In the News (4/22)


Moyer Beat Manny Tuesday

Today’s Game: Brewers 4, Phillies 11
Record: 4-9, Last in the Central


Today’s Game

- Brewers pitching got eaten up again and the Brewers lost a rain-delayed game against the Phillies, 11-4

- Manny Parra and Jorge Julio gave up a combined 10 runs (9 earned)

- At least Ryan Braun showed up…5 for 5 with two home runs!

- Rickie’s face is having a rough April… Rickie collided with JJ Hardy’s shoulder and was taken out due to dizziness. You know it must have been a shot if he was taken out from that and not after being hit in the FACE by a pitch!!

Brewers News

- Cory Provus has a mailbag. I love that he’s kind of an ass to one of the people who sent him an e-mail.

- Parra is underachieving. I don’t know what’s going on…if he’s just not controlling his pitches or what, but the Brewers need him right and fast…and I’m sure you will see more opinions like this in the coming days.

- Man, Bleacher Report is going to hate me…Some guy who isn’t an 8th grader is asking for a catching platoon. First of all, doesn’t a platoon require one player who can hit left handed and another who can hit right handed? Secondly, most people understand Kendall isn’t known for his bat. He’s known for helping young pitchers through hard times and to play solid defense.

- The Brewers have already hit 2 million tickets sold this year

- These guys at BrewerFan are just a little faster than I am, comparing Coffey to former closer Dan Kolb. I had a small blurb in an upcoming post about a Brewer fan thinking that Todd Coffey was the second coming of Dan Kolb.

- The Love of Sports blog lists their favorite batting stances and Craig Counsell is numero uno! He even beat out Jeff Bagwell…impressive.

- FYI, it was April 21st, 1982 that Rollie Fingers became the first pitcher to save 300 games

Minor Leagues

- Gamel lead the Sounds to their fifth straight win…Chase Wright pitched well, also.

- The Brewers signed a catcher, Patrick Arlis, from the Golden Baseball League and designated him to AAA Nashville

- No T-Rats game on Tuesday means doubleheader on Thursday!

- Hoffman isn’t coming to Appleton. I didn’t think he was.

- Rattler Radio brings you up to speed with Cody Scarpetta (who looked real good opening night) and Efrain Nieves.

- Still hungry for T-Rats? How about a video preview?

- Has TGJ finally realized he needs to step it up? Here’s hoping.

NL Central

- The Pirates (4-9) beat Florida again, the Cubs (8-4) beat the Reds (7-6)  7-2, Houston (5-9) beat the Dodgers, and the Cards (9-5) beat the Mets.

- Lance Berkman (or Fat Bam Margera) is in an “uncharacteristic slump”. What a tick…didn’t he slump most of 2007?

- This is embarrassing. Not only did the Pirates sell only 8,700 tickets, but only 4,500 went through the turnstiles.

Other News

- Free Matt Murton? Geoff Jenkins says “Be glad you have a job, kid.”

- An uplifting story about Beloit-born Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer.

- More on Dustin Yount trying to find his way back into an organization.

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6 Responses to “In the News (4/22)”

  1. D'Amico's one good year Says:

    Anyone going to the TRATZ game at miller friday?

  2. Jared Says:

    I can’t make it Friday, but I will be out there on Wednesday the 29th. Hopefully I can get one or two of the other RFB guys to come along.

    I was going to go yesterday, but I was kind of glad it got canceled. I probably would have forced myself to go and sit in that crappy weather.

  3. kade in dubuque Says:

    I know you guys have more faith in him then i do.. but something is wrong with Hardy even look when he throws the ball across it doesnt have the same velocity I think he is playing hurt and a lot of times when you play hurt it not only affects the particular injured areas but forces you to compensate for it… example: pitchers dipping their elbow when they have leg prblems… I think something is wrong he doesnt look the same.. could be the rationale for the stance as well as his hands as well

  4. joe Says:

    I’ve certainly noticed the batting stance, as Jared posted, but I haven’t noticed anything in his throwing. Seems to be he’s been just as strong ever. I’ll pay more attention now that you mentioned it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…and hope he’s fine.

  5. Jesse Says:

    I’m the non-8th. grader asking for the platoon. First off, no, a platoon isn’t strictly a lefthanded hitter and righthanded hitter. A platoon can be used for any purpose and however the manager sees fit. Secondly, how is Kendall not know for his bat? He is a career .292 hitter. I’d say that’s actually pretty damn good. He just hasn’t hit as a Brewer.

  6. bryan Says:

    Thanks for responding! I agree that Mikey needs to be in the lineup, and he is already in the lineup more than last year. I just don’t know how you would split their time up that wouldn’t negatively affect the rotation…especially since they’re both right handed hitters, unless you give Rivera another pitcher. Also, Rivera is still a liability against left handed pitching while Kendall is about even, meaning if you did a LHP/RHP platoon, Jason wouldn’t play much at all. (the 8th grader comment was about something last week that was brought up on other blogs…people were asking if i knew a different poster was an 8th grader…i wasn’t saying you were one)

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