Erin Andrews’ Bruise

There are no games tonight as the All-Star Break is upon us, but we do have the Home Run Derby, which is agonizingly still in the first round as I type this. Aside from Prince’s impressive first-round performance (11 bombs), which matched former Brewer Nelson Cruz, the most exciting part of the show thus far is a glimpse of ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews’ bruise that she got  from a foul ball off the bat of New York Met Alex Cora. The incident was big news earlier this week, but I think this is the first time there is any visual evidence of the sideline princess’ wound.

I’ll update later if we can get a better look at it.


Here are a couple more:

It looked like they must have hit her up with some make-up during the last TV break because you couldn’t see the bruise at all after she was back on camera.

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10 Responses to “Erin Andrews’ Bruise”

  1. fred t Says:


  2. Bastille Day Dump | Bootlegger Sports- Sports Humor Blog Says:

    [...] For the first time since she got clocked by a foul ball, Erin Andrews was on the air last night.  Some diligent stalker fan was able to capture some screen shots of the bruise on her chin.  This is the first chin bruise I’ve ever seen that wasn’t shaped like my nuts.  Wakka Wakka.  <rightfieldbleachers> [...]

  3. d Says:

    Yep, looks like a “mushroom bruise” to me.

  4. Haggar Says:

    Trying hard to resist a “balls in face” joke… Dang. Guess I didn’t do to well.

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    [...] Bloggers have been keeping a close eye on Erin ever since then. Is this obsession unhealthy? [...]

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    [...] Right Field Bleachers blog has evidence of Erin Andrews’ bruise from getting hit with a line drive on the chin last [...]

  8. G Says:

    Chin nuts?! You gotta be more careful Erin…

  9. Erin Andrews Blog » America’s Sideline Chin Bruise Says:

    [...] If you can bear to look, here’s the visual evidence of the vicious attack on Erin Andrews’ chin. It looks like she’ll be okay, but how will we ever heal the scars on the nation’s psyche? [Right Field Bleachers] [...]

  10. Nemo Kemo Says:

    That’s funny, I remember watching that and thinking to myself after the advert break…”hmmm, something’s changed about her”.

    I see what it is!!