In the News (2/13)



Brewers News

- Well, it looks as if Braden Looper did the impossible (for Ben Sheets) and passed his physical, thus becoming a Brewer to the tune of $4.75M, with a $750K buyout or $6M mutual option for 2010 ($6.5M if he starts 30 or more games in 2009). This seems like a hell of a bargain and a can’t lose for Milwaukee in 2010 as well. The bad news… Vinny Rottino was cut from the 40-man roster to make room for Loops. I was praying I’d finally be able to use the headline “Rotti - YES!!!” this season. Now Brad Nelson is all I have left.

- Brewer Nation reflects on a long offseason that was, ironically, the shortest in the last 26 years.

- Miller Park Drunk gets some Deadspin love recognition for an homage to one Robert Uecker.

- Bernie’s Crew has some videos to hold you over until Spring Training.

- “Craig Counsell was actually the best player of the steroid era“: Hey, Onion - that’s my schtik! It’s all I have.

- Yardbarker takes note of the overall whiteness of the 2009 Brewers bobbleheads: That’s not true, Doug Melvin is Canadian.

- Bernie’s Crew writes a novel to prepare you for Spring Training: One of Jared’s Adam Dunn posts called; it wants its length back. The two paragraphs I read ruled though.

Minor Leagues

- The Brewers acquired RHP Nick Green and DFA’d RHP Luis Pena: Green, 23, was gobbled up by Melvin after Anaheim dropped him from their 40-man when they signed Bobby Abreu. More on Green below.

- The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers lurk behind door #1 of Brew Crew Ball’s Brewers Advent Calendar.

- I don’t know if RFB mentioned any of these items before, but via the latest issue of Baseball America:

1. Rob “R.J.” Swindle has decided not to pitch for Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic in hopes of getting an upper hand on a roster spot in Milwaukee. Good move, southpaw. The WBC can wait.

2. Cory Melvin, the 22-year-old son of Doug Melvin, joined Milwaukee’s pro scouting department and is on assignment in Florida. And I thought my dad was awesome.

NL Central

- The Pirates invited 17 players to camp, and by the looks of the list, most of these guys wouldn’t even be good enough to play on the Pirates!!! Wait…

Other News

- Ben Sheets reportedly underwent successful surgery… something looks to have gone right for him this offseason.

- Some Spring Training cliches from last year. I wish the familiar cliche of Rottino having an outside chance for the 25th roster spot was still there this year.

- Apparently about 500 years ago Derrick Turnbow had a human discussion with former teammate Bobby Jenks: First A-Rod, then Robbie Alomar and D. Strawberry, NOW THIS!!!

I wish you luck getting through the longest day of the year.

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  1. Kade in Dubuque Says:

    What happend to Rillo’s posts?

  2. Joe Says:

    Tyler on fire.

  3. Jared Says:


    We’ll get in touch with him soon and hopefully he’ll want to continue doing some posts with us. He seemed to be all about it at the end of last season, so I’d suspect he’ll be back in some fashion.

  4. Tyler Says:

    Thanks, Joe. I’ll be here all week. Try the porterhouse.

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