In the News (5/15)


A Rivera runs through it.

Thursday’s Game: Brewers 5, Marlins 3

Record: 21-14, T-First Place

Thursday’s Game

- How sweep it is! Milwaukee took three straight from the Marlins for the first time since 1999. Dave Bush has yet another solid outing, giving up just two runs over seven frames. And Trevor Hoffman shut the door again.

- Prince Fielder and Bill Hall homered.

- Mike Rivera returned from the disabled list Thursday and went 2 for 3 at the plate.

Brewers News

- Hall’s homer was the 100th of his career. Congrats, Billy! Here’s to many more.

- Hire Jim Essian explains why Ryan Braun is a “twat.” I have to say, if Braun wasn’t playing on my team of choice, I’d probably agree. Luckily, he’s a Brewer and I don’t have to think about that.

- Winks Thinks has a few things to say about Braun’s image too.

- RFB Jared’s boyfriend, The Doorman, pens a congratulatory column for the new, improved and big league-capable Rickie Weeks. He’s the team leader in homers and has all but exorcised his fielding demons. He deserves the praise.

- Between the Green Pillars thinks it’s high time Weeks be moved down in the batting order – this time because he’s hitting well. 

- Could Weeks’ increased production be a product of the steroid era? Probably not. 

- Some creep at Brewerfan hasn’t seen Mark Attanasio much this year and wonders why. Geeky thread ensues. 

Mat Gamel will have to adjust to a bench role.

- Justin’s Brewers Blog takes Gamel’s promotion to be a foreshadowing for a possible J.J. Hardy trade. Justin says Gamel will be Milwaukee’s starting third baseman by the end of next week. 

- “The Happy Youngster” makes me sick. This guy is pathetic, greedy and delusional to think his novelty “celebrity” is anything more than a hokey gimmick. Grow up, guy. Give foul and non-milestone homerun balls to kids instead of hoarding them for your stupid collection/obsession that somehow validates you life. Kids grow up imagining hitting a big league homer. This guy was fortunate enough to do it, and you wedged your dorky head and unjustifably inflated ego into his moment to - what? - score a few tickets and a signed bat. Eat shit, geek.

Youngster links HERE, HERE and HERE. Also - here.

- Brad Nelson did nothing to be demoted. Seriously, he did nothing. 

- Even Adam McCalvy can’t make contact on Trevor Hoffman.

- Chuckie Hacks wonders which Brewer of past and present could pound the most beer. Somehow Jody Reed doesn’t crack the list.

Minor Leagues

- In a move corresponding to Mike Rivera’s return from the DL, Milwaukee optioned catcher Carlos Corporan back to Nashville. Corporan registered a hit in his only at bat with the parent club. 

- Back in Trevor Hoffman’s day, soda pop was only a nickel, women’s suffrage was but a pipe dream and Milwaukee’s present-day closer was a shortstop in the Midwest League. How the times change. 

- The Sounds lost 4-3 to the Reno Aces despite strong pitching from Nick Green and R.J. Swindle.

- The Rattlers split a doubleheader Thursday.

- Huntsville lost and Brevard County was rained out.

NL Central

Dusty Baker thinks the talented young Reds still have “a long way to go.”

- The Cardinals placed Ryan Ludwick on the DL Wednesday, and are now missing four key pieces to their team. Hopefully Milwaukee can capitalize on the injuries this weekend. 

- Milton Bradley’s suspension was reduced to just one game… and, go figure, he’s mad about it.

- Some lady drunk from Kenosha slid on a tarp at Wrigley Field. She was arrested. Boring. 

The Houston Astros: injured, shitty. 

- The Nationals have returned Rule 5 Draft pick Terrell Young to the Reds after throwing exactly zero pitches for the Nats.

Other News

- Do Chicago pitchers secretly have a league-backed anti-Jewish agenda? In short, yes.

- Dude gets banned from Citi Field for life after streaking. 

- Former Brewer Glendon Rusch was waived by the Rockies. Ouch.

- And you thought Miller Park was astounding with the roof open…


9 Responses to “In the News (5/15)”

  1. Rob Says:

    Didn’t the crappy youngster pull this crap with Geoff Jenkins for one of his milestone homeruns a few years ago? That guy is a douche.

  2. Jared Says:


    While reading your post this morning, two questions come to mind…

    Why is Bill Hall missing his left arm?

    And why do you think I’m dating the Doorman?

    I mean, I totally would to get a crack at those sweet seats… but he hasn’t been returning my calls and I think he’s still hung up on his wife or something.

  3. Tyler Says:

    1. A mixture of David Wright blocking most of the arm and me whipping it up insanely fast and - like always - not caring how shitty it turns out. I figured the illusion of an arm behind the back trumped a stump (much like real life).

    2. I can just sense that you love The Doorman. It’s written in the way you blush and giggle when you see him on TV, the way your voice wavers when you’re speaking about him, the way you - too - have started a sweet jersey collection with that personalized number you always sport. I’ve seen notebooks in your guestroom with The Doorman scribbled throughout… the writing is on the wall. I’d rather ‘Scandinavian Ice Pick’ the Maniac myself.

  4. Joe Says:

    Aww…you guys are funny.

    I love how that happy youngster dick-head is trying to twist it to seem like he’s being made out to be the bad guy in this situation. Bad guy or not, he’s obviously a complete tool. While most fans of his age group are in the parking lot enjoying brats, beer and good company (for the most part) this d-bag is inside probably running over little kids trying to catch BP home runs. Plus, just watch the video of him, he comes off as a total prick.

  5. kade in dubuque Says:

    Don’t move Weeks at all… why would you move someone who is producing well enough where they are at…. dont mess with a system thats working

  6. Tyler Says:

    I’m totally making this saying up right now, but bear with me…

    If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

    You’re right though.

  7. kade in dubuque Says:

    Or… if it isnt broke.. fix it until it is

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