000. He has been great as a lefty specialist and good in normal relief.

Carlos Villanueva - 2-6/39 IP/ 6.14 ERA/37 K/ 1.449 WHIP
C-: From Opening Day to June 6th, Carlos had a 3.33 ERA and opponents were only hitting .167 against him. Since June 6th, hitters have hit .419 against him and it shows in his 13.14 ERA. Usually when you see numbers like this, you think someone has to be hurt…we will see…

Todd Coffey - 4-1/45 IP/ 2.80 ERA/40 K/ 1.244 WHIP
B+: Before the Hoff came, Coffey was the only shining star in the bullpen. After Hoffman came and became a sensation, Coffey has still thrown very well and is a mini-sensation as well with his memorable run to the mound.

Chris Smith - 0-0/22.2 IP/ 2.38 ERA/17 K/ 1.147 WHIP
B: This guy has been a total surprise and has been good at eating up innings. Problem is, these innings are mostly during losses. I’m very interested in seeing more because I can’t tell if he’s lucky or good yet.

Mark DiFelice - 4-1/34.1 IP/ 1.83 ERA/31 K/ 0.961 WHIP
A-: Mark has been one of the more steady arms from the bullpen and is getting almost no pub for it. I was at a game in June and heard one “Brewer fan” say the following: “Awh, I don’t know why they’re putting in DiFelice? Do they want to throw this game away?” Check the kids numbers and you will be impressed. When Trevor said he was going to the All-Star game for all of the relievers on the team, you know he meant mostly Mark DiFelice.

Trevor Hoffman - 1-1/26.1 IP/ 2.05 ERA/20 K/ 1.063 WHIP
A: I was guardedly optimistic about Trevor coming to the Brewers. He was good in Petco, but I wasn’t sure that would translate to Miller Park. It has and the crowds have taken notice. Whenever Hells Bells starts to ring, the crowd gets up and gets loud and you almost know the game is over. Now, I’m starting to think that Trevor should never be put in a non-save situation. He has a 5.40 ERA in non save situations and a 1.27 ERA in save situation.

Team as a whole
B-: I thought the team would be a little better than two games over .500 but if the team is in the race after playing so inconsistently, I have to be a little happy. I like Macha’s style and even though there have been some question marks, I’ve been very pleased with his results and the patience he has instilled on the team. I’m worried that Bill Castro isn’t going to be the pitching coach after this year. Don’t believe the hype that the fielding is THAT much better. The Brewers are averaging an error about once every 1.8 games. Last year, it was one every 1.6 games.

Great Moment of the First Half
Trevor Hoffman saving his first 16 games before blowing any (April 28th-June 15th)
30-20 (June 1st)
Prince Fielder’s first grand slam to win the game (June 15th)
Prince winning the Home Run Derby (July 13th)
Braun, Prince, and Trevor in the All-Star Game (July 14th)

Bout Damn Time Moments of the First Half
Brewers are in 1st (May 13-May 26, May 29th-June 19th, June 26th-July 2nd)
Bringing up Gamel (May 14th)
Cutting Julio (June 2)
Starting McGehee more (started May 19th)

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15 Responses to “InReview - All Star Break Special”

  1. brewerfever78 Says:

    Good recap of the first half. Excellent summary of Corey Hart. I’d give Cameron a C though. He was hitting .333 at the end of April. Don’t check my math, but I’d say he’s probably been hitting .235 since. His defense has been awesome though. However, the guy makes $10 million a year. Unless you compare him to Hall, he’s not worth the $10 million.

  2. D'Amico's one good year Says:

    Chuckie Hacks is dead. Long live Chuckie Hacks.

    Very nice post, btw. Hopefully Braun will go on a tear after the all-star game… We need the guy to start making more noise with his bat than his mouth.

  3. Scoottage Cheese Says:

    I often times feel that Brewers’ fans are taking it too easy on Rickie Weeks. Yes-Yes, he was mashing in the first 1.5 months. But he’s injured now, he’s been injured in the past, and his contributions to the club consists of a few months of solid play through out his young career.

