In the News (1/29)

C'mon Man, I Needs Me Some Guarantees

Brewers News

- The latest in the Sheets Saga is that Benny wants a guaranteed contract and not a contract like Brad Penny or John Smoltz.

- Ryan Braun was on MLB Network’s show “Hot Stove” reuniting with Trenni! This guy just knows how to say the right things, but man is that shirt loud or what?

- Powell’s goodbye tour continues with a stop at

Minor Leagues

- Brett Lawrie is #5 on Bernie’s Crew and Angel Salome is #5 on BTGP.

NL Central

- The Cubs traded for Aaron Heilman and the Pirates might announce the Hinske signing Friday.

Other News

- Twins have reportedly ended their talks with Gagne.

- John Garland for 6-7 million is a steal! I wish we could refi Suppan for a deal like that.

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4 Responses to “In the News (1/29)”

  1. Jack Says:

    The Cubs continue to shoot themselves in the foot. They basically traded Ronny Cedeno and Felix Pie for Aaron Heilman. Honestly, what the hell?

  2. Joe Says:

    That’s a good thing, Jack. I guess that proves that a complete moron can’t be a GM of a large market team. Who would of thought. Seth Frank could run the Cubs with that much money.

  3. Kade in Dubuque Says:

    Perfect example of a team making moves just for the sake of making moves.

  4. Jack Says:

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. And as far as making moves just for the sake of making moves, the Cubs are/were kind of handcuffed by having guys like Pie, Hill and Cedeno without option years remaining, but if you’re telling me that Pie and Cedeno can only bring in an essentially cast-off reliever from what was one of the worst middle-relief corps in baseball, this is just the sort of management that can result in, say, a 100 year absence from the world series, for example.

    I mean, can you imagine if somebody had suggested trading Felix Pie for Aaron Heilman last year? Wow.

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