In the News (2/11)


Brewers News

- Despite it being logical, Doug Melvin doesn’t believe that Ben Sheets will return to Milwaukee. We shall see…

- Brew Crew Ball believes that Braden Looper is slightly worse than Dave Bush. No one is saying it was a “sexy” choice like Garland, but I agree when they say that the signing has made the Brewers rotation above average and Seth McClung is an above average replacement.

- By the way, the option on Looper’s contract is reportedly a mutual one for 2010.

- The Brewers can make the playoffs…if all their acquisitions and managerial changes turn out…way to really put yourself out there….ah, but I kid

Minor Leagues

- MLB Fanhouse highlights Mat Gamel, Angel Salome, and Alcides Escobar. If you’re a normal RFB reader (or Brewer fan), you already know all the information in here.

- Get to Appleton for the T-Rats opener for the awesome bobblehead pictured on the top of the page!

NL Central

- I’d ridicule the Cards for letting Kennedy go and thinking of starting Skip Schumaker at second base, but they’ve proven that they can win around anyone and will always be tough foes.

- The Astros re-signed speedster Michael Bourn.

Other News

- The Nats can’t get Durham out of premature retirement. Ouchies, Nat Fans

8 Responses to “In the News (2/11)”

  1. Kade in Dubuque Says:

    I feel as if bernie and the rattlers guy would be fun guys to do shots at the bar with

  2. Jack Says:

    I just can’t push the thought out of my head that there’s still something DM knows about Ben that we don’t.

  3. Tyler Says:

    He’s an overvalued hack? I had an inkling.

  4. Scottage Cheesedips Says:

    Kade, I was thinking that those two would be fun to ride a mechanical bull with. That’s just me….

  5. Joe Says:

    Going to the T-Rats opener the night of the 9th and then heading to Milwaukee the next morning for opening weekend. I can’t wait.

  6. Jack Says:

    On another note, Braden Looper is better than Jon Garland by almost every advanced metric.

  7. Kade In Dubuque Says:

    I would like to thank you scottage cheese… I was viewing your very good joke in my social inequalities of race class and gender class and apparently when watching a video on racism laughing is unacceptable… I now have an entire class hating me…. all because i laughed at ur joke

  8. Scottage Cheesenads Says:

    You have to admit that would be a swell sight though…

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