Woman Claiming to Be Escobar’s Wife Says He’s a “Monster”

As a blog covering the Milwaukee Brewers, we strive to be a resource for Brewers coverage and opinion beyond what you can find at the Journal-Sentinel or on Brewers.com. That includes our own opinions and speculation on things, the unique information we somehow attain (interviews, for example) and linking to other online sources for different takes and tidbits on the team we love. Oftentimes, the information we’re dealing with is highly speculative. It’s hard to trust any information you find on the Web because most of it is impossible to verify. So, we simply point to the information and report it for what it is — a rumor. Sometimes we’re even lucky enough to break a story on this little blog before  the big dogs get to it. For example, we heard about the Ryan Braun contract extension talks well before that story reached the mainstream media and, more recently (and much less importantly), we heard that the sausage assaulting Randall Simon would be trying out for the Crew before it was reported. Other times, there is absolutely nothing to the rumors we link to. That’s simply the nature of what we do. I just wanted to get that disclaimer in before I post the link to the story that the blog headline above refers to.

Fans Deserve to Know the Truth Behind Milwaukee’s Alcides Escobar

A poster on Bleacher Report claiming to be Alcides Escobar’s wife says Escobar has abandoned her and his newborn baby girl, who was born in December. The poster claims that Escobar was not there for the birth of the child and has told her that she is “fat and ugly” and that he’s “found someone better.” She goes on to allege continued emotional abuse from Escobar and the woman he’s now with, who is allegedly now pregnant with Escobar’s child. The poster claims Escobar is a “monster” and that “the little time he spent in the majors made his head swell to the max.” The post details the downfall of the couple’s relationship, beginning with the end of the ‘08 season.

This is obviously a particularly sensitive situation. If the post is true, it could have ominous implications for Escobar’s reputation in a state that holds family values very high. We would probably have chose to not post it because it’s a little too tabloid (even for us), but  if true, it also foreshadows trouble for Escobar’s career on the field, as the poster alleges that Escobar is very mentally unstable right now including getting kicked off his Venezuelan team, booted out of his family’s home and wrecking a car. Again, to be clear, we have no idea if the person who wrote the post is really who she says she is. And even if she is, we have no way of knowing what she is writing is true. If it is true and can be verified in some way, it will be incredibly disappointing.

If we hear that this post is not true (and we all hope we do), we’ll be happy to post that it’s false. And hopefully we have some much more pleasant news to report in the coming weeks…

13 Responses to “Woman Claiming to Be Escobar’s Wife Says He’s a “Monster””

  1. Alex Poterack Says:

    Frankly, I find this kind of unlikely…if nothing else, if he had totaled a car in Venezuela, don’t you think we would’ve heard about that by now? Wouldn’t there be some speculation about the club worried that he was injured, or at least confirmation that he wasn’t? I don’t know anything that anyone else doesn’t about this, but I’d be kind of surprised to find out it’s true.

  2. Joe Says:

    I think we’re all hoping it’s not.

  3. Johnny Says:

    I think it’s peculiar that someone would waste that much time to publicly bash someone that they loved. Even if it is true, how is letting the common know about it going to help?

  4. big larry Says:

    Not surprising. An athlete treating a woman badly? No way! Escobar might suffer from Shawn Kemp/Travis Henry syndrome.

  5. Tyler (not THE Tyler) Says:

    Maybe I’ve become disillusioned to what defines ‘problems’ (whether they be emotional, family-related, etc) but even if this does pan out to be true- I think it could be a lot worse. Could it be the fact that we live in a society today where Nike-sponsored athletes electrocute dogs or high-priced cornerbacks hire hitmen to ‘cap’ people at strip clubs? Possibly. It’s a sad yet true reflection of American society in 2009.

    I think there is certainly substance in you mentioning ‘Wisconsin family values” and the subsequent lens athletes may be viewed in Milwaukee or Green Bay. Wisconsinites (and surely those living other regions of the country) still like to cheer for their team - and respect those players. Just look at the backlash Corey Hart received last year after the “I’d rather play on the road” debacle.

    No matter what happens here- I hope it all works out for the best (both for Escobar from a personal perspective and the Organization from a PR perspective).

    Remember - not too long ago, the Packers had Najeh “Poop in a Closet” Davenport on the team. If a man can defecate in a dorm room closet and still “jump in the stands” on Sunday afternoon- I’m confident this will all get worked out.

  6. theBrouhaha Says:

    It seems to me that there is a pretty large gap in seriousness between “pooping in a closet” and “abandoning a wife and child.” Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think the fact that he’s an athlete works as any sort of excuse. I hope that someone can do some real reporting on this soon so we can learn how much (if any) is true.

  7. scottage cheese Says:

    So you’re telling me that Escobar pulled a D-Wade (minus the STD’s)?

    Their is two sides to every story. For this lady to say that she would fax her marriage doc’s to those who don’t believe her… is insane. I wish her the best in her recovery.

    Although I’m sure that Escobar is not perfect, I am certain that it takes two to tango (so my grandma says). Hear both sides of the story before you judge.

    And RFB….nice job posting something like this. That takes balls.

  8. Joe Says:

    I think Jared wrote a good disclaimer. It’s clear it’s not posted as “news,” and it leaves it up to each individual to read into how you like. It’s a scary possibility, but I, like (I’m assuming) most others, am sceptical. I think there are a number of things to doubt. Many were stated above. Like I said, it’s at least a scary thought. Hopefully this dies and we never hear anything else about it. Like what Alex said above, if that info is true, we’re likely to hear more about it.

  9. Angry Says:

    This is beyond irresponsible to post this.

  10. Happy Says:

    This is great

  11. Chuckle Says:

    This is a blog, not ESPN or the New York Times. Get a life.

  12. D'Amico's one good year Says:



  13. Joe Says:

    Nah, I’d have to agree with Chuckle. Angry needs to chillax. Then again, I post (sorta) on this blog, so I’m partial. Well, then again, I am sorta irresponsible. But then again, I didn’t post this blog. But then again, I would have…I guess.

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