Cause of (Kind of a) Celebration: Cameron’s Suspension Reduced

Awwww Jeeeeaaaaahhhh!

Mike Cameron will not play Saturday. He’ll, instead, serve the newly-reduced one-game suspension doled out by Major League Baseball after hearing his appeal. I imagine the appeals committee figured it’d be a greater punishment for Cameron - who’s hitting more like Kirk Cameron of late - to suit up an additional game opposed to missing two.

Other shit (in order of ascending boner-size)

8=D Miller Park flooded. No major damage. Watch the Brewers cut up and sell the ruined clubhouse carpet as “2008 Wild Card-clinching carpet” and thousands of losers shell out cash better served buying a pink Brewers Hulk beer coozy. Tragic.

8==D How can modern day stadiums in the Midwest NOT have a retractable roof? After the Metrodome is mercifully late-term aborted after this season, Miller Park will be the only stadium in the greater Midwest with the luxury of a roof. These constant rain delays have been really testing me patience/gangsta the past few weeks. Most of the afore-mentioned cities boast gorgeous parks, but I find the most attractive quality in ballpark to be its ability to routinely host unimpeded sporting contests. Just me?

8===D Jon Heyman reports the Brewers were among those in attendance to watch Pedro Martinez work out. Pedro, who is ancient and totally slurped pud when he last pitched professionally, says he feels great. I’d feel great too if I had a Jerry Curl and was about to trick some team into paying $4M for a few months of (likely shoddy) labor.

8====D Speaking of ancient arms not worth Milwaukee’s time or money, Tom Glavine has fessed up to his inability to pitch (in 2009) and spared me having to read more half-baked explainations to how he’d help Milwaukee. He won’t try to come back until 2010 [Via Tom Haudricourt's Twitter].

8=====D—- (V) Miller Park Drunk is fast becoming my favorite Brewers blog. The latest numbers post indicates they have registered 5,000 + visitors so far this month. Be sure to help that number climb by reading ”Drunk”’s funny, insightful and blurry take on the Brewers. Befriend them on Facebook for a chance to win tickets, we have. Oh yeah, befriend Right Field Bleachers too.

That’s all for now. I’ll post a “Weekend at Bernie’s” Saturday if I feel like it, which I probably won’t.

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10 Responses to “Cause of (Kind of a) Celebration: Cameron’s Suspension Reduced”

  1. kade in dubuque Says:

    Why can’t we keep a lead….. ever… we are always coming back to win games.. some one on this site must have atleast a kind of answer to help me sleep better at night…

  2. Tyler Says:

    It’s just how baseball is, man. The team has posted a great record to date, so count your blessings and take the occasional loss with a grain of salt - which it is. There’s 162 of these bitches a year, so just breathe. Things are OK… better than OK, even.

  3. jerkus mcmanus Says:

    II’m sick of bloggers complaining about cities not having roofs. Look, not everybody wants to take in a ballgame in a dome or feel like they’re watching from a shopping mall. Rainouts are inconvienent and they suck, but that’s part of baseball. Sitting in the bleachers on a sun filled gorgeous summer day is priceless. You don’t get that at miller park since all the sun you get when that place is open is a large super slices worth. I guess I’m old fashioned but I just accept that rainouts will happen over the course of a 162 game season.

  4. ron @ Says:

    I’m all for retractable roofs, I live over four hours from Milwaukee and only get down there once a year. If games were rained out, I’d be fucked. That is why we hardly ever traveled to County Stadium. I live a half hour from the Metrodome and that place is a shit hole, but at least they can play baseball there in April, wait until the new place opens next year and they are sitting in the snow or rain.

  5. Joe Says:

    I’m sick of commenters complaining about bloggers complaining about stadiums that don’t have roofs.

  6. Tyler Says:


    ‘Jerkus’ raised some good points. I like having more than the usual five or six weighing in on opinions. Keep ‘em coming, whether or not you agree with us.

  7. Jimmy Says:

    Just to correct something in this story. Brewers scouts were NOT in attendance of Pedro Martinez session.

    As’s Adam McCalvy reports, the Brewers sent two scouts to the Dominican Republic Friday to watch Pedro Martinez, but never saw him throw a pitch.

    “This was twice [this week],” said Dick Groch, the Brewers’ director of pro scouting. “The second time we sent people there, his publicist was there and the publicist says, ‘He’s on his way.’ He was already 45 minutes late. … We had other workouts to do. We can’t wait forever. We [told the scout], ‘Go. You can’t stay there forever.’”

    “He might have worked out at a different time,” said Brewers GM Doug Melvin. “We don’t know that. All I know from our people is he wasn’t'there when we were told to be. … I don’t know what the demands are, but it doesn’t matter what they are. If you can’t watch him throw, it doesn’t matter what his demands are. Would you go put an offer on a house without looking at the house?”

  8. Tyler Says:

    Thanks Jimmy. I saw that article earlier today too.

    This post, which I wrote last night, was written under the assumption Jon Heyman’s report (or Tweet) from Saturday was accurate. The link I provide above says…

    “6:17pm: Jon Heyman tweets that the Rangers Brewers and Cardinals also watched Pedro work out today. He also mentions that the Cubs’ uncertain ownership situation hurts their chances to sign the veteran righthander.”

    … so I was operating under some inaccurate information there. I appreciate the correction though, as McCalvy’s article is actually, and not the Heyman one I linked earlier.

    If anything, the Brewers leaving befor Pedro arrived makes me happy. I want no part of that elderly risk.

  9. Jimmy Says:


  10. D'Amico's one good year Says:

    Why are there so many penises!?!?!

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