Uecker on Twitter

Conversations like this one from the bottom of the first inning in Wednesday’s game are what make me love listening to Bob Uecker:

I guess it’s not belly-ache-laugh inducing or anything, it’s just classic, seamless, self-deprecating Uecker humor.


6 Responses to “Uecker on Twitter”

  1. Ron at brewcrew365.com Says:

    come again? Bob is the best there is. Just ask Bones.

  2. Shooter Says:

    Good stuff! That just clinched my decision that I need to re-subscribe to XM so I can listen over here in MI. Thanks for posting. Now back to my frosted flakes and Miller Lite…

  3. Scoottage Cheese Says:


  4. Bob Uecker believes Twitter is related to a Looney Tunes bird Says:

    [...] Over on Right Field Bleachers, they extracted audio of Ueck trying to talk about Twitter during Wednesday’s game and if this isn’t proof that Uecker can be entertaining while even talking about something he has no clue about, I’m not exactly sure what would be. Take a listen as we get vintage Ueck surmising that Twitter has something to do with heart condition, then Tweety Bird and then, finally, a breakfast of Miller Lite and Frosted Flakes.  [...]

  5. Tyler Says:

    (Assumed) reader Joey e-mailed me to let me know this post was linked on Rob Neyer’s ESPN.com blog. Check it out.


    Thanks Joey.

  6. linda Bassler Says:

    Hey, I knew the Ueckers growing up in Meno. Falls, Wi……LOVE the Brew Crew.Never be the same with out classic Bob”!! Come on UkE…twitter with us!