    Carlos Villanueva should earn a higher grade. C’mon on now, let us not forget the no-hitter he threw (relievers version) and he’s been solid from May to June. April and July are a different story. Is there any way I can convince you to raise his grade? Perhaps a piece of cake?

    nice write-up fellers!

    ps. Gerut sucks and he looked like a douche bag in the Remetee video clip.

  4. Jared Says:

    brewerfever78, there’s a good post over at Junkball Blues today about why Cameron really isn’t overrated or overpaid: I think people underestimate how much he means to the team, both on the field and off of it.

    And, D’Amico, yeah, I was disappointed to see the Chuckie Hacks guys decided to hang it up. There aren’t enough Brewer bloggers with senses of humor out there…

    Scottage, Villanueva’s grade is going to be DFA if he doesn’t get things figured out quickly.

  5. D'Amico's one good year Says:


    Yeah… They had good personality and some consistently funny commentors. But, there’s still RFB and Miller Park Drunk. I just hope that some of the Chuckie commenters come here so we can keep the “i’m bored at work and want to talk about the Brewers and bash on the Cardinals” talk going.

    I was sooo mad when they traded Nelson Cruz… and now I’m madder.

    Villa needs to get his shit straightened out. The way it’s going lately they’d be better off calling up Wily Peralta.

  6. Kade in Dubuque Says:

    Mcgehee should get a solid A… you do realize we got him for literally nothing….

  7. D'Amico's one good year Says:

    Mcgehee should also be the everyday 2nd baseman. And Gamel the everyday 3rd. Mcgehee’s arm is more suited to second, anyway, and as many have pointed out, that frees up AgroCraig to play more often at multiple positions.

    I also think that Bill Hall should start practicing at every position. His bat SUCKS this year, but he’s still a plus defender at 3rd and could probably be at most positions. Plus it means less Jody “Anal Residue” Garut.

  8. Scoottage Cheese Says:

    Casey’s knees are comparable to a street whore’s. They are used and abused. He needs to rest and platoon with Counsell.

  9. D'Amico's one good year Says:


    A platoon would be fine by me, as long as it’s a Casey-heavy platoon. No more McGehee at 3rd is more what i’m aiming for. Give him a position and see if he sticks. Also, we need more Gamel. Most of his time on the big league roster has been a waste due to lack of play time.

  10. Scottage-Sackage Says:

    I agree with that..amen.

  11. theBrouhaha Says:

    More Gamel, he’s good.
    so far, too many strikeouts,
    but soon he mashes.

  12. JAMOOL Says:

    I agree with most everything here. As for Villy - come on the guy nearly blew a 7-run lead and gave up 6 runs in the 10th to the Dodgers!! In the beginning of the season he was pretty bad as well. I definitely think he is hurt.

    As far as Gamel goes; he was clutch a few times, but he did have two really bad AB’s w/ the bases loaded, and those are hard to forget. I do see major league potential in him though.

    I would bump Prince up to an A+ (he’s second only to Pujols) and Catalanotto up to like a B or so…c’mon in limited playing time he’s been pretty damn good!

  13. Kade in Dubuque Says:

    Where is Craigy McCounsell’s grade and why has he only been mentioned once on this website?

  14. Joe Says:

    No kidding. Where be Craigy McCounsell? Jared, can we get a Craigy McCounsell updated?

  15. Shooter Says:

    Yes. Bring Back Craigy! (I keep waiting for the new RFB Craigy McCounsell shirt, but no dice)

    Is there any seriousness to this rumor about Hardy to Seattle for Washburn AND Bedard? JJ’s great, I’d hate to see him go. But this sounds good to me.

    You guys just facebook-friended my family’s hunting shack up north…I’ve wondered how people keep finding it on there. Well if any of you ever find yourself near the intersection that is Fence, WI - stop on out for a brewski because I haven’t been able to catch you at the park yet.

    Nice mid-season grades. Lookin forward to another playoff run. Go crew!

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