In the News (12/31)

Brewers News

- Winter League update from Brew Crew Ball.

- Matt Gamel had an interview last May while in Huntsville. Check it out. That channel on Youtube also has Angel Salome, Ryan Braun, and Jeremy Jeffress.

- Newly Drafted Brett Lawrie won Canada’s Langley Advance’s Sport Personality of the year.

- Bernie’s Crew profiles Lee Haydel. They see him as a C+ prospect.

Rumors and Speculation

- Brew Crew Ball says that the Brewers are paying close attention to Mark Mulder. I really hope if they’re paying attention to this injury prone pitcher, that they are still paying attention to a certain Ben Sheets.

- Are the Brewers getting a Sunday Night game on Fox? The Twins may have leaked the answer.

- We’re not sure how interested the Brewers were in him, but Brian Fuentes seems to be going to the Angels.

NL Central

- Cubs might send Jason Marquis for former Brewer Luis Vizcaino. Sean Marshall is predicted to step into his spot in the rotation. Fun stat note: Vizcaino has a 6.61 ERA in Wrigley.

Other News

- Orioles are considering Richie Sexson.

- Claudio Vargas was signed by the Dodgers for 400K.

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8 Responses to “In the News (12/31)”

  1. Joe Says:

    Things are picking up a bit today. Fuentes did indeed sign with the Angels. Also, the biggest tool in baseball AKA “the pulse” (as he calls himself) AKA Mark DeRosa was traded to the Indians. God, I hate that dude. I’m glad he got traded.

  2. Jared Says:

    Biggest tool in baseball? Come on… I’m far from a DeRosa fan, but the Cubs have a handful of guys who are bigger tools (Soriano, Zambrano and Ramirez immediately come to mind).

    That Fuentes deal (two years, $17.5 million) is highway robbery compared to contracts given out last offseason. I would’ve liked to see the Brewers sign him for that.

  3. Tyler Says:

    I like DeRosa (as a player) a lot. Sure, he seems like a douche on his blog, but I’m pretty sure a lot of players have d-bag qualities off the field. I’d be glad to have DeRosa in Milwaukee.

  4. Bryan Says:

    I think Fuentes wanted to be in Anaheim so that’s why they got him fairly cheap

  5. Jared Says:

    It’s true that he wanted to be in Anaheim, but I can’t imagine he took much less money (if any at all) to go there. They have plenty of money and if they low-balled him, I’m sure he would have been happy to play for more somewhere else.

  6. Scottage Newyear Says:

    Fuentes wanted the Halo’s pretty bad. He stated that numerous times. And the Angels knew that…hence the sick deal they gave him (17.5MM x 2 years). They knew they didn’t have to over spend.

    Lawrie is insane and I can’t wait to see him in the Bigs. This guy has been using a wooden bat for years now. He’s going to be a stud power hitter for the Crew. The only question I have is where will he play. Dude wants to catch. But with Salome waiting to step in, I don’t see that happening. So perhaps he could be tossed out there in Right?.?.? Anywho. Happy New Year RFB.
    My night will consist of some Leinie’s Red.

  7. Jack Says:

    Fuentes would still have to pitch ridiculously well in order to make the contract fair. Much of this is due simply to the low amount of innings that closers pitch. The closers this year have been completely overvalued (Wood and Fuentes moreso than K-Rod, but either way all 3 were out of our price range) and I’m glad that we didn’t try to spend this amount of money on a closer.

  8. Joe Says:

    I repeat…biggest tool in baseball: Mark DeRosa.

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