In the News (4/9)

Boom, Outta Here

Wednesday’s Game: Brewers 4, Giants 2
Record: 1-1

Today’s Game

- Mike Cameron and Yovani Gallardo (!) hit home runs last night and that’s all the Brewers would need this time as the pitching was solid. Yovani went 6 and 2/3 strong allowing only two runs and striking out six. Then Todd Coffey and Carlos Villanueva closed the door.

- The big story is, of course, the Gallardo home run against Randy Johnson with two strikes on him! He was the first pitcher to take the Unit deep. Check out this clip: Yovani HR

- Recaps from MLB, ESPN, JSOnline

- The Brewers are continuing the Untuckem Tradition:

- Quote of the Night:

“I told him(Hoffman) every time I get a save for [Gallardo] he has to give me $1 million,” said Villanueva, filling in as the Brewers’ closer while Trevor Hoffman is on the disabled list. “He said whenever the team gives him $10 million for every win, he’ll give it to me.”

Brewers News

- Got this from a message board, but it’s worth posting: In Suppan’s last 29 innings, he has given up 31 runs, 13 home runs and opponents are batting about .400. Who else thinks that his bobblehead will be more of a voodoo doll or something to chuck at the wall rather than a collectible?

- Yesterday, we told you Prince was 2K Sports’ cover athlete for “The Bigs 2″, now here’s the trailer.

- Chuckie is now hacking from the sportsbubbler and compares Bush’s beard to Peter Griffin’s beard. You be the judge:

- From here:

When it comes to hot dog’s close cousin, the sausage, no one is in the same ballpark as the Milwaukee Brewers. It is projected that 430,000 sausages will be served this year at Miller Park - the only park in all of Major League Baseball where sausages outsell hot dogs. Many of the park’s sausages and hot dogs are dipped in Milwaukee’s-own special “Stadium Sauce” before being placed in the bun.

Minor Leagues

- It’s official…Brett has landed.

- Fox 11 did a little blurb about the Rattler’s star power…but it’s basically more about Lawrie and Dykstra.

- Oh, and the T-Rats sold out their home opener! I don’t believe anyone thought that this arrangement wasn’t going to make money.

- Two of the Brewers organizations have “can’t miss” promotions. The T-Rat bobblehead and Huntsville’s “Desperate Househusbands”. Apparently, they will take your picture at the game, send it to your wife and this frees you up to, I don’t know, go get a lap dance or screw the babysitter or something.

- First-round pick Jeremy Jeffress added a two seamer to his repertoire.

NL Central

- NL Central Wrap Up - The Cubs (1-1) beat the Astros (1-1) 11-6; The Pirates (2-1) beat the Cardinals (1-2) again at Busch 7-4. Finally, the Mets had to use their brand new bullpen again to beat the Reds (0-2) 9-7.

- Cubs catcher Geovany Soto is having nagging shoulder problems. Not good for the Cubbers. Good for the Brewers. He will be day to day for the first series at Miller.

Other News

- Robin Yount’s kid was dealt from Lincoln to Tuscon in the Independent League.

- Angels, A’s must be serious stuff. A man died in a fight on opening day at the Angels stadium.

